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11 comments - Posted on August 22 2014 at 05:03pm

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Channel 5 has responded to several accusations surrounding Big Brother 2014 and Helen Wood’s win in the final – read the broadcaster’s statement in full here…

Following Helen’s controversial win on Big Brother last week, some angry viewers have made several claims about the result.

Some suggested the 27-year-old was signed to an agency run by C5 owner Richard Desmond’s company Northern & Shell, while others said they were unable to vote for certain housemates and that the vote may have been fixed, citing a line in the terms and conditions that states: “The eligibility of any vote is at the sole discretion of Channel 5.”

It was also suggested that producers rigged the launch twist for Helen to get the pass to the final, and that Helen shouldn’t have been allowed to win due to her multiple warnings.

Today, C5 has taken the unusual step of issuing a lengthy statement addressing these accusations. You can read the statement – which includes the first exact voting numbers released by Big Brother in at least eight years – in full below.

Channel 5 has received inquiries from viewers about the most recent series of Big Brother. In order to assist viewers, the following information is provided:

1. All voting during Big Brother is independently verified as the voting occurs and when it ends. Only those results which are independently verified are used in determining results which are broadcast as part of Big Brother.

2. Votes cast are regularly monitored to detect any unusual voting patterns or to determine whether, for instance, computer programmes have been used to implement automatic voting for particular housemates. Where there are discrepancies in voting patterns, in consultation with the independent verifier, consideration is given as to whether the votes should be included.

3. No votes were discarded because of voting irregularities in the period after lines were open for voting in the final week of the last series up until the lines were finally closed, when Helen and Ashleigh were the two remaining finalists. No voting irregularities were detected during that period.

4. When voting lines are open, they are regularly monitored, including by independent verifiers, to ensure that votes can be cast on behalf of any housemate up for voting. At all times during the period after lines were open for voting in the final week of the last series up until the lines were finally closed when Helen and Ashleigh were the two remaining finalists, all relevant lines were open and callers were able to cast votes for whichever housemate they chose. All voting lines for housemates were open for exactly the same period; the voting line for each individual housemate opened and closed at exactly the same time as the line for any other housemate facing a public vote at the same time.

5. At 9.20am on August 15, the morning of the Final of Big Brother 2014, the voting stood as follows:

Ashleigh was 8,018 votes ahead of Helen.
Helen was 9,789 votes ahead of Christopher.
Christopher was 4,945 votes ahead of Ash
Ash was 8,730 votes ahead of Chris
Chris was 11,237 votes ahead of Pav

6. At 8.55pm on August 15, immediately prior to the live broadcast of the Final of Big Brother 2014, the voting stood as follows:

Ashleigh was 7,887 votes ahead of Helen.
Helen was 12,628 votes ahead of Christopher.
Christopher was 6,319 votes ahead of Ash
Ash was 10,296 votes ahead of Chris
Chris was 13,365 votes ahead of Pav

7. At 10.03pm on August 15, when voting lines closed for the final time during the live broadcast of the Final of Big Brother 2014, the voting stood as follows:

Helen was 4,631 votes ahead of Ashleigh.
Ashleigh was 75,818 votes ahead of Christopher.
Christopher was 13,303 votes ahead of Ash
Ash was 23,108 votes ahead of Chris
Chris was 14,594 votes ahead of Pav

8. The voting lines for Pav, Chris, Ash and Christopher finally closed at different times, as each lost their place in the House. The voting lines for Helen and Ashleigh finally closed at the same time.

9. All of the votes and results mentioned in paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 were independently verified.

10. During the launch of Big Brother 2014, the viewers voted for Pauline to be given “the power” in the House. Pauline knew nothing about what reward would be given to Helen when she selected Helen for a reward. The first either Helen or Pauline or any other housemate knew about there being a “pass to the final” was when Big Brother announced to the House exactly what the reward was that Pauline had chosen Helen to receive.

11. Helen auditioned for Big Brother in the same way as all other applicants for a place in the Big Brother House. When she entered the House, Helen did not have an agent, a manager or any connection with either Northern & Shell or Richard Desmond.

