Our five biggest Big Brother news stories of 2014

5 comments - Posted on December 30 2014 at 03:59pm

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As we all prepare to usher in 2015 tomorrow, bbspy takes a look back at the biggest news stories from the world of Big Brother UK over the past twelve months…

We don’t know how the producers did it, but somehow 2014 was Channel 5’s most controversial year of Big Brother to date. This past summer saw another batch of wannabes put through the gruelling ten-week regime that was Power Trip, with Helen Wood’s so-called ‘bullying’ helping the show become Ofcom’s most complained about TV programme for the third consecutive year.

And then there were the Celebrity version. January’s series got off to a shaky start with Evander Holyfield’s comments on homosexuality, but eventually turned out to be one of the best in years – with highlights including the shocking Lee-Jasmine-Casey love triangle, Luisa Zissman vs. Lionel Blair, and the X-rated sex room task.

August’s run was dominated by eventual winner Gary Busey, from his cringeworthy entrance, to his feud with James Jordan, to his allegedly poor personal hygiene.

It wasn’t just the housemates who caused a stir – bosses left viewers reeling by meddling with tasks and eviction immunity, removing the public vote for the first time ever, and deploying so many nominations twists that they were almost impossible to keep up with.

But what were the biggest trending stories of the year? Here we present a rundown of the five most viewed news articles on bbspy from 2014.

Big Brother 2014: Power Trip - Helen Wood

5. Helen enemy Jenny Thompson to enter Big Brother?

Just over two weeks in to BB15, Helen’s behaviour had proven so explosive that it was suggested that her mortal enemy Jenny Thompson would be sent in to confront her.

If you don’t know, Helen and Jenny were the girls involved in the Wayne Rooney threesome scandal back in 2010 – but their friendship later turned sour, with Helen blaming Jenny for splashing details of the affair all over the media.

The source of the rumour was none other than the Daily Star, with their so-called source claiming: “This will be like dropping a high-incendiary explosive into the house. It will make for unmissable viewing.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Jim Davidson, Linda Nolan

4. Linda explains what happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room

Two foes that did come face-to-face in the house were CBB13 housemates Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan – and we imagine the producers must have been rubbing their hands in glee when Jim goaded Luisa in to quizzing Linda about a mysterious event that happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room.

In the long-warring pair’s most intense clash, Linda was forced to relive a 25-year-old incident in which her dearly departed husband Brian Hudson was caught stealing money from the late Irish comedian in perhaps the most humiliating way possible.

And to rub salt in to her reopened wound, the infamous question ‘What happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room?’ caused quite a stir on social media – with the hashtag #FrankCarsonsDressingRoom trending worldwide on Twitter.

Big Brother 2014: Armageddon - new housemates Zoe Birkett, Pavandeep Paul, Biannca Lake arrive

3. Confirmed: Three new housemates for Big Brother 2014

After five weeks of almost constant arguments and bickering, pretty much everyone was delighted when it was announced that three new housemates would join BB15 as part of the ‘Armageddon Week’.

Prior to the trio’s arrival, Jenny Thompson’s name popped up in the press again – but her involvement failed to materialise, with a later report claiming that chiefs backed out of sending her in as they feared she’d ruin the show by causing a “bloodbath”.

Eventually, Biannca Lake, Pav Paul and Zoe Birkett off of Pop Idol made their mark on BBUK history by being the first intruders in Channel 5’s revival of the format (BB12’s Jem Palmer was a replacement for walker Mark Henderson, and BB13’s Becky Hannon was part of its launch twist).


2. Kimberly admits she has a boyfriend to Steven

In at number two is the moment that BB15’s Steven Goode found out that his budding girlfriend Kimberly Kisselovich already had a boyfriend on the outside world.

The bombshell confession came after one of the many instances of contact with the outside world, when Steven’s mum warned him to be aware of the “closest person” to him.

Kimberly evidently forgot about her old beau Sacha quite quickly, as ‘Steverly’ (or ‘Stimberly’ if you prefer) soon provided us with the classic ‘open it’ moment – and went on to make BBUK history themselves by, er, being the first couple to be caught on camera openly having sex.

