Big Brother 2013 final results: Gina comes third

10 comments - Posted on August 19 2013 at 09:54pm

Big Brother 2013 Secrets And Lies final - Gina Rio

Socialite Gina Rio has finished in third place in the final of Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies, leaving Dexter Koh and Sam Evans as the final two.

The 24-year-old Londoner – who was the hot favourite to win the series at one point – was the last female housemate standing, leaving the house to a unanimously cheering crowd.

Her exit came after receptionist Charlie Travers took fifth place and twin supermarket workers Jack and Joe Glenny finished fourth.

Speaking to presenter Emma Willis in her interview, Gina said: “No words can describe how I feel right now. I wanna go back in again! It feels weird, like another fake eviction!”

Emma then asked Gina why she thought the public perception of her had changed, with the audience having booed her on her way in to the house on launch night.

“They’ve just seen me for who I really am,” she claimed. “I’m not this spoilt girl in Britain, Im just me, I’m humble, I’m caring. I’m still human, I’m just myself.

“It’s strange because I had a completely different mentality when I walked in. I thought ‘I’m gonna do things for myself’, then I grew to like the other housemates and we started working as a team.

“At first a lot of people were saying to me, you’ve really changed from the girl that walked through the door on launch night, and I thought it was quite rude. I was like, ‘you didn’t know me before I came in so why are you saying this?’. But then I actually noticed it myself.”

Talking about her friendship with Dexter, Gina gushed: “I think he’s misunderstood. I think he’s so adorable, he’s such a sweetheart, I absolutely love him.”

But she was quick to take another dig at her enemy Hazel when prompted, insisting that they ‘absolultely’ wouldn’t kiss and make up on the outside as she has ‘no reason to’.

“She’s just such a nasty person. I’ve never met an individual like her in my life,” she blasted.

Gina also briefly addressed Sam’s drunken confession of love to her on their lat full night in the house, saying: “It was awkward, but I’m quite glad he didn’t tell me before hand because it would have been even more awkward living with him.”

When asked whether she’d prefer Sam or Dexter to win, she concluded: “I love them both so I’m happy either way.”

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10 comments on this article

  1. SS says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    Yeeesssss!!! Finally.

  2. SM says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !


  3. Saz says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    Gina came a long way, much further than anyone thought from week 1. I think some further reflection is still needed and that maybe, she will also be ‘finding herself’ when she is 27 too! But 3rd is good and she should be happy with that.

  4. DigitalStar says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    Way to go GINA! Last female standing and robbed of the title like Deana last year.

    At the end of the day Gina carried the series.

    :up: :heart: THE TRUE WINNER OF BIG BROTHER 2013! :heart: :up:

  5. aa says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !

    @DigitalStar I wouldn’t go as far to compare Deana to Gina. Deana was actually a nice person. Thank god she or Dexter didn’t win! I have faith in the public!!

  6. Maggiegrant says:
    Mon 19 Aug Reply !


  7. Susie.Shoe says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    Thank you the public. Haven’t disliked a woman so much since Maggie Thatcher

  8. Pooball says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    She would have won if she didn’t know that she was favourite. After she knew she was favourite she started to bully Hazel

  9. Jason Stephens says:
    Tue 20 Aug Reply !

    Should’ve won, NO QUESTION! She was the most entertaining person in the series! Sam was boring the whole time, I agree with DigitalStar, she was definitely robbed like Deana last year!

  10. margaret emmerson says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    Couldnt make her out at first. I began to like her when she and Dexter had the fake eviction. The shock of it was obvious. It was priceless seeing her face when Dexter walked into the diary room. I was a fan ever since. She had the courage of her convictions whether you agreed with her or not. I admired her for her straight foreward attitude in decision making. She seems like someone who would stand her ground and fight in the corner of a freind if she believed it to be the right thing to do.
    Gina is a strong intelligent young woman and I liked her a lot. She had a really lovely laugh too. Always worth a watch definitely not a people pleaser! Well done to her and I hope she and darling Dexter remain freinds.

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