Big Brother 2016 in review: Biggest stories of the year

Scotty T, Stephanie Davis, Annihilation among top trends of last twelve months
- Posted on December 27 2016 at 08:43pm

Top 5 Big Brother stories of 2016

With a New Year looming, it’s time for bbspy to reveal its most read Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother stories from 2016 – covering Scotty T, Stephanie Davis and the Annihilation twist…

Blimey, it’s that time already. Yes, it has been (almost) a year since Tiffany Pollard’s infamous ‘David’s dead’ mix-up left the Big Brother world aghast.

The months that followed were no less outrageous, with lewd sexual displays shocking viewers of the civilian version – before the summer Celebrity series had us all tearing our hair out over a certain Ex On The Beach alumnus.

But if you were expecting any of these things to be among our top trending topics of the year, you’d be wrong. Here we reveal what actually emerged as bbspy‘s five most read news articles of 2016.

5. Big Brother confirms Annihilation twist with ‘eviction massacre’

Big Brother 2016 - Laura Carter, Ryan Ruckledge and Sam Giffen face the final Annihilation twist

This summer’s Big Brother turned out to be rather good, but it was also (regrettably) the shortest ‘civilian’ series ever in the UK, so something had to be done to cut down the numbers.

In at five on our list is the schedule announcement that revealed bosses were planning an ‘Annihilation’ week, which was later revealed to involve multiple housemates leaving through the back door, with no fanfare or live show.

Even more controversially, it was also up to the housemates themselves to decide who left – with the public only getting to choose a ‘bottom three’ for one of the boot-outs.

The week was supposed to culminate in a live show ridiculously named ‘Eviction Massacre’, but this came back to haunt C5 – as just hours beforehand they changed its title to ‘The Evictions’ following the tragic terror attack in Nice.

4. Big Brother housemates decide first Annihilation victim

Big Brother 2016 - Housemates unanimously decide who goes in first Annihilation eviction

The first Annihilation saw housemates gathered in a special ‘chamber’, where they were instructed to come to a group decision on who to axe.

As is becoming a worryingly regular occurrence in these post-live feed times, bosses withheld the result for over 24 hours until the next night’s highlights show – they didn’t even tell us whether anyone had actually been evicted.

Eventually it was revealed that Chelsea Singh had been given the boot, and in his exit interview on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, he slammed producers for not giving the public their vote.

But that wasn’t the week’s biggest shock, as Jason Burrill – who went on to win the series – gave us one of Big Brother’s most scandalous moments ever when he took £20,000 from the prize fund and sent Lateysha Grace packing.

3. Celeb BB bosses angry over Scotty T final vote trick

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 final - Scotty Timlin

The Geordie Shore lot have such a large following that they don’t usually need to resort to underhand tactics to improve their chances on other shows.

But that’s exactly what Gaz Beadle did during January’s Celebrity series, when he tricked his Snapchat followers in to casting premium rate votes for his co-star Scotty T by pretending his voting number would instead connect callers directly to the Geordie Shore house.

In what became our third biggest article of the year, Channel 5 was furious at Gaz’s behaviour – no doubt because he risked accusations of fixing, as his show’s broadcaster MTV has been one of its sister networks since 2014.

Bosses urged viewers who fell for the trick to get in touch, and took the unusual step of disqualifying some of Scotty’s votes – as host Emma Willis announced during the live final. However, this wasn’t enough to stop him romping to victory.

2. Big Brother 2016 housemates aren’t being paid fees

Big Brother 2016 housemate Marco Pierre White Junior on This Morning

Big Brother purists were up in arms at the start of the summer when it was claimed that celebrities – including names from The Only Way Is Essex and Gogglebox – would compete against the ‘civilians’ in the regular series.

The rumour didn’t quite turn out to be true – there were quite a few semi-familiar faces and housemates who were used to the cameras, but no more than has become normal in recent years.

However, this didn’t quash rumours that some of the housemates had been received Celebrity Big Brother-style fees to take part.

They were vehemently denied by Channel 5, but the speculation surfaced again when Holly Willoughby mentioned in a This Morning interview with evictee Marco Pierre White Jnr that he had been paid.

In response, C5 reissued its statement: “Unlike Celebrity Big Brother, Housemates are not paid to participate as they have a chance of winning £100,000.”

1. Stephanie’s boyfriend Sam Reece to enter Celeb BB house?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemate Stephanie Davis's boyfriend Sam Reece

By far the most read story on bbspy this year, with over 14,000 Facebook likes, was the rumour that Stephanie Davis’s jilted boyfriend would enter the Celebrity Big Brother house to confront her.

January’s series featured one of the most overbearing showmances in Big Brother history when Stephanie sparked an on-off tryst with Jeremy McConnell – even though she was dating Sam Reece when she entered the house.

The model was reportedly left “heartbroken” as they were seen kissing and flirting on the nightly episodes – and predictably, it wasn’t long before the tabloids claimed he would enter the house for a showdown.

Viewers were eager for his arrival, with an eviction crowd even chanting “get Sam in”. He confirmed he wouldn’t be paying a visit – but later reports indicated producers indeed offered him a place in the house, which he turned down.

‘Jephanie’ remained a thing on the outside for a few months, but soon split. The former Hollyoaks actress is now pregnant, but it is not known who the father is.

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal are comic book characters in Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars trailer

A brand new year is just around the corner, kicking off with the latest Celebrity Big Brother – which will see a selection of ‘All Star’ ex-housemates return for a second stint, living alongside a fresh batch of ‘New Stars’.

The new series begins next Tuesday at 9pm, and as always bbspy will be here to bring you all the gossip – so make sure you keep an eye on our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest.

Voting for our Big Brother 2016 Awards will also open shortly, so stay tuned to have your say!

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