Big Brother’s Glyn, Joel lose Welsh Assembly election bids

- Posted on May 6 2016 at 01:16pm

Ex Big Brother housemates Joel Williams and Glyn Wise to go head-to-head in Welsh election

Former Big Brother UK housemates Glyn Wise and Joel Williams have lost their bids to join the Welsh Assembly after going head-to-head in yesterday’s election.

Glyn and Joel competed against each other to win the Cardiff Central seat, with BB7 runner-up Glyn representing Plaid Cymru, while BB16 runner-up Joel stood for the Welsh Conservatives.

However, both lost to Labour’s Jenny Rathbone, who was re-elected for a second term on 10,016 votes (38.4%) – ahead of the Liberal Democrats’ Eluned Parrott, who had 9,199 votes (35.3%).

Joel took third place with 2,317 votes (8.9%), while Glyn took fourth with 1,951 votes (7.5%). However, Plaid’s share of the vote increased by 0.3% compared with the last election in 2011 – while the Tories’ share slipped by 6.2%.

Glyn told ITV that he still hopes he’ll become an Assembly Member in the future. “I’m not disheartened by the result. (Plaid leader) Leanne Wood didn’t win the first elections she contested – nor did the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon,” he commented. “I would love to have another crack at it.”

Joel also conceded defeat, telling the Western Mail that he now plans to run for Cardiff council.

The 20-year-old appeared on last year’s ‘Timebomb’ series of Big Brother and made no secret of his political ambitions, saying: “I would love to be Prime Minister, and I do think it’s achievable.”

Glyn, now 28, moved in to politics last year, almost a decade after he “cooked an egg for the very first time” on the fan-favourite seventh series of Big Brother.

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