C5 Frow unhappy with Big Brother 2014 casting

25 comments - Posted on September 2 2014 at 04:31pm

Channel 5 director of programmes Ben Frow

Channel 5’s director of programmes Ben Frow has revealed that he was unhappy with the cast of housemates on Big Brother 2014: Power Trip.

Show viewers were unsure about the casting right from the start of the series, claiming the line-up was too business-minded and more suited to a show like The Apprentice.

Throughout the run many also complained about there being too many arguments and a lack of fun in the house – mainly thanks to the presence of divisive salon owner Helen Wood, who was excluded from all evictions after being handed a pass to the final.

Now C5 boss Frow – the man responsible for hiring Emma Willis as Big Brother’s main presenter – has admitted that this year’s cast could have been better, but did not elaborate on what he thought was wrong with it.

Speaking at the recent Edinburgh International Television Festival, he said: “It was a challenging year, I’m not sure we got the casting right this year in many ways.”

Wood was crowned winner of Big Brother 2014 last month in one of the show’s closest results ever, with just 1.2% of the public vote separating her from runner-up Ashleigh Coyle.

The result was so controversial that it provoked 400 complaints to media regulator Ofcom, with Channel 5 releasing a lengthy statement insisting the outcome was above board.

However, fans questioned the credibility of C5’s account of events after noticing that it contained at least two factual errors, forcing the broadcaster to issue an amendment.

Elsewhere at the Festival, Frow defended the dip in ratings for Big Brother 2014, insisting he doesn’t want the fifteen-year-old show to be the “number one programme”.

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25 comments on this article

  1. Ann Paterson says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    I will never be convinced that Helen Wood won fairly!! :down:

  2. Janice’s says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    I did have a problem with the casting as some should have been on CBB instead. I mean if George qualifies so must Helen,Danielle,Zoe and possibly Ash,but how much modelling does he do?
    My main problem with the favouritism and scripting of the show and taking away the viewers right to decide which has underpinned this show from its conception.

  3. argyll says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    Absolutely line up was not right. Nobody that had been on any reality or tv show should have been in BB.

    We want the ordinary people that are not all tan, muscles and tits . give us shop workers, labourers , painters , electricians , nursing assistants, real people with reason to want the MONEY.

  4. R Rose says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    As an avid viewer of BB this series was the worst ever! Nastiness, bullying, bitching and fighting are not my idea of entertainment. Never thought I would admit that this may have been the last ever series I watch of BB. The programme has veered sharply away from the original concept of throwing a group of strangers together to co-habit one house and how they work together to make it work. Now all it is about is fame and money hungry individuals mostly who don’t care who they tread on to get to the top. How Helen could have won when she was the most vile foul mouthed contestant is a mystery to me, surrounding herself with her puppets who even after it has finished are still goading ex housemates on Twitter says all about what it was and how sad am I that BB has now decided to show these pretentious wannabees that being so unkind to others is a way to live and behave. Good role models? Never and what does it show impressionable people especially youngsters, it shows them that being mean is good. Bad show Channel 5 and Endemol, this will be the undoing of you eventually, sooner or later if you do not listen to the viewers who were so dissappointed. :(

  5. Wendy Hawley says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    I will never be convinced that Helen won fairly either Ann Patterson. She may have come 1st but she’s no winner, with a pass all the way to the final & Ashleigh’s & Christopher’s phone lines being cut before Helens, she certainly didn’t get there on her own merit & got booed! How can she even consider herself a winner, what a joke .. Christopher should have won that at least he got to the final by his own merit & the public liked him.

  6. Val says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    I’m so glad he’s said that. The only ones I would have kept from this year’s cast are Chris, Christopher and Pav. The women were, without exception, horrible. Helen and Steven should never have got through whatever psychological vetting process still exists.

  7. jennyjuniper says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    And real people who DESERVE the money. :up:

  8. northernmonkey says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    No shit Sherlock, BB needs a total new team. No way should the same people be working on next years ( if there is one ) BB.

  9. Catton says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    I really liked BB14’s (Secret and Lies) cast. I think they got it spot on that year.

    I don’t like any series that has to use as many as 19 housemates, but they didn’t really get anything right this year. The cast weren’t the reason this year’s series was a disaster. It was mostly the producers that were making the wrong decisions.

  10. david hathaway says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    Helen is the reason i stopped watching and i was also an avid viewer And for 2 seasons in a row i have stopped watching both civ and celeb shows after the 2nd week tbh i am actually quite gutted as it was a highlight of my summer :( MORE NORMAL PPL PLZ AND LESS CELEBRITY SHOWS PLZ

  11. northernmonkey says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    I agree with all of that. I enjoyed last years show too.

