Top five biggest trending Big Brother stories of 2015

- Posted on August 23 2015 at 05:00pm

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother eye logos 2015

It’s been another dramatic and controversial year in the world of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother UK – and here bbspy reveals its five biggest trending stories from 2015…

The past twelve months have been business as usual for the Channel 5 reality shows, with constant nomination twists, arguments galore and more outside contact than ever before.

They kicked off with a Celebrity series that became The Perez Show, with the gossip blogger dominating the action and falling out with almost all of the housemates – notably Katie Hopkins.

The Timebomb civilian run was the first ever not to have any weeks of twist-free nominations. Its slow start prompted bosses to evict four housemates and replace them with new ones, and the mood soured further when Time Warp saw Helen Wood return to the house.

Thankfully, the UK vs. USA Celebrity battle – which, although still tense thanks to the transatlantic rivalries and antics of Farrah Abraham – managed to strike a good balance between entertainment and drama. Heck, at least it gave us a fresh spin on the tired secret bedsit twist.

Ratings stayed on the same trajectory – with the January CBB becoming Channel 5’s most watched ever for the second year in a row, while both summer runs sunk to record lows.

As we all prepare to see in the new year tonight, bbspy looks back by revealing its top five most read stories of 2015.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 - Katie Hopkins judges the housemates on launch night

5. Epileptic Katie Hopkins has private Celeb BB bedroom

There was tentative anger among viewers of January’s Celebrity Big Brother ‘twisted fairytale’ when Katie Hopkins let slip on the live feed that she would be sleeping away from the other housemates in her own bedroom.

Channel 5 refused to comment on the matter, but it’s thought that bosses had a very good reason for giving the controversial columnist her own quarters, as her epilepsy means she suffers seizures while she is sleeping – some severe enough to dislocate her arm.

Unfortunately, it’s also believed that Katie’s own room was the quiet space where continued writing her weekly column for The Sun during her time in the house – despite Big Brother rules traditionally banning any contact from the outside world.

4. Bit On The Side forced off air over Farrah, Aisleyne drama

Many thought the drama would end when Farrah Abraham was evicted from the UK vs. USA Celebrity series in September – but she ended up taking it with her to spin-off Bit On The Side.

Somehow the producers thought it was a good idea to have her on the same celebrity panel as Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – and the pair soon begun sniping at each other, with Aisleyne saying “silly little girl” Farrah should take her “cheque” and “hop on a plane” – while Farrah teased the “hag” for not even getting paid as a civilian housemate.

However, the initially amusing row eventually descended in to a full-scale brawl. Viewers saw Aisleyne reach for her glass before bosses cut the live show, forcing it to end ten minutes early.

Aisleyne owned up to throwing a drink at Farrah – but ‘Allo ‘Allo actress Vicki Michelle was caught in the crossfire, telling The Mirror that Farrah retaliated by throwing two actual glasses, one of which struck her in the head. Janice Dickinson reportedly threw a chair in a bid to break up the fight.

According to the newspaper, Farrah and Janice were given police cautions for their involvement.

Big Brother 2015: Timebomb - Danny Wisker

3. Channel 5 keeping quiet on Big Brother Danny tweet axe

Perhaps the most random entry in the list, hordes of you hit up this article to find out what happened when an incriminating Twitter post allegedly written by Danny Wisker was cut from Big Brother: Timebomb.

These days Big Brother viewers have a tendency to examine the Twitter profiles of housemates they don’t like in a bid to show them up – and in July Danny’s haters circulated screenshots of a tweet saying: “Fat birds trying it on with me in clubs. Stick with your own kind.”

Of course, Big Brother producers now have the tendency to send provocative tasks in to the house in a bid to create controversy – so it came as no surprise when bosses asked the housemates to guess who was responsible for said tweet.

The problem was it wasn’t certain that Danny had actually written it. The man himself was confused when the result was revealed, while his agent – yes, even civilian Big Brother housemates have agents now – told The Mirror there was “solid evidence” that the tweet was faked.

Following the complaint, Channel 5 removed footage of the task from the official website and a highlights show – but unfortunately for Danny, TV viewers had already seen it on the previous night’s edition of Bit On The Side.

Big Brother 2015: Time Warp - Helen Wood

2. Channel 5 boss bans Helen Wood from Big Brother

In at number two is the (very welcome) news that Channel 5’s director of programming Ben Frow has banned Helen Wood from making any more appearances on Big Brother.

The Power Trip winner, who was repeatedly accused of bullying housemates during her series, returned for this summer’s Timebomb as one of the four ‘legendary’ housemates taking part in the Time Warp twist.

Her second stint in the house saw some of her lowest blows to date, with bosses giving her a formal warning for comparing Brian Belo to a “rapist” and a “murderer” when their intense feud erupted in to an explosive argument – prompting over 2,000 complaints to Ofcom.

Helen offered very little in the way of apology for her remarks – and it seems this was the final straw for Frow, as just over one month later he publicly announced at the Edinburgh Television Festival that he had now “banned her from being on any other bits” of Big Brother.

“I didn’t like Helen Wood, I think she’s a bad person,” he said. “There comes a point where I go, ‘actually, I don’t want that person in my life’.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Jackson explains himself after opening Chloe Goodman's robe

1. Jeremy Jackson ejected from CBB over ‘explosive’ drama

Just pipping Helen to the top spot is the shocking departure of Jeremy Jackson from January’s Celebrity Big Brother, which came after he inappropriately exposed Chloe Goodman’s breast.

The incident earned him the dubious honour of being the first housemate ever to be ejected from a Celebrity series of Big Brother – and he later received a police caution for common assault.

The former Baywatch actor has struggled to stay out of trouble in the months since. According to TMZ, he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in October after stabbing a woman in a clash over her boyfriend’s car.

Jeremy’s exit was only the first of several events that made CBB15 one of the most controversial series ever, with Ken Morley also being removed just days later over racial slurs and sexual remarks.

Elsewhere, Alexander O’Neal officially walked out after receiving a formal warning in his feud with Perez Hilton – although he more recently claimed that he was actually forced out by bosses.

If all this has got you gagging for more house action, then don’t fret, as Celebrity Big Brother is back on Tuesday night at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and TV3 with a vaudeville theatre-themed eye logo and house. As always, we’ll be bringing you the latest BBnews and gossip in the months ahead, so keep an eye to our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.

Stay tuned to bbspy over the weekend, when we’ll be opening the voting for our Big Brother Awards 2015!

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