Big Brother 2013 final pulls big ratings for Channel 5

13 comments - Posted on August 20 2013 at 02:56pm

Channel 5 ident - Big Brother 2013 Secrets And Lies

The grand final of Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies was a ratings hit for Channel 5 last night, with almost 2million viewers tuning in to watch Sam Evans being crowned as the winner.

The first show, which aired live between 9pm and 10pm, had an overnight average of 1.9million viewers (9.1%), with a further 109,000 (0.7%) on Channel5+1 – totalling 2.1million.

The audience peak came at 9.55pm, when 2.56million (11.8%) including +1 were watching.

It came second in the 9pm hour – losing out only to a repeat of Death In Paradise on BBC One that enthralled 3.08million viewers (14.1%) – and was just shy of matching the 2.13million that saw the first live launch show back on June 13th.

Later, the pre-recorded second show – aired between 10.55pm and 11.30pm – averaged 1.67million (15.2%), with +1 pulling an extra 67,000 (1.2%) – totalling 1.74million.

It peaked at 1.92million viewers (16.2%) including +1 at 11.05pm, as presenter Emma Willis announced Sam’s victory and Dexter Koh left in second place.

Both shows were up on last year’s Big Brother final, which drew 1.5million (6.9%), making this year’s final the highest rating to date on Channel 5. Overall, Big Brother 2013 unofficially averaged 1.5million viewers (7.9%) across the series.

The night drew to a close with 651,000 viewers (10%, inc +1) catching spin-off Bit On The Side.

Meanwhile, C5’s new American drama import Under The Dome – which was sandwiched between Big Brother at 10.00pm – launched with 2.03million (11.9%, inc +1).

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13 comments on this article

  1. Brekkie says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    I think you need to check your definition of “big ratings” – 1.7m is no more than some highlight shows have got.

  2. Stu says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    Finally the fans are flooding back to BB!

  3. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    Thats brillant news that the ratings are up! :grin: :up:

    I think the ratings are up because they put little bit more effort into this years series of BB! :grin:

    The new changes to BB have helped make it a brillant series:

    1) Live Feed is back (Even if it’s not 24/7)
    2) New host
    3) better housemates! Through still needs a few more housemates that are not in their 20s! Like for example: four housemates over the age of 40, three housemates in their 30s, three housemates over the age of 18 and four or five housemates in their 20s! Keep picking housemates who are different from each other and NO wannabes!
    4) The brillant Secrets and Lies theme
    5) The BB house looks different from last years
    6) Lots of twists
    7) New and old brillant tasks

    Hope they put even more effort into next years BB and bring more of the back to basics like past series on Channel 4! Also not make it like a holiday for the housemates like they did before on the new channel!

    But one thing they need to do next year is promote BB more then they did this year! :happy:

    But well done to Channel 5 for making this years BB the best ever! It’s been amazing series and think this years BB has been better then the past 2 series!

    Keep up the good work Channel 5 and hope the ratings for next years BB is higher! :grin: :up:

  4. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    Opps I meant to put ”Keep up the good work Channel 5 and hope the ratings for next years BB is EVEN higher! :happy:

  5. lilytulips says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    :envy: @Loyal_BBFan
    The live feed was crap it was on too late to stay up and watch them just go to bed and sleep. It should be on 24/7 just like other countries so we can watch when we like and not when channel 5 wants us to. They are too cheap to do that because they are probably making loads of money this way

  6. Scott says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !


    But why would you expect more people to randomly tune in if they haven’t watched the rest of the series? You’re not gonna watch the final if you haven’t been following the highlights.

  7. SS says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    A few reasons off the top of my head why finals should rate higher than normal highlights shows:

    – Not everyone watches Big Brother every single night, but will make the effort to watch the final.

    – People are more likely to watch the final live rather than recorded, therefore the overnight ratings should be higher than normal.

    – Some people who started watching the series, but got bored half way through, may make an effort to watch the final. Or people who started watching it, went on holiday and then never got back into it, may make an effort to watch the final.

    – World Cup Syndrome. People watching just because it’s the final or out of curiosity, even if they haven’t watched the rest of it.

    But, maybe that’s what we saw because in the article it says 2.56million (11.8%) were watching at 9.55pm and although it seems quite a few people went to bed for the second show, it had over 15% share, which is high for C5. It also couldn’t have helped having it on a Monday night with a gap in the middle.

    Anyhow, I think it’s worth keeping in mind the type of numbers we’re dealing with. If you compare a normal eviction with overnights of 1.7M, to the same time slot for the final with 2.1M overnights, the difference between 1.7 and 2.1 million people is 400,000 people, which is about 6 Millennium Stadium’s worth of people. The below pic is just one Millennium Stadium, so it’s still a lot of extra people:

    That’s why it’s humorous when people talk about boycotting the show when something doesn’t go their way, because even if they were to somehow get 30,000 people to actually boycott the show, it would be barely noticeable in the viewing figures.

  8. Brekkie says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    C5 made it clear their target audience was the casual fan – so they weren’t expecting the same people to tune in night after night. If the audience is such casual fans you’d expect most of them to watch the final, hence higher ratings.

    C4 finals usually rated 50% or so higher than the highlight shows.

  9. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !


    Thats your view but me and a lot of people don’t think BB Live Feed is crap! Yes sometimes the housemates go to sleep when the Live Feed is on. But the housemates are not always a sleep every time the Live Feed is on.

    I would love there to be 24/7 Live Feed but I think theres more chance of me winning the Lotto then they showing Live Feed 24/7!
    I think Channel 5 showing Live Feed for 2 hours each night is better then no Live Feed at all! It might be late at night but from what I hear the late night Live Feed has done well!
    BBSPY have said there will be Live Feed for CBB, so it must be doing well otherwise channel 5 wouldn’t have choosen to carry on with the Live Feed for CBB.

    The Live Feed didn’t do well at 7pm so they axed the Live Feed. But after BB fans complained about showing it at a stupid time and not promoting it well. Channel 5 choosen to give the Live Feed one last chance by showing it at night.

    I have asked channel 5 before to put Live Feed on 1 hour in the day (For example when the housemates are doing a task or show it at 4pm or 4:30pm) and 1 hour at night after BBBOTS! But I’m just glad that there are at least 2 hours of Live Feed instead of none!

    Buts thats your view and this is my view! :happy:

  10. Josh says:
    Thu 22 Aug Reply !

    Channel 5 really needs to find a show that is 30 minutes long if they want to do a live two-show setup. I’m not a fan of prerecorded live shows they’ve been doing whenever they do two eviction shows. Why don’t they just scrap their two-minute news segments at 8:58, and just have a 30 minute news broadcast from 10-10:30, with the show returning at 10:35?

  11. Matt says:
    Thu 22 Aug Reply


    The point of splitting the final up was not so they could do it in two parts, it was so they could give their new drama Under The Dome the best launch possible by sandwiching it in the middle of their most successful show. They’re not going to split up the final for any old show.

  12. Dan says:
    Thu 22 Aug Reply !


    You need to read the article.

    2.1 tuned into the final not 1.7.

    Have a nice day.

  13. Brekkie says:
    Thu 22 Aug Reply !

    The final is the show where the winner is revealed. 1.74m tuned in to that.

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