Channel 5 boss: Big Brother’s Helen Wood is a ‘bad person’

6 comments - Posted on August 28 2015 at 07:19pm

Celebrity Big Brother: Best Bits specials on 5* - Helen Wood

Channel 5 boss Ben Frow has described former Big Brother UK housemate Helen Wood as a “bad person” and suggested that she shouldn’t have been involved with the show.

Although she won 2014’s ‘Power Trip’ series, Helen is regarded as one of the most controversial contestants of all time, and has frequently been branded a ‘bully’ for her behaviour.

Despite this, BB producers sent her back in to the house for two weeks as a special guest during this summer’s ‘Timebomb’ – and sparked one of her biggest scandals to date when she compared returning BB favourite Brian Belo to a ‘rapist’ and a ‘murderer’.

Now Frow, who is controller of programming at Channel 5, has revealed that he doesn’t like Wood and hinted that he regrets allowing her to return.

Speaking at this week’s Edinburgh International Television Festival (via The Guardian), he said: “I didn’t like Helen Wood, I think she is a bad person. There comes a point with editorial… I have to live with myself. Sometimes you have to draw the line.”

Frow’s admission comes a year after he said bosses failed to find the right cast for Power Trip – although he didn’t elaborate on what was wrong with it at the time.

Media regulator Ofcom confirmed last month that it would not investigate Helen’s outburst at Brian, which drew 2,024 complaints from disgruntled viewers.

Elsewhere at this year’s TV Festival, Celebrity Juice executive producer Dan Baldwin won a special edition of Big Brother that saw eight telly bigwigs live in the house for 24 hours.

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6 comments on this article

  1. liz says:
    Fri 28 Aug Reply !

    And yet she won all that prize money that really does disgust me when there are decent human beings who have absolutely nothing!

    • Nara says:
      Sat 29 Aug !

      She was really entertaining though, deserved every penny of that money rather than this years boring chloe :up:

  2. lizzie hancock says:
    Fri 28 Aug Reply !

    Thank god big brother has seen the light helen wood should never been allowed back she was a bully in her year and never changed. BB BOTS rules love rylan xxx

  3. liz says:
    Fri 28 Aug Reply !

    Does that mean we won’t have to endure seeing Helen on bbbots this year? We can only hope :up:

  4. Jayden says:
    Sat 29 Aug Reply !


  5. Dr Bob says:
    Sat 29 Aug Reply !


    It’s one thing Mr. Frow has -allegedly- seen the light, but let’s see what happens on BOTS.

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