About Jackson

Jackson was a gifted athlete at high school and has been modelling since the age of 17 after he was spotted on the high street. He also currently works for his stepfather’s company.

Jackson is a bit of a ladies’ man, claiming: “I’m cocky and confident and I’ve managed to get every bird I’ve wanted.”

23 comments on Jackson

  1. Hollypoo says:
    Fri 10 Jun Reply !

    i love him! hope he manages to get back in as a housemate!

  2. Wexford says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    He seems to be the favourite so far.

    • jennyjuniper says:
      Sat 11 Jun !

      Hi Wexford, Jackson seems to be the most ‘normal’ one so far at least. :grin:

  3. connie says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    I like him but was turned off a bit by his attitude to women saying something about missing Marco more than Georgina because she is only a woman. :shock:

  4. Wexford says:
    Tue 21 Jun Reply !

    Now, I’m getting fed up with his “little boy in love” behaviour.

    • connie says:
      Tue 21 Jun !

      I agree. I am thinking it could all be put on, to gain airtime.

  5. Dr Bob says:
    Wed 29 Jun Reply !

    His little rant against Andy’s EXTREMELY ON POINT observation: “This is a game show, let’s make it fun” really pissed me off.

    All of a sudden his “street” accent comes out. Shouting in the garden like a little baby. What a loser.

  6. connie says:
    Thu 30 Jun Reply !

    All his ranting is put on, the apology always comes afterwards to make sure he comes across as likeable. He is calculating every move and Georgina is just a pawn in his game to win. IMO

  7. connie says:
    Fri 01 Jul Reply !

    Wonder what the love heart he threw to Evelyn said :wink:

  8. Confused says:
    Mon 04 Jul Reply !

    Jackson is too much of a flirt to ever quiet Georgina’s mountain of anxieties. He needs to find a horse owner with more self-confidence.

  9. Mike New says:
    Wed 06 Jul Reply !

    Has the breaking strain of a mars bar!

  10. Mike New says:
    Wed 13 Jul Reply !

    Bullsh1t. More faces than a pair of dice!

  11. Jeremiah o’brien says:
    Thu 14 Jul Reply !

    Biggest fake in the house.
    He’d have given Jayne 10k then everyone 1k or 2k haha yeah alrite talk is cheap evlyn & Lauren nailed him. Then his attempt at trying to cry lol stick to what ever you do for a living you’d never make it has an actor.

    • Wexford says:
      Thu 14 Jul !

      Yeah too true, he’s the biggest game player in there, & believes he “DESERVES” to win. I hope he gets the boot very soon. :down:

  12. Mike New says:
    Thu 14 Jul Reply !

    Greed. Greed. Greed. Will do anything for money. Yesterday he really thought he had pressed the button first. Today he couldn’t wait to get £5k. Bet he would have gone for a £5 lol

  13. MikeDublin says:
    Fri 15 Jul Reply !

    When he’s upset: the mumbling, the high-pitched voice, the crying – he turns into Stan Laurel!

    • Oddlegs says:
      Fri 15 Jul !

      :up: :grin: :grin:

  14. connie says:
    Fri 15 Jul Reply !

    He wasn’t upset, its all an act. He must think we are mugs to believe him. Can’t blame him for trying though, he thinks this act can gain sympathy and keep him in the loop for the prize money.
    Some of the public are guiible so it may work. I hope not.
    Georgina needs to be a bit more streetwise.

    • Dr Bob says:
      Fri 15 Jul !

      Very true. What he tried might work on his stupid mates from the streets, but it was so pathetically transparent. What a sad little man.

  15. Marva says:
    Fri 15 Jul Reply !

    :grin: Jackson should be truthful he wants the money and by using the single parent card is a big turn off.

  16. Debra says:
    Fri 15 Jul Reply !

    Jackson is so fake. He turns on the tears to order, biggest game player. Man up and be real. People will soon see past the cute young man act.

  17. connie says:
    Fri 22 Jul Reply !

    He is reverting to baby talk now with words like lickle instead of little.

  18. Wexford says:
    Fri 22 Jul Reply !

    Fingers crossed other folk can see through his many “performances” and vote him OUT.

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