About Sam

Sam quit college to begin modelling and working and had always been single until January 2015, when he met his first boyfriend. They split after a year due to the long distance involved.

He believes honesty is the best policy: “Some people say I should change how brutally honest I am, whereas that is something I wouldn’t change myself.”

10 comments on Sam

  1. James says:
    Wed 08 Jun Reply !

    I actually quite like Sam at the moment. He had a harsh reaction but I think he’ll be a good housemate.

  2. jermainelee says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    I think he is full of it – about his hair and his looks – he is looks about 42 and also his hair is horrible and he thinks too much of himself – I am sure Ryan is not the easiet person to be with but he sounds like he has a problem with his sexuality with the things he says

  3. Wexford says:
    Thu 23 Jun Reply !

    I don’t trust him, he ‘s rather 2 faced, and sly.

  4. jermainelee says:
    Thu 23 Jun Reply !

    later in the tasks overheard conversation and clips are shown to the house and one long one is about Sam. Laura and her sidekick talking about now two faced Sam is and he uses every opportunity to have a go about Ryan and his mannerisms etc

  5. Anonymous says:
    Tue 28 Jun Reply !

    Nasty, nasty wooden spoon

  6. Mike New says:
    Sun 17 Jul Reply !

    Yet another waste of space in the hose. The fence is stuck so far up his a**e that the splinters have split his tongue! So much for his beef with Ryan. More like a sissy fit.

  7. connie says:
    Fri 22 Jul Reply !

    He should ditch the beard and change the hairstyle, both make him look more like 43.

    • Oddlegs says:
      Fri 22 Jul !

      I think he has bad skin! Wrinkly and lumpy! I’d say he uses the beard to camouflage that, but yeah he looks much older than 23.

  8. Mike New says:
    Fri 22 Jul Reply !

    A real drama queen and getting really fed up with the same old excuses and stories. get him OUT.

  9. Mike New says:
    Mon 25 Jul Reply !

    Brilliant. Deserved to be booted out at the final hurdle.

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