bbspy Big Brother Awards: UK winners revealed!

Relive your highlights and lowlights from BBUK and its Celebrity version in 2015
1 comment - Posted on March 28 2016 at 07:14pm

bbspy Big Brother Awards 2015 - Nominations

It’s time to Timebomb back to 2015 as we reveal which Big Brother UK housemates, twists, tasks and moments you liked (and didn’t like) in the bbspy Awards!

bbspy Big Brother Awards 2015 - Nominations

2015 was an awkward year for Britain’s most famous house. On the one hand, the January’s Celebrity Big Brother reached new heights for Channel 5, with never-ending controversy making it the talk of television.

On the other, the summer run was a complete disaster. A botched launch for the summer Timebomb series and a lack of spark in the first few weeks set it up for the show’s lowest ratings ever, and despite viewers being given a five-week break before the next Celebrity run, it also flopped.

Now that we’ve revealed the international results of the bbspy Awards – which proved rather controversial given that Big Brother Canada didn’t do as well as some expected – it’s time to take a look at your highlights and lowlights from the UK version last year.

Best Series

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2015 UK vs. USA

Winner: Celebrity Big Brother 16: UK vs. USA (40.22%)

2nd: Celebrity Big Brother 15 (38.92%)
3rd: Big Brother 16: Timebomb (20.86%)

We expect some of you are a tad surprised that it’s CBB16 that came out on top here (although we can all agree than Timebomb never stood a chance).

This may be because it was fresher in people’s memories than CBB15 (Channel 5’s highest rating Big Brother to date), but we choose to believe that it won because it was easily the most enjoyable series since Lionel Blair, Luisa Zissman and Liz Jones were in the house.

While CBB15 often felt monotonous with its near-constant arguments and tension, the UK vs. USA theme set up the sixteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother perfectly.

The drama caused by a certain Farrah Abraham was offset by James Hill and Austin Armacost’s enduring bromance, the producers finally gave us a fresh spin on the tired bedsit twist (more on that later), and it of course featured the reality TV legend that is Janice Dickinson.

CBB16 also has the distinction of being the only series of BBUK in 2015 to feature a completely twist-free round of nominations. That stat alone makes it a worthy winner of this award.

Okay, it wasn’t perfect – we did have to put up with Chloe Jasmine and Stevi Ritchie’s, er, moments of intimacy – but UK vs. USA was far and away the best summer edition of Celebrity Big Brother yet.

Turn over to Page 2 below for the Best UK Winner result!

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  1. Oliver Bedford says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !

    UK vs USA being the best series are you serious?! That series was honestly the worst series of Big Brother I have ever seen in my life. It was a bad production decision to include all the Americans as it didn’t even feel like UK Big Brother anymore. The housemates were an incredibly odd mix as well that I couldn’t fathom e.g. Three porn stars and a substantial amount of old housmates didn’t mingle well. I hardly knew who any of them were. The best series has to be January CBB or BB Timebomb.

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