Viewers question C5 statement on Big Brother final

25 comments - Posted on August 22 2014 at 11:22pm

Big Brother 2014: Power Trip - Pauline Bennett in the control room

Big Brother 2014 viewers have questioned the credibility of the statement issued by Channel 5 regarding Helen Wood’s controversial win, pointing out at least two mistakes.

Today the broadcaster responded to several allegations about the result, insisting it was satisfied that it reflected the public opinion.

It denied that it had fixed the public vote, or that there had been problems with phone lines preventing some users from casting votes. It also rubbished Twitter rumours that Helen was signed to an agency owned by C5 boss Richard Desmond’s company Northern & Shell.

However, some observers have become sceptical about C5’s account of events after it emerged that it contains at least two inaccuracies.

Referring to the pass to the final awarded by Power Housemate Pauline – which some have speculated was rigged to be given to Helen – C5 insisted: “Pauline knew nothing about what reward would be given to Helen when she selected Helen for a reward.”

However, a clip of the twist on the official Big Brother YouTube page proves that Pauline was aware of what the prize was. In the control room, voice interface Iris gave her the following instructions: “You will now grant one housemate a pass to the Big Brother final.

> Click here to read Channel 5’s full statement about the Big Brother 2014 final result

“You must choose between Tamara, Mark, Helen, Steven, Danielle, Winston, Matthew, Kimberly, Christopher, Toya, Chris, Ashleigh, Marlon, Ash, Jale.

“Pauline, who do you wish to grant that pass to the final to?”

Meanwhile, a section regarding Helen’s warnings said two of the cautions she received were televised, concerning Danielle and Matthew – but viewers also saw her get told off for remarks about Jale and Ashleigh.

C5 has yet to address the mistakes in their statement, which revealed that the 1.2% of the final vote that separated Helen and nearest rival Ashleigh equated to 4,631 votes.

Watch the clip of Pauline awarding the pass to the final below:

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25 comments on this article

  1. Ryokanfan says:
    Fri 22 Aug Reply !

    The sooner Desmond looses control of Channel 5 the better. His completely amateurish treatment of BB has been laughable and disrespectful. I often wonder what if BB had relaunched on ITV would it have been better ?

  2. Ryokanfan says:
    Fri 22 Aug Reply !

    Just to add how bad this makes our beloved Emma Willis look. She of course has to deny rumours of fix on BBBOTS, but you could see how disheartened she was during the civilian series numerous times. I do feel sorry for Emma. :cry:

  3. John Kane says:
    Fri 22 Aug Reply !

    “Helen did not have an agent, a manager…” She has (previously to entering Big Brother) appeared on a number of TV shows, news programs, documentaries and also sold a number of interviews and “kiss-and-tell” stories to the press.

    We are expected to believe that she did all of this without any professional representation?

    We know for certain that prior to 2014 she had an agent trying to broker a deal for her auto-biography and for her to appear on “I’m a Celebrity…” as evidenced here:

    Are we really to believe that she decided to suddenly go it alone when negotiating for Big Brother?

  4. John Kane says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !
  5. Sam2 says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    I doubt it, ITV and Channel 5 are both equally rubbish channels. Other than ‘Big Brother’ and ‘I’m a Celeb’, all they broadcast is wall-to-wall junk.

    Which makes me wonder whether Endemol are now producing Big Brother aimed at a new demographic of viewers, rather than the C4/E4/Film 4 type people, hence why the people who used to like Big Brother are no longer finding themselves as engaged in it as they used to be. Just a theory I’ve been contemplating anyway.

  6. DarkStar says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    4,631 reasons why the British public are a disgrace. :down:

  7. Nabz says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    the statement is revealling the fix.
    it says that an hour before Ashleigh was ahead by more than 7000 voters and just in one hour helen passed her by like 12000 voters? that means no one voted for ashleigh during this specific hour.and the 75000 space between ashleigh and Christopher is another reason to cast more doubts on what had happened

  8. John Kane says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    @Nabz Exactly, it just makes no sense.

    Look at it this way, Christopher had a lot of supporters, many of whom were impressed with the way he had stood up to Helen a number of times during the show.

