Big Brother 2013 auditions launched, open tour axed

12 comments - Posted on December 11 2012 at 09:05pm

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Channel 5 is now accepting applications for next year’s fourteenth series of Big Brother – but it has ditched the nationwide open auditions tour.

Hopefuls who are aged 18 or over by 28th February can now apply for the show by recording a ninety-second video of themselves and filling out a form at the official auditions website,

An exact closing date for submissions has yet to be specified, although it has been revealed that callbacks will be held in January and February.

The site will be the only way to apply for Big Brother 2013, as this year – for the first time in almost a decade – there will be no open auditions.

Since casting for the ‘evil’ fifth series in 2004, bosses have traditionally travelled to venues in major cities around the country to search for potential housemates. However, turnout at such events has dwindled in recent years as the show declined in popularity.

The news is likely to leave some worried for the future of the normal series, which is now widely perceived as playing second fiddle to the Celebrity version.

However, Big Brother’s executive producers Denis O’Connor, Suzi Price and Katy Smith recently reassured fans that it will not be dropped, exclusively telling bbspy: “The normal series will be a fixture and will be as exciting and gripping as we can possibly make it.”

Big Brother 2013 will air in the summer. The eleventh Celebrity run begins on January 3rd.

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12 comments on this article

  1. beemoh says:
    Tue 11 Dec Reply !

    Dunno, maybe this is for the best- we might get more grownups like in the earlier series, with the intelligence to be able to create something interesting about themselves for 90 seconds rather than people that can bluff an interview process by being attention-seeking.

  2. James Catton says:
    Tue 11 Dec Reply !

    I don’t think they would ever ditch the main series; surely BB needs to be on TV for 16ish weeks a year to be profitable.

  3. JOnny says:
    Tue 11 Dec Reply !

    Bunch of divvys running the show now, they have no idea what to do with big brother channel 5 are killing the show it should be axed.

  4. Sam says:
    Tue 11 Dec Reply !

    Have many HM’s came from “the street” in recent series anyway?

    A lot of them already seem to have some sort of previous media exposure before entering the house. Louise Cliffe was more of a “celeb” than Bobby Sable.

  5. Timmu says:
    Sat 15 Dec Reply !

    Channel 5 is killing the regular Big Brother and putting too much money and time on the boring Celebrity Big Brother..

  6. Etasham Hussain says:
    Tue 18 Dec Reply !

    Agree with you Timmu!

    Meanwhile, I think these online auditions will mean a younger bunch of housemates, following C5’s tradition! That could be a good or a bad thing really.

  7. Kingsley says:
    Sun 20 Jan Reply !

    I’d love to apply aswel,I love BB and I’d 1 day love to be on the show,I’m no celebrity though,just me.

  8. sammyjo says:
    Sun 20 Jan Reply !

    I think it’s time for speidi to go :up: …. I’m really loving the friendship that Razor and Rylan have formed, :grin: I also like julian aswell. :)

  9. goggzilla says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    It seems that the jewel in the crown was Celebrity BB and that the “ordinary” one is going to be killed off softly!

  10. Juliet Essam says:
    Thu 24 Jan Reply !

    I think online applications is a good move. People over 30 are more likely to apply online than spending hours queuing up.and it is an easier way for the producers to assess characters who will make an interesting mix before they come to the live auditions. Open auditions are more likely to attract younger people ie teens and 20’s and wanna be attention whores. BB got boring because the characters were too much alike year in year out. Watching youngsters boozing, flirting and bitching gets boring and lets face it, if you what to see that then just go into town on a Saturday night. Something has to change and this could be the way to do it.

  11. andrew says:
    Thu 24 Jan Reply !

    Not everyone has a laptop or pc with webcam to apply !! A lot of people that want to be on the show won’t have the opportunity to apply like before. Big brother just isn’t the same now its on channel 5 and brian downling is a terible presenter. He got no stage presence and just nothing in comparison to davina. Big bro has definately went downhill and will never be as good as it was in the days of nadia and all the channel 4 shows.

  12. Sonia Armstrong says:
    Wed 30 Jan Reply !

    I would like to see a wider range of ages in the next bb house as too many younger people don’t get the older audience watching , they seem to do it with the celebrity bb ,and also people with kids are in the celeb version but they don’t seem to choose women with kids in the celebrity one so should give all mums a chance too ,also maybe don’t have it as long do shorter time maybe twice a year for the summer one gives more people a chance .

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