Big Brother 2013 final results: Jack and Joe come fourth

5 comments - Posted on August 19 2013 at 09:37pm

Big Brother 2013 Secrets And Lies final - Jack and Joe Glenny

Twin checkout assistants Jack and Joe Glenny have taken fourth place in the grand final of Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies.

The 18-year-olds were the second to be booted out tonight after Charlie finished fifth, leaving the house to a positive crowd reception with their favourite boyband Westlife’s cover of ‘You Raise Me Up’ playing in the background.

They then headed in to the studio for a hyper exit interview with host Emma Willis. “I thought we’d be out week three and he thought we might get to our birthday,” insisted Jack.

“Our sister said, ‘I won’t see you to the final’, and I laughed her off, I went ‘oh of course you won’t’, and obviously she hasn’t!” added Joe.

Speaking about their assumption that they would always face the eviction in the latter weeks, Joe told Emma: “You just presume you’ll be up. It didn’t really bother us after a while. It became the new normal. It was quite exciting on Friday nights hearing your voice!”

The pair were quick to rip in to Dexter as Emma quizzed them about who they didn’t get on with.

“Oh my God that boy is aggravating as hell,” Jack seethed. “I can’t express how annoying it is to know he’s been playing a game. He’s mugging Charlie off, he’s mugging everyone off.”

“It is a game but at the end of the day he’s playing it like a mug,” observed Joe. “He’s not going to do well out of it, lets be honest.

“I had one or two arguments with Dan, but I think that was because we’re very similar.”

“Wolfy was quite arrogant sometimes and that is a pet hate of mine,” continued Jack.

However, they were far more complimentary of Sophie, with Jack gushing: “Oh my god I love Sophie. She should be sitting in there now instead of Dexter.”

“Her voice reminded me of home,” cooed Joe. “She should have been the winner.”

Emma then asked the killer question – whether they ever wanted to be split in to two separate housemates – with Jack saying ‘last week’ and Joe replying ‘never’ at the same time.

Explaining his answer, Jack commented. “He was so negative, I miss home, nah nah nah, it was like, ‘oh my gosh, stop it, you’re boring me now’. But I’m happy we did it together.”

“It’s the toughest ten weeks of your life,” mused Joe.

They ended by naming Sam as the person they wanted to take the crown.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Saz says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    Nearly always saved first but not enough votes to win = 2 nice lads who have done themselves proud – well done!

  2. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    Well done to Jack and Joe they was so entertaining and funny and made me and their fans laugh! :grin:

    Even through they didn’t win they got to the final and they should be proud of themselves! Team Jack and Joe! :grin:

  3. Maybee says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    Even at their eviction interview with Emma, they still had to “stick the knife” into Dexter. What a horrid pair of bitching buffoons. :down: :down:

  4. Irene Pearson says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    JOY they have gone forever from my sight and not in the final three, bet some toys were thrown out of their pram last night. :up: :up:

  5. margaret emmerson says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    Jack and Joe. Still not mature young men and obviously they are the family darlings. And why not?
    Maybe when they have experienced being out in the world more they will look back at the way they treated Dexter and feel a bit shame faced. Other peoples opinions of themselves was so important to them and yet like others they were quite merciless when it came to Dexter. Pack instinct took over many times in the house.
    That worn out devious tag was so irritating.
    Had the twins been in there singly and had scorn poured over them at every turn they would have had to grow up pretty damn quick. They havent yet been taught to try and walk in another mans shoes. Life is a great teacher. I wish them well.

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