Ofcom rejects Big Brother 2014, Helen complaints

13 comments - Posted on September 8 2014 at 06:21pm

Big Brother 2014: Power Trip final - Helen Wood crowned winner

Ofcom has rejected almost 4,000 complaints regarding Big Brother 2014, including those about Helen Wood’s win – but has launched an investigation in to one episode.

The media regulator today gave an update on the issues raised across the series, which ran between June 5th and August 15th.

Around 3,820 complaints were turned down because they didn’t warrant looking in to – including those concerning the result of the final, in which controversial housemate Helen Wood beat Ashleigh Coyle to be crowned the winner.

A total of 469 viewers wrote in to query the result, with Channel 5 responding by releasing a statement vehemently denying claims that it had been fixed.

While the final was previously thought to be the most complained about episode, the new data reveals it was in fact the edition broadcast on June 16th.

This featured continued so-called “bullying” from housemates including Helen, as well as Marlon Wallen and Ash Harrison’s sexually explicit conversation about female housemates including Kimberly Kisselovich – but the 1,573 complaints it attracted were also scrapped.

Other issues that won’t be examined include the post-nominations row in week one, which prompted 208 complaints over religious offence after Helen said of Danielle McMahon: “She’d better stop swearing or she’ll go to hell. Stop shagging Jesus you f***ing tramp.”

The ‘truth or dare’ row – which saw Helen receive a formal warning for shouting in Matthew Davies’ face – and the clash that erupted after Helen found out about Ashleigh’s plot to nominate Ash have also been cleared.

However, Ofcom has begun investigating the episode broadcast on August 7th for a possible breach of content standards.

This focussed on the argument over the housemates’ pact to split the prize fund bonus, which primarily saw Helen attacking Chris Wright for reneging on the deal.

C5 boss Ben Frow recently defended Big Brother 2014’s ratings performance, after it became the lowest rating series to date on average.

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13 comments on this article

  1. argyll says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    Well there is a surprise so now we know why JAMES and DEE have not been warned as it is acceptable in their eyes to let HM,s use aggressive ,manipulative and unacceptable behaviour in BB and CBB.


  2. jennyjuniper says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    Hi Argyll, why bother having Ofcom if they can’t or won’t investigate real grievances?? Surely threats of violence are more unacceptable than divvying up the cash?? I give up. :doh: :doh:

  3. argyll says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    On another issue I have just read a clip on another site that Dee and Gary had a row and BB intervened by asking Dee to diary room to cool down. Poor Dee. NOT.!!!!

    Gary accused her off calling him bitter and she lost the head with him but I wish that BB would show her and the HM,s that she did call him that.

    James and Ricci of course had a go at Gary when Dee was called to diary room.

    BB should be made to show clips when HM,s deny.

    It will be on this site shortly .

  4. flodders says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    Dear God, that poor man, it’s not right what he is forced to endure it makes me sick, hope he wins, and Audley second, actually, either way round will suit me, the are two good men, Gary and Audley = deserving winers.

  5. jennyjuniper says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    I agree Flodders, it’s sickening to watch them like jackals surrounding a wounded animal aren’t they. :doh:

  6. jennyjuniper says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    Hi Argyll, it’s a puty they didn’t remonstrate with her and tell her that HER behaviour is unacceptable, never mind to cool down. :doh:

  7. Liz says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    They should investigate why it was that towards the final weeks big brother edited the show in such a way to make it seem that Helen had been on this massive journey, leaving out the bits where she bullied people and made offensive remarks about the viewing public. Why did they only have supporters of hers on bbbots at the end? The show producers clearly wanted her to win for whatever reason. This is what they should be investigating.

  8. jennyjuniper says:
    Tue 09 Sep Reply !

    I would really like for a good investigative journalist to go undercover and find out all BB’s dirty little secrets. :wink: :wink:

  9. Jane Shepherd says:
    Tue 09 Sep Reply !

    Absolutely. – I thought Pointless was a quiz show on BBC 1 not a derivative od Ofcom – very disappointing. :down:

  10. Maria devlin says:
    Wed 10 Sep Reply !

    Gary is an elderly man , with complex needs and big brother is a game show , and the house mates are not nurses and have had no training in how to cope with his his needs. It is unfair that bb have put the housemates in this situation .noone would put a relative with Gary’s needs in a home where there is not one member of staff with no training or experience. And no one is making Gary do or say anything he doesn’t want too . So there is no bulling . Just an elderly man with needs in the wrong place,

  11. jennyjuniper says:
    Wed 10 Sep Reply !

    @Maria devlin
    As far as I’m concerned it IS bullying, when two or more people encourage others to isolate or intimidate, which they have done to Gary.
    True it can’t be easy living with someone who has needs, but remember they are being paid a heck of a lot of money for a relatively short time. If they don’t like it, they can always leave, but as most of them in there are media whores I doubt any of them will.

  12. Janicer says:
    Wed 10 Sep Reply !

    A lot of posters have said that all the housemates have a problem with Gary and that he is disgusting but it’s not actually what is said by those who have left,apart from David and who cares what he says,or in fact Lauren, Or Audley. If he is okay 70 percent of the time then that is okay. A bit of tolerance and sorry Dee,Edele and James should show a little compassion instead of taking everything he says as a slight.@jennyjuniper

  13. Hannah says:
    Wed 10 Sep Reply !

    I am still shocked that that nasty sex worker won! And now this! Hopefully this will be the end of what we have heard about that vile woman. At least bit on the side invite Ashleigh on their panel, thank god!

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