In case you were wondering, the happy couple are still together, and there are wedding bells on the cards – in a Christmas announcement last week, they told their Twitter followers that they’d give away five invites to their big day in a competition. We assume the guest list will also include the Daily Star…

Big Brother 2014: Power Trip - Kimberly Kisselovich visits Bit On The Side for first interview since her exit

1. Kimberly leaves Big Brother due to illness

Kimberly also takes the top spot in our countdown, as the story of her sudden departure from Big Brother: Power Trip quickly became our biggest hitter of 2014.

The news initially prompted fury from fans of Danielle McMahon, as Kimberly had been widely expected to leave in the previous night’s public vote-free eviction – only for the Glasgow girl to get the boot after she was hauled out of the house to get medical treatment.

But once it sunk in that Kim would not be returning, rumours begun spreading that her mysterious ‘illness’ was in fact a pregnancy caused by her and Steven’s rumpy-pumpy, which she fuelled by wearing a fake baby bump while being interviewed on Bit On The Side.

The former Playboy model later said her exit was the result an ectopic pregnancy – although some ever-cynical BB viewers questioned the claim, due to her light-hearted BOTS appearance and the fact that signs of the condition typically take at least five weeks to become apparent.

If your Big Brother withdrawal symptoms are becoming too ovewhelming, don’t worry – the fifteenth Celebrity series kicks off next Wednesday night at 9.00pm on Channel 5. Make sure you visit our news section to for the latest gossip on who might be going in – and don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.

But our nostalgia-fest doesn’t quite end there – the bbspy Awards are back! There are a few days left for you to get involved, so click here to vote for your favourite and least favourite housemates, twists, tasks and more of 2014, and stay tuned next week for the results.

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5 comments on this article

  1. jennyjuniper says:
    Wed 31 Dec Reply !

    Why do you write ‘Helen Woods so called bullying’? There was no ‘so called’ about it. She was the biggest bully in there, as well as being one of the mosrt disgustingly foul mouthed creatures to boot.

  2. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Thu 01 Jan Reply !

    Jim lied about not bringing up the Frank Carson and Linda’s husband issue. How did people still want Jim to win?

    He did that to get Linda upset and angry and it worked.

    Yet the public didn’t have the common sense to open their eyes to what he was doing. In the end his plan worked and he won. Vile

    Whether it’s true or not about Linda’s husband it’s not Linda’s fault and Jim shouldn’t have humiliated her like that.

    If Jim wanted to bring that issue up with Linda then he should of spoken to her without any housemates being there and take the microphones off.

    I noticed at times Linda did try to get a long with Jim but he blanked her.
    There’s a clip on Ch5 BB YouTube where Linda is sitting next to Jim and she was talking to him and he blanked her.
    He only spoke to her when he wanted to and most of the time it was to wind her up and other times he blanked her but it was part of his plan to wind her up and upset her.

    I wish Coleen was in that series because she would of got Linda to not rise to it.

    Sadly because Linda let him wind her up it made him win CBB.

    Also I don’t believe it’s just the Frank and Linda’s husband issue to why she dislikes him because I think there’s a lot of history between Jim and the Nolan sisters. Linda mentioned it on BBBOTS and other celebrities haven’t be able to say a good word about Jim on twitter so it’s not just Linda that dislike him.

    But at least Linda tried to get a long with him and if Jim tried to get a long with Linda then there wouldn’t have been all those arguments, tears and upset.

    It was a brilliant series on CH5 but was spoiled when Jim won.

  3. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Thu 01 Jan Reply !

    Helen is the worst winner of BB history ever.

    By people voting for her to win they are saying that treating others badly is ok and that kind of behaviour should be rewarded. Sick

  4. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Thu 01 Jan Reply !

    As for Kimberly and Steven they was annoying.

    If true that Steven will be on BBBOTS then I will switch over the channel and switch back when he’s off the TV. Can’t stand him

  5. jennyjuniper says:
    Fri 02 Jan Reply !

    Me too. That talentless wannabee is so annoying. I’m not an advocate of violence, BUT with Steven Goode I could make an exception. As for the Wood woman, it was a disgrace the way the BB bosses saved her time and time again from rightfully being evicted and the fact that she won was an utter disgrace.

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