About Hughie

Hughie is from a strict Irish traveller background and has lived on and off traveller sites all his life. He currently lives on a site with his parents and younger sister.

However, he proclaims himself to be “the complete opposite of the stereotype of a traveller”. He is bisexual and recently came out to some of his immediate family.

43 comments on Hughie

  1. connie says:
    Sun 24 Jul Reply !

    Andy is trying to show Hughie in a bad light because he knows he is the main competition.

    • Jack says:
      Sun 24 Jul !

      Completely agree Connie :up:

  2. Marva says:
    Sun 24 Jul Reply !

    :down: totally disagree the producers are totally manipulate what the viewers see very disappointed with big brother basis editing.

  3. Jack says:
    Sun 24 Jul Reply !

    We can only go on what is shown to us on television. There’s a reason why most evicted housemates are unsure about Andy. Therefore what we see could be representative despite “editing”.

  4. wendy says:
    Sun 24 Jul Reply !

    Anyone else see Hughie’s hesitation and the look on his face when the not so shrinking violet aka Ryan burst into the room?

  5. Jack says:
    Mon 25 Jul Reply !

    No in that show I saw two people who care for each other. Ryan getting Hughie tattoo was hilarious! Hughie was also the first to support Evelyn when she was down.

  6. Marva says:
    Mon 25 Jul Reply !

    :down: housemates can’t show each other in a bad light that is down to big brother Andy is my favourite but I think Hughie should win because he has change the wrong perception many hold on certain communities he may not express himself always in a refined way but he has come across a principal and genuine housemate.

  7. Oddlegs says:
    Mon 25 Jul Reply !

    I get a little tired of people winning simply because they’re in an ethnic minority or somehow have a disability, transgender, and whatnot ,….The “I just want to be excepted ” card is used all to often these days , Hughie isn’t that great!! He’ll probably win because people like to feel good about themselves voting for these types……I’d rather see Andy win it, but that just my opinion.

  8. Sara says:
    Tue 26 Jul Reply !

    Am I the only person who cannot stand Hughie?

    • AJ says:
      Tue 26 Jul !

      I also cannot stand him at all! Andy or Jayne to win!
      Andy seems like you could have an intellectual conversation with him and Jayne seems lovely plus she is doing it for a great cause.

  9. MikeDublin says:
    Tue 26 Jul Reply !

    The discussion over “Napoleon” ice cream, during which we learned that Napoleons come from Nepal and Naples is a mountain, was like watching chimps trying to have afternoon tea.

  10. Mark says:
    Tue 26 Jul Reply !

    Hughie to win! What a great speech on BB bots.

    • Wexford says:
      Tue 26 Jul !

      Yep, a humble chap is Hughie :up: compared to the smug Andy. :down: Hope Hughie wins :up: :up: :up:

  11. Aj says:
    Tue 26 Jul Reply !

    Cannot believe how many people are seemingly fooled by Hughie.

    Firstly, his constant aggressive shouting in peoples faces, because he’s not intelligent enough to listen and give a reasoned argument back.
    Secondly, the way his mother came in and told him to “keep doing what he was doing” when he was doubting things. Housemates shouldn’t get hints and tips from outside, especially on how to act in there.
    Thirdly, I’m sure its tough being a traveller, but the constant bringing it up and playing on it is pointless in Big Brother. It shouldn’t make a difference what you are, you should be judged solely on your time in the house, and for me, he’s in no way a winner.

  12. Jack says:
    Tue 26 Jul Reply !

    Judging only on his time in the house he has been entertaining, loyal,supportive and loveable- a winner.

  13. Wexford says:
    Wed 27 Jul Reply !

    I’m surprised & disappointed he didn’t win, “the luck of the Irish” ran out at the end. :sad:

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