Big Brother 2013 final results: Dexter comes second

35 comments - Posted on August 19 2013 at 11:07pm

Big Brother 2013 Secrets And Lies final - Dexter Koh

Celebrity publicist Dexter Koh has finished second in Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies, losing first place to new winner Sam Evans.

The 28-year-old left the house to a mostly positive crowd reception in tonight’s grand final, having beaten Charlie, Jack and Joe and Gina in the race for the £100,000 jackpot.

However, he insisted he wasn’t disappointed that he’d missed out on victory, telling presenter Emma Willis: “I was just chuffed to get to the final and complete the whole process. It’s more than I ever dreamed I would do.

“I thought I was going out fifth. I’m just so glad that I’m here. I just can’t speak.”

Dexter’s interview was dominated by the accusations that have been levelled at him over the past nine weeks, with housemates having branded him fake, untrustworthy, and a ‘gameplayer’.

He denied having a ‘gameplan’, but said he did have a ‘strategy’ which he quickly scrapped. “It became apparent once I got friendly with the people, and I realised there was people that gave me the time of day, then that started to fall apart,” he explained. “I’ve never felt that much love.

“[My strategy] was just to really observe because I feel that I’ve got a good understanding of people, so I was just really observing people before I made a decision about them.”

Emma quizzed him about his gambling background, and he responded: “I do admit that I’m a bit of a risk-taker and I have taken risks in the house but it took me a long time to become myself.

“It was after I came out the safe house that something cleared in my mind and I realised who I was and it just became more of a show. That was like a therapy session for me.

“Look, I’ve got a good heart and hopefully that came across.”

Dexter also addressed his romance with Charlie, whom had earlier insisted that they’d never have anything more than a friendship.

Speaking about the receptionist rejecting his declaration of love, he said: “I’m used to taking a lot crap in my life and I’ve taken a lot of crap in the house so it was just another one of those things. I’ve become quite resilient.

“Hopefully she will see in the outside world that I do really feel for her. We’re gonna go out for dinner and have a long chat, clear up any issues.”

He ended by saying: “I’m just overwhelmed by the public support, it feels like I’m liked by people that haven’t even met me and that means more to me than anything in the whole world.

“I think as I got further on down the process then the housemates who didn”t like me started to like me, like the twins, and even Sam to a degree.”

Dexter survived five evictions during his time in the house and was the most nominated housemate of the series, with a total of 34 votes against him.

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35 comments on this article

  1. f,kadir says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    dexter saved bb from down rating

  2. margaret emmerson says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    Dexter a true gent. He obviously had a good upbringing and he was true to himself. Well done to his mum. I loved him dearly and felt miffed the way he was put down constantly and had to live with the devious Dexter jibes. Even when it was all over…how small minded! Who will they blame things on now?
    Being well educated and switched on is nothing to be ashamed of. Using your intelligence is healthy not devious.
    He couldnt do right for doing wrong because he showed the others their own short comings by comparison.
    Similar to school bullying, keep chipping away at someone because they are different or better. He took it like a gladiator. Bless him.
    He has such a lovely expressive face and is so likeable. Only flaw in my book was wasting time and effort on Charlie who at present seems only capable of loving the sound of her own voice. He deserves so much better. Its hard to have a two way relationship with someone so inward looking. They want all the attention on themselves till they screw you up in the process. Gina had the intelligence to appreciate him. Good girl Gina!

  3. Kate says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !
  4. Kate says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !
  5. rosie says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !
  6. Yogi says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    Would of liked dexter to win also….hope to see you soon on the big screen doing something else. :heart:

    再見 Dexter :happy:

  7. Yogi says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    Would of liked dexter to win also….hope to see you soon on the big screen doing something else. :heart:

    再見 Dexter :happy:

  8. Yogi says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    Would of liked dexter to win also….hope to see you soon on the big screen doing something else. :heart:

    再見 Dexter :happy:

  9. Kate says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !



  10. Maybee says:
    Wed 21 Aug Reply !

    @margaret emmerson
    So,So Agree !! As the saying goes “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree” and decent Dexter is a true credit to his lovely Mother. :happy:

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