Big Brother tops Ofcom’s 2013 ‘most complained’ list

4 comments - Posted on December 17 2013 at 03:28am

Big Brother 2013 Secrets And Lies - Gina Rio, Jemima Slade

Big Brother has topped Ofcom’s list of most complained about shows for the second year running with its ‘Secrets & Lies’ series, while the Celebrity version has also made the top ten.

According to figures released by the media regulator yesterday, a total of 965 complaints were logged regarding this year’s civilian edition of the long-running reality show.

The majority of these concerned housemate Jemima Slade’s warning for unacceptable language after she told Gina Rio that she wouldn’t ‘go’ for black men as romantic partners, with 305 viewers suggesting that producers had unfairly portrayed Slade as racist.

Elsewhere, 244 people accused Rio of ‘bullying’ Hazel O’Sullivan, and 166 were unhappy that footage of Daley Ojuederie’s violent behaviour towards O’Sullivan was broadcast.

The boxer was removed from the house after slapping the model and clasping his hands around her neck in an incident that he later described as a ‘play fight’.

However, the overall figure was down considerably on the 2,088 complaints made over Big Brother 13 last year, which were dominated by Conor McIntyre’s threats of physical and sexual violence towards Deana Uppal.

Meanwhile, August’s twelfth Celebrity edition came in at five on the list on 438 complaints, with some viewers claiming that it had demonstrated ‘animal cruelty’ when Abz Love ran Courtney Stodden’s toy bunny through the mangle.

Other shows that charted include The X Factor in second with 734 complaints – mostly concerning a raunchy guest performance from Lady Gaga – and ITV News in third on 574 due to a report covering the tragic death of Lee Rigby that contained graphic footage.

The single most controversial incident of 2013 was Rowan Atkinson’s parody of the Archbishop of Canterbury for Comic Relief, which drew 487 complaints.

Ofcom’s ten most complained about shows of 2013 are as follows:

  1. Big Brother 2013: Secrets & Lies (Channel 5) – 965 complaints
  2. The X Factor 2013 (ITV) – 734
  3. ITV News – 574
  4. Comic Relief (BBC One) – 492
  5. Celebrity Big Brother 12 (Channel 5) – 438
  6. Britain’s Got Talent 2013 (ITV) – 422
  7. Emmerdale (ITV) – 376
  8. BBC News – 354
  9. Downton Abbey (ITV) – 252
  10. Coronation Street (ITV) – 225

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4 comments on this article

  1. Scott says:
    Tue 17 Dec Reply !

    The Jemima incidence was justified to complain about, she should have never been given a warning. But ‘animal cruelty’, lmao? I’d say they were all having a laugh but then who would bother to go through all the loop holes for a joke.

    Surprised Downton Abbey is there. How can you complain about that, lol?!?

  2. Matt says:
    Tue 17 Dec Reply

    Possibly the most ridiculous complaint I’ve seen in all the years I’ve watched Big Brother!

    Downton Abbey’s inclusion on the list came as a result of its controversial rape storyline

  3. Rob Innes says:
    Tue 17 Dec Reply !

    Wow – some of these people should go on the show, I bet they’d be fascinating to watch.
    The Hazel and Daley thing only getting 166 says (to me at least) that C5 and the producers dealt with the whole incident incredibly well.

  4. Liam says:
    Tue 17 Dec Reply !

    I’m glad that they show everything, it is a reality show after all. Having seen the list, most of the complaints have been ridiculous. I don’t understand why people sit and watch these shows just to complain, I’m glad television in this day and age is a lot more open and I really don’t get why people want tv to be more regulated. There are hundreds of channels out there and no one is forcing anyone to watch.

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