bbspy Big Brother Awards 2014: UK winners

- Posted on January 28 2015 at 12:56pm

bbspy Big Brother Awards 2014

Better late than never, it’s time to find out what you voted at the highlights and lowlights of the past twelve months of Big Brother UK in the bbspy Awards 2014!

bbspy Big Brother Awards 2014

Previously on the bbspy Awards, we crowned the cream of the crop from Big Brother internationally. The USA’s Zach Rance bagged Best Male, Sonia Kruger and Priya Malik repped Australia as Best Presenter and Best Female, while Canada went and scored a hat-trick: Best Moment (Ika shredding the letters from home), Best Twist (Canada’s HoH week), and a thoroughly well-deserved Best Series win.

Now it’s time to take a look at who and what you voted as the winners of the UK categories. What was Big Brother’s best moment in 2014? Will there be a twelve-way tie for Worst Production Decision? And could the Worst Female Housemate possibly be anyone other than you-know-who? Let’s find out!

Best Series

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 advert eye logo

Winner: Celebrity Big Brother 13 (59.73%)

2nd: Big Brother 15 Power Trip (26.51%)
3rd: Celebrity Big Brother 14 (13.76%)

This was a foregone conclusion, wasn’t it?

Just over twelve months ago we were singing the praises of Big Brother’s Secrets & Lies series, which felt like something of a resurgence for the civilian version. However, despite that one step forward, it took several backwards over the course of last summer – handing last January’s Celebrity run the ‘Best Series’ award on a plate as a result.

Although it wasn’t without its flaws – as anyone who followed our bingo game on Twitter at the time will know – it was throughly gripping television from start to finish.

But it’s not only Big Brother diehards that were hooked. Somehow, after years of the show lagging on the lower rungs of the televisual ladder, CBB’s thirteenth outing managed to win back some public favour – to the extent that it was the highest rating in four years.

The mainstream media also raved about it, with Guardian critic Stuart Heritage even going as far as to say it was the best edition ever “by leagues and leagues and leagues”.

Remarkably, the chiefs at CBB HQ seem to be succeeding at the tough challenge of besting themselves with the current run, thanks to the drama of two ejections, a walkout and a certain Mr Perez Hilton – but we’ll have to wait until after it ends on January 6th to find out whether it’ll set new records.

Hit the ‘next’ button below to continue to the second award, Best Task…

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