    A shame they didn’t build on it. This years BB was by far the worst I have seen, that’s when I bothered to watch.

  12. ste says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    Great post argyll agree with every word you said these people at ch5 and on bb must think the public are brain dead and can’t think for themselfs the idiots at ch5 & bb totally ruined this year’s show by the hand picked housemates they chose and fixed for rent a gob to win.
    and there doing exactly the same with celeb bb sitting back and watching gary get abused and bullied and don’t do a thing about it..I think they must of went to a SES pit to find most of this year’s celebs because most of them are full of shit and talk a load of CRAP.

  13. Sandra Floyd says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    loved Helen, it would not have been a show without her, she changed so much more than the others, deserving winner in my eyes.

  14. Brekkie says:
    Tue 02 Sep Reply !

    If he thinks this cast was “business like” then he clearly shouldn’t be running a business.

    Poor cast or not it’s the production which is the issue.

  15. Jane Shepherd says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    I think some avid veiwers/fans should be able to be part of the selection team next year. Thus avoiding the same mistakes. Brekkie you are right, ‘business like’ is certainly the wrong term to use.
    After all I am pretty sure Helen didn’t pay her income tax on many of her so called transactions!

    I hope Ch5 loose the franchise but the new syndicate allow us to have more of a say, after all there is obviously still a market for the show otherwise we wouldn’t all be on this forum.

    Trying to remember back…… I believe that only Jale, Mathew and Marlon had no previous TV/Publicity experience, I could be wrong so please let me know but even Pauline was on TV being Jazzy P the backing singer and Christopher has been on game a game show.

    Like I say I could be wrong, but certainly it was a houseful of want to be famous, that had already tried other options. So who gets to choose them? – The producers should offer the fan base the opportunity to get involved.

    Lets have normal people that work in Tesco’s and wont have to suffer the Zoe Birkin attitudes.

  16. Rachel says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    They put too many people in the house who claimed to have ‘strong opinions’. They usually put 1 or 2 people in there to be the ‘villains’ of the series, if you life. They should have only put Ashleigh, Christopher, Chris, Matthew, Jale, Marlon, Winston, Toya and Helen in and replaced the rest. You would have though that from the year that Luke A won that putting in lots of people with attention seeking and narcissistic personalities doesn’t make good T.V.

  17. Wayne says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    Yes, the cast wasn’t perfect, but the main problem was lack of live feed.

  18. Liz says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    There were very few likeable characters this year and far to many sheep like Ash and the rest of the ‘cool kids’. When channel five were casting I think they just picked to many nasty, selfish, egotistical individuals and the people who were nice like Chris Christopher and Ashleigh just lacked the confidence to really take on the monster that was Helen. The fact that Helen won all that money is disgusting and I hope channel five don’t reward her further by having her on bbbots if they do I think they will lose a lot of viewers I definitely wouldn’t watch

  19. Janice’s says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    As long as the Tescos workers aren’t twins! :grin: Sam and Joe were enough! :doh: @Jane Shepherd

  20. Jane Shepherd says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !


    OMG I forgot about them. :grin: :grin:
    I would have liked to see Chris Wright with Gary Busy – they have the same classic one liner ability !

  21. jennyjuniper says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    @Jane Shepherd
    Hi Jane, I’ve just reading that that awful Wood woman is making libellous comments about Chris on Twitter. :doh: He should sue the b…., let’s say for the 100,000 she obtained under suspicious circumstances??

  22. Jane Shepherd says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !


    Fortunately I don’t tweet. But I had noticed a distinct lack of magazine deals from the Helen Wood camp. I believe that ch5 refused to make any further comments. – perhaps they are eventually realising that their golden goose does not lay golden eggs? ( mind you she lays everything else that moves and has a wallet!)
    She really is a dreadful representation of a British woman. Chris Wright has more decency in his little finger. I hope your right and he does take action.

    She needs to get her comeuppance at some stage. Karma et al.

  23. Ryan Ashmore says:
    Wed 03 Sep Reply !

    I love you BEN FROW!!!! :up:

  24. akilan says:
    Mon 06 Oct Reply !

    When did it turn from normal auditions to casting…its not a Reality tv serial that a casting is needed. It’s a reality tv game show…It should AUDITION normal ppl.

  25. Philip M says:
    Fri 27 Mar Reply !

    I now have a petition for the live feed that I hope BBSpy will support me on:

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