    They also felt sorry for him for the way Helen had treated him during the series.

    Christopher was very close to Ashleigh.

    The worst case scenario for the vast majority of Christophers fans (all all decent people) would have been a Helen win.

    So once he was evicted, most of his supporters would have switched their allegiances to Ashleigh and she would have picked up a lot of votes from them.

    Another massive hole in Channel 5’s statement.

  9. John Kane says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    That should have read: The worst case scenario for the vast majority of Christophers fans (AND all decent people) would have been a Helen win.

  10. Liz says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    Well said :up: @DarkStar

  11. Norma Jones says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    No matter what channel 5 say, we, the public are not stupid so stop trying to treat us as if we were. It was a fix and so hope the media investigates this.

  12. Dragon says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    I am sure Pauline was told to select someone to get immunity to the final. If that was not so then why did Matthew get the punishment and Helen the ticket to the final?

  13. John Kane says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    @Dragon Here is the proof that the statement is nonsense.

    Big Brother: “Pauline…who do you wish to grant that pass to the final to?”

  14. janet says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    will not vote be coos it rip of I watch it but not to much ha Helen won by fix ing it so I will not pay to see you pick the winner it not wots we see it wots we dot see

  15. Saz says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    @John Kane hmmm – funny enough, the video clip has an error!!

  16. Boesta says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    @John Kane,

    You are taking tis way too serious! Dont you have real important things to do in your life…?

  17. mary j says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    BIG BROTHER fix fix fix do not waste your money voting

  18. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    A programme that young people watch and a programme that seems to promote and reward bullying is pretty damned serious to me. When you think how many young lives are made miserable or even ended because of bullying, then it’s a serious issue.

  19. Janicer says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    C5,you can fool some of the people some of the time but.. Really getting annoyed with C5 for taking us all to be fools and having the audacity to put out a statement where they blatantly lie!

  20. Kurt M says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    It’s only desperate Ashleigh fans who think it was a fix.

    It was actually Ashleigh fans themselves who caused this by evicting Winston/Mark. It meant all the votes were piled onto Helen, whereas Ashleigh’s were split between her, Chris and Christopher.

    If you can’t get that through your skulls, then I just can’t help you.

  21. Boesta says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !


    BS! If parents let their children watch tv programs like BB at the hour that its broadcast, then something is very wrong with those parents! You can not blame channel5 for that..

    BB and CBB are programs for adults not for children!!

    I saw everything and I don’t see Channel5 being responsible for any bullying! Almost everybody bullied in some way not only Helen.

    You can not hold Channel5 responsible for all the bullying that is going on! If Ashleigh would have won nobody would have complained about a fix and or “bullying”… #Hypocrite

  22. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 23 Aug Reply !

    On the contrary. It wouldn’t have mattered whether Ashleigh won or not. For many of the public, their disgust at Helens behaviour was being complained about long before the final.
    It wasn’t so much that she won, but that her bullying was allowed free reign for so long.
    As for ‘allowing’ young people to watch tv, in these days where they can watch on computers or their phones, it’s nigh on impossible to restrict their access.

  23. John Kane says:
    Sun 24 Aug Reply !

    @Boesta “BS! If parents let their children watch TV programs like BB at the hour that its broadcast, then something is very wrong with those parents! You can not blame channel5 for that..”

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Big Brother is repeated on Channel 5 EVERY DAY at mid-day. With just the swears bleeped out. So it is quite feasible that any child, adolescent or young adult could have seen every episode of Big Brother and ALL of Helens bulling and vile behaviour.

    Trying to defend the indefensible sickens me.

  24. Boesta says:
    Mon 25 Aug Reply !

    @John Kane,

    If parents can not control their kids don’t blame Channel5 for that!

  25. John Kane says:
    Mon 25 Aug Reply !

    @John Kane I will blame channel 5 if they continue to glorify abhorrent behaviour.

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