Confirmed: No public vote for next Big Brother eviction

44 comments - Posted on July 11 2014 at 01:47am

Big Brother 2014: Power Trip - Emma Willis

One housemate will be evicted from Big Brother 2014: Power Trip on Monday WITHOUT a public vote in a shock twist as part of ‘Armageddon Week’, it’s been confirmed.

Previously it was announced that four episodes of the show next week will be titled ‘Big Brother: Armageddon’, with Channel 5 currently airing a teaser trailer to promote them.

Today, the broadcaster has confirmed that first of these episodes, airing on Monday at 10.00pm, will be a live show fronted by presenter Emma Willis.

During the special, housemates will have to nominate face-to-face, giving full and frank reasons. However, instead of the most nominated housemates facing the public vote, whoever gets the most nominations will have to leave the house immediately in an instant eviction.

The new scheme is likely to infuriate fans as it denies them their chance to get involved, going against one of the few remaining uncompromised principles of Big Brother.

In the words of producers Endemol, the format of the show – famous for the catchphrase ‘Who goes? You decide’ – dictates that “viewers ultimately decide who has to leave”.

This will be the first normal eviction in the history of Big Brother UK where viewers would have no say whatsoever, despite the fact that producers have previously run shorter public votes.

On the launch night of the current series, there was a five-minute window to choose the first ‘Power Housemate’ via a free ballot on the official app, which also features a section for premium rate voting.

ITV talent contest The X Factor also ran similar polls using premium rate phone lines for its ‘Flash Vote’ twist last year.

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed that three new housemates will arrive as part of the ‘Armageddon’ – with other surprises set to include a series of house visits and messages from celebrities, ex-housemates and friends and family that will ‘reveal home truths’.

A source told the Daily Star: “Armageddon is on the way. We have never thrown so many shocks and surprises at the housemates like this before, so expect carnage. The gang won’t know what’s hit them!”

More details about Armageddon are expected to be revealed during tonight’s episode, which will see either Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher or Jale become the fifth evictee.

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44 comments on this article

  1. Josh says:
    Fri 11 Jul Reply !


    If I’m not mistaken, it’s Debra Stephenson impersonating Davina.

  2. Hendo says:
    Fri 11 Jul Reply !


    Another nail in the coffin, that is the format and rules of Big Brother.

    There’s no way any of Helen’s gang (including Marlon) goes on Monday in face to face nominations… they’ll go for the easier to pick off people.

    If Ashleigh stays tonight, she goes Monday.
    If Ashleigh goes tonight, Christopher goes Monday.

  3. Brekkie says:
    Fri 11 Jul Reply !

    If BBUK goes ahead and actually evict the person with the most nominations it will be their first decent original twist since it moved to C5. As long as it’s done fairly (unlike noms every other week) I’ve no problem with it – and I’m quite surprised Matt you’ve taken such issue with it considering you’re pretty positive about the US/Canadian format.

    However I fully expect to be underwhelmed so it’s probably a fake eviction with the HM moving in with the three newbies.

  4. Staceyjp says:
    Fri 11 Jul Reply !

    So does this include Helen. Should make it fair and include ALLLLLLLL Housemates :up: :wink:

  5. Wally ! says:
    Sat 12 Jul Reply !

    I cant say I am surprised at the news that yet again the public wont be involved in the next Vote ? The whole series is being manipulated, & for me Jale going tonight was the greatest example if it were needed that this is soooo rigged ! How the hell was that allowed by any Independent Broadcasting Commission. Surely this has got to be Investigated there is no way on earth Ashleigh didn’t go tonight ? We should a least be able to see the amount of votes counted, this is worthy of any Scam ITV have ever done ? IMO that is, ( Disclaimer for BBSPY There ?) :conf: :down:

  6. LOBO says:
    Sat 12 Jul Reply !

    Its great Ashleigh didn’t go, her to win or to the final with potty vile mouth Helen :p

    She better not go Monday!!!

    THAT WILL SUCK! If there’s any justice it’ll be Ash or Marlon.

  7. Louise says:
    Sat 12 Jul Reply !

    It’s painfully to watch Steven emotionally bully Kimberly into twisting situations like the photo scene into thinking it’s her fault. This is only the start next he will persuade her to cut herself of from her friends and family. This is so typical of a controlling bully with insecurities. She is a bright girl that hopefully when she is out of the Big Brother house will see the light as to what he really is.

  8. sammyvan14 says:
    Sat 12 Jul Reply !

    You have said it all!
    I know things have to evolve – but please try to stick to the basic principles of BB! CH5 seem to be lost in a dark tunnel, crawling blindly from one disaster to another.
    If there are ‘face to face’ noms on Monday, which seem to have been confirmed, then Helen should also be involved. Why should she always get to nominate and yet is herself safe? If she has the ticket, then she should loose nomination rights as well.

  9. Maybee says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !

    I’ve just read on another site Helen is once again immune. :doh: :down:

  10. Christina Degg says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !

    @Maybee Which site is that and OMG Hope not. Surely she can not be, thought that with the game plans changed she would be up again.
    Wishing and hoping at any rate.

  11. katie says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !

    I feel like for some reason helen seems to get away with everything. How could she be allowed to keep her pass to the final after getting a warning about her behavoir? That basically means the housemates are forced to live with her cant even nominate and get rid. She intimidates every1. Also in the battery task the whole thing was just revolved around ashleigh. How is that fair.. getting the bully helena and her 2 followers in to see only ashleigh slagging them off was cold. When it was the girl power week they let jale off from her killer nomination so in armegeddon week why would helen get to stay immune. Its ridiculous!

  12. sal says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !


    Agreed Helen should not be allowed to nominate

  13. Maybee says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !

    @Christina Degg
    It was on Telly Mix, it seems as though Helen will sail though to the final :down: which is downright unfair, unjust & unbelievable. Yes, she will be immune from the Armageddon. !! :down: :down:

  14. hottoddy says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !

    Will the new housemates have some say on who goes on Monday?
    I think most people have already sussed there will probably be a secret observation room, maybe the evicted housemate becomes new power housemate from behind the scenes? If that is the case I would love it to be Ashleigh :grin:

  15. sal says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !


    Yes I like that idea as long as she could go back in.
    But one person in secret room ?It has always been two.

  16. ste says:
    Sun 13 Jul Reply !

    I think by what emma was saying yesterday I think who ever gets the mosts votes tomorrow will go in a secret room and maybe have the power makes sense too with the public having no say in who goes if it was chris winston or mark the top three in the betting who got the most votes and went there would be uproar. Oh and helen wont be going bb said she’s immune wext week strange how they can take jale’s killer nom..away for a week but wont take rent a gobs pass away so in armageddon week when the public and us commenting on here were hoping helen and her gang of giggling cowards were gonna get there comeuppance looks like there still protecting helen, the bunch of tossers running this year’s show should stop thinking about headlines in the papers and start thinking about housemates feelings and the public but personally I dont think they give a shit.

  17. Carl Page says:
    Mon 14 Jul Reply !

    Yeah I stand corrected on that your right@Matt

  18. Carl Page says:
    Mon 14 Jul Reply !

    Maybe the new housemates will be the power housemates watching from a secret room though I hope not. I would like Kim’s bf to go in as I’d like to see what happens there. I’d of liked to of seen Helens nemesis, Jenny Thompson go it but apparently she isn’t. So they say. I saw Emma Willis say in an interview there would be no new housemates. All will be revealed soon enough

  19. Steph says:
    Mon 08 Sep Reply !

    Gary is getting Bullied at 70 years of age should show him some respect :envy:

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