12. The behaviour of all housemates is regularly monitored by Big Brother and interventions are made whenever Big Brother considers it necessary. Some interventions are informal, some are formal; some result in serious warnings. Not all of these interventions are included in the material broadcast.

13. In Helen’s case, the broadcasts twice showed her being reprimanded by Big Brother for her conduct (in relation to Danielle and Matthew). There were a number of further informal interventions with Helen about her conduct and during the course of the material broadcast Helen herself made reference to some of these, although these informal interventions were not themselves included in any broadcast. Informal interventions with other housemates, similarly, were not included in the material broadcast.

14. The Big Brother voting system remains independently verified and Big Brother is satisfied that the outcome of Big Brother 2014 was an accurate reflection of the public’s decisions.

Earlier this week, TV watchdog Ofcom confirmed it had recieved over 400 complaints about the Big Brother 2014 final.

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11 comments on this article

  1. Liz says:
    Fri 22 Aug Reply !

    How about when she said that if she got booed she would be ‘jumping in through crowd and smashing someone’s head in?’ Surely that deserved a formal warning and should have been aired. Bb were definitely trying to edit the show towards the end to show Helen in a more favourable light that was so obvious to those of us who had watched it from the beginning. Even the people on bbbots were only people who liked Helen or were told to say they do it was all very strange. And I can’t believe Ash was more popular than Chris, bb wanted Helen or Ash to win and I don’t know how they did it but they definitely did.

  2. John Kane says:
    Fri 22 Aug Reply !

    “Helen did not have an agent, a manager…” She has (previously to entering Big Brother) appeared on a number of TV shows, news programs, documentaries and also sold a number of interviews and “kiss-and-tell” stories to the press.

    We are expected to believe that she did all of this without any professional representation?

    We know for certain that prior to 2014 she had an agent trying to broker a deal for her auto-biography and for her to appear on “I’m a Celebrity…” as evidenced here:

    Are we really to believe that she decided to suddenly go it alone when negotiating for Big Brother?

  3. John Kane says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !
  4. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    Well statements 10 and 13 are big fat lies for starters.

  5. John Kane says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    @jennyjuniper Here is the proof that the statement is nonsense.

    Big Brother: “Pauline…who do you wish to grant that pass to the final to?”

  6. Brekkie says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    The statement just highlights the general incompetence of everyone involved. And as I said in the other thread the way they break down the numbers is really suspicious – if they had nothing to hide they would just give the basic tallies, not all this “X has Y more votes than Z” nonsense.

  7. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    @John Kane
    Hi John, yes it’s true. As soon as I read that statement early this morning I logged on to Youtube and found the relevant video.
    They really must take the public for fools if they expect us just to take their (very shady) word on what has gone on.

  8. Richaard Hemsley says:
    Sun 24 Aug Reply !

    Item 10 is a lie just watched Pauline again on you Tube and she is asked by BB to give a HM a pass to the final

  9. Justine says:
    Sun 24 Aug Reply !

    Oh get over it already!! Who cares now, as Helen won fair & square. Just because you didn’t want her to win, doesn’t make the final result the wrong one!!

    Nothing you nor I can say or do to change this fact. It’s done with now. Move on as it’s NOT affected you in any shape or form has it now?? It’s not like you lost your house or got injured or something.

    BB is a brilliant game show & love it or hate it, it’s YOUR choice whether to watch it or change channels or to vote for someone or not!!

    Personally for ME, the right person did win, as Helen was a fantastic HM regardless of her past & her BB antics….

    So in future if you don’t like watching something, then simply do something about it!!

  10. jennyjuniper says:
    Sun 24 Aug Reply !

    So if you see something that’s wrong, you should just switch off or walk on by? Nice world you live in. What about standing up and speaking out when something is offensive or just plain wrong.
    BB used to be one of my favourite shows, until channel 5 took over. After the debacle that was the last show I won’t be watching again, but I refuse to stand by and say and do nothing about the injustices I have watched on the last show.

  11. John Kane says:
    Sun 24 Aug Reply !

    @Justine “Who cares now?”

    The three and a half THOUSAND people who have signed the petition care. That’s who.

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