Channel 5 boss bans Helen Wood from Big Brother

11 comments - Posted on September 12 2015 at 07:59pm

Big Brother 2015: Timebomb - Helen Wood leaves the house

Channel 5 boss Ben Frow has BANNED controversial Big Brother UK winner Helen Wood from future editions of the show, saying: “I just can’t have her in my life.”

Last month, the Guardian reported from the Edinburgh International Television Festival that the broadcaster’s director of programmes had described Wood as a “bad person” and said that an “editorial” line had to be drawn.

And now it has emerged that Frow has opted to block her from taking part in future series, after festival bosses posted his session online in its entirety yesterday.

Quizzed by ITV newsreader Mary Nightingale on recent housemates, he admitted he “loved” Perez Hilton and that Katie Hopkins made him “uncomfortable” – but had tougher words for Wood.

“You know, I didn’t like Helen Wood, I think she’s a bad person,” said Frow. “Other people go, ‘she’s great TV’, but there comes a point where I go, ‘actually, I don’t want that person in my life’.”

When Nightingale pointed out that he’d “still put her on the television”, Frow admitted: “Yeah, but then I… banned her from being on any other bits. I just can’t have her in my life.

“I think there comes a point with editorial where you have to go, ‘enough’. Viewers are important, ratings are important, but ultimately I have to live with every decision I make. I think sometimes you have to draw a line and go, ‘okay, I am now uncomfortable, I don’t want any of this on the telly’.”

Wood won the ‘Power Trip’ civilian series of Big Brother last year after being handed a pass to the final – despite being branded a “bully” by viewers for her treatment of other housemates.

She returned for two weeks in this summer’s ‘Timebomb’ – and ended up sparking over 2,000 complaints after comparing fellow special guest Brian Belo to a ‘rapist’ and a ‘murderer’.

Wood is set to appear in a Big Brother ‘Best Bits’ special on 5* next Saturday, although this was taped before the ban was publicly announced.

Watch Ben Frow’s full interview at last month’s Festival below (Helen quotes at 7:30):

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11 comments on this article

  1. mr.blobby says:
    Sat 12 Sep Reply !

    About time. Hopefully the taped segment will also get pulled, just like Tequila retroactively.

  2. samj11 says:
    Sun 13 Sep Reply !

    Hallelujah. :grin:

    Most vile housemate they’ve ever had. Never want to see her on TV again, let alone Big Brother.

  3. lanky says:
    Sun 13 Sep Reply !

    I was all set to give up on Big Brother until this decent UK vs. USA series, and now this news. This is a long overdue decision and I’m glad she won’t be gracing our screens any more – arguments on BB is one thing but Belo was right when he called Wood a dementor: She literally sucked all of the fun out of both the series she was in. Hopefully now Frow has realised that she’s no good for the show, they’ll go back to a Secret & Lies style series, because that struck the balance perfectly.

  4. dragon says:
    Sun 13 Sep Reply !

    Really? People kept complaining but nothing was done to stop her. Has he learnt by this? I have my doubts, having contestants ridiculed for the pleasure of sadistic viewers is not a nice thing.

  5. openmind says:
    Mon 14 Sep Reply !

    What nonsense! Helen revived a very boring BB.
    It is apparently just fine for Trashleyne to call Helen “spawn of Satan” and “Lucifer”! It is also apparently just cute and funny for nasty nikki to call her a “witch”? An as for bellowing Belo calling her “pond scum” and “evil” that is just hunky dory? It needs to be remembered that bellowing belo was standing over Helen screaming abuse at her when she calmly said he “looked like” a rapist. Come off it BB – double standards much?

    • Roxy R says:
      Mon 14 Sep !

      Couldn’t have put it better! :up: :up:

  6. smith says:
    Mon 14 Sep Reply !

    Ben Frow is good for Big Brother. Steps in when he needs to. First it was making Emma Willis main presenter, now this. thank you Mr Frow

  7. Roxy R says:
    Mon 14 Sep Reply !

    What utter crap!! If it hadn’t been for Helen Wood both BB series would’ve been total bollocks. She made the shows & to ban her is ridiculous. There are other more controversial house mates who still get their time on the shows & some BBOTS panelists make Helen look like a saint. Get of your high horse Frow, you’re making a fool out of yourself.

  8. SM says:
    Mon 14 Sep Reply !

    I was one who hated Helen in her farce of a series the immunity pass she was given was the worst decision ever made!!!! However I did like her in the summer series I like her and Marc together great team, I hated Nikki and Brian and Ashlyene.

  9. Dalovelee says:
    Mon 14 Sep Reply !

    Do you people of Great Britain realize how insane you look banning a contestant from BB which builds its ratings from the likes of controversy. The same Channel will post daily reports in the news of what ISIS is doing but she’s banned because she had a row with that other deranged Brian Belo.

  10. Jane says:
    Sat 19 Sep Reply !

    Ridiculous banning Helen from big brother she did what she was told to do cause controversy now because she did suddenly the boss panics and bans her,there’s been some awful people in the show what about them? Hypocrites :down:

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