Bit On The Side goes daily again for new Celeb BB

7 comments - Posted on August 1 2015 at 05:58pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 presenters - Rylan Clark promotes the twisted fairytale

Channel 5 will begin airing Big Brother spin-off show Bit On The Side seven days a week again for the upcoming summer 2015 Celebrity series.

The show’s presenter Rylan Clark revealed the news on Twitter today, while confirming that he will host all episodes of the new run.

“Gawd help me but pleased to confirm I’m back for @bbuk #BBBOTS EVERY NIGHT for CBB,” he wrote. “I might as well sleep in the house. Can’t wait x”

This will be the first series of BOTS in almost two years to broadcast daily.

The late-night magazine format originally aired seven days per week, but was reduced to six days in January 2014 after retooled Sunday editions failed to rate will in their lunchtime slots.

Bosses then cut it further to five days a week in January this year, before extending Monday editions and renaming them ‘Bigger Bit On The Side’ for the recent ‘Timebomb’ civilian run.

It will also be the first series that Rylan will host every night without any days off. During his first run in 2013, he shared weekend presenting duties with AJ Odudu.

It is not yet clear whether the latest schedule change will result in the return of the psychology-themed ‘Bit On The Psych’ specials on Saturdays, which were dropped last year following the departure of Iain Lee.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 later this month, with a host of British and American stars set to battle each other for power as part of the new ‘UK vs. USA’ theme.

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7 comments on this article

  1. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sat 01 Aug Reply !

    Yay I’m glad that BBBOTS will be shown 7 days a week instead of 5 days :grin:

  2. Enid says:
    Sun 02 Aug Reply !

    Not watched bbbots since Emma Willis stepped down, can’t stand Rylan,no talent and quite crude.

  3. Mary says:
    Mon 03 Aug Reply !

    :grin: l love Rylan. He’s the best presenter you’ve ever had
    His people skills are excellent! He is professional, caring and his fun and vivacity really lift my spirits.
    Just wish he had an earlier time

  4. triona says:
    Mon 03 Aug Reply !

    :happy: delighted bits will be on 7 days love rylan he is funny excellent presenter bring on bots can’t wait u go rylan x X :grin:

  5. ROB says:
    Thu 06 Aug Reply !

    As much as I love BBBOTs at times through the regular series it was poor.

    The Monday night shows were too long, and sometimes an hour is just too long when they clearly don’t have enough stuff to fill an hour,

    Too much cheese at times, silly introduction cutaways to segments (that fill time) and things that are good as a once off are now overused. i.e Dr.Dance was a great segment when he was on once a series, but he was on THREE times last series.

    I agree something needs to be on at the weekend to fill the gap, but either cut one or two mid week shows, or cut 5 days down to 30 minutes so they aren’t filling it with total crap and keep it engaging.

  6. Brekkie says:
    Fri 14 Aug Reply !

    Nowadays as only eviction episodes are live and everything on the show feels scripted they can probably film editions back to back. Indeed it’s so predictable they’ve probably got it in the can already.

  7. E Matt says:
    Sat 15 Aug Reply !

    Love Rylan to bits! Think he has been the best thing to happen to BB the last couple of years. Always makes guests & housemates feel good about themselves & never wants to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Only wish that they didn’t put the show on at either 11-12 or 12-1 timeslot. Wish they would put CBB & BB civilian on 9-10 then BBOTS straight after. Also, wanted to say big love to BBSPY who appear to be 1 of the only BB twitter/website followers of BB that don’t tweet unkindly about the presenters. Keep up the great work & no wonder Rylan only trusts you as the best fansite as he notices/finds out where other fan sites have tweeted or favourite negatives about him or the show. :wink: :up: :heart:

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