Big Brother pushes Channel 5 ahead of C4 share

10 comments - Posted on July 23 2013 at 06:56pm

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Big Brother 2013 helped Channel 5 beat Channel 4 in total audience share ratings for the first time ever last week, it’s been revealed.

MediaGuardian reports that C5’s flagship channel was the fourth most watched in the country last week, with a 5% share (including its +1 timeshift service) according to overnight data – up 9% on the equivalent week last year.

Meanwhile, C4 drew a 4.94% share including +1 – down 22% on last year.

Although the margin is small, it is the first time in Channel 5’s sixteen-year history that it has beaten its nearest rival by this measure.

This is due to programmes such as CSI and The Ashes cricket coverage, as well as Big Brother – which last Tuesday attracted its highest ratings for a highlights show on C5 to date.

The broadcaster’s director of programmes Ben Frow said: “We’ve been working really hard to give viewers what they want and we are really glad that they have been enjoying our progress.”

Meanwhile, Channel 4 has come under fire recently for its poor performance – with none of its programmes last Thursday managing to rate above the seven figure mark.

A C4 spokesperson told The Guardian: “Channel 4 has a unique remit which is quite different to that of Channel 5, it requires us to broadcast distinctive programming which appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society.”

C4 became the original UK broadcaster of Big Brother in 2000, but it axed the show in 2010 as part of their process of ‘creative renewal’.

But while the juggernaut reality format has now settled in to its new home on C5, C4 has so far failed to find a sustainable ratings hit to replace it.

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10 comments on this article

  1. BBDS says:
    Tue 23 Jul Reply !

    HA take that C4 :tongue: i bet they are starting to regret axing big brother now. Poor Davina too… i bet she is regretting giving up the job as presenter now that the show is doing a little better.

  2. Sam2 says:
    Tue 23 Jul Reply !

    It’s even worse than that for Channel 4, because when it was on Channel 4 it was getting more than 1.7 Million. I don’t know the figures, but wasn’t it getting around 2.5 – 3 Million on C4? If so, that’s gotta hurt losing a show with that many regular viewers and not finding anything to replace it with.

  3. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Tue 23 Jul Reply !

    WOOHOO YAY :grin: :up:

    Well done to Channel 5 :grin: :grin: :up:

    I don’t watch Channel 4 that much anymore becausee all the tv shows that was on Channel 4 they got rid. :sad:

    Channel 4 was mad to get rid of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother but it’s Channel 5’s gain and Channel 4’s loss! :tongue:

    They even got rid of Coach Trip and Celebrity Coach Trip for Brendan’s Magical Mystery Tour which isn’t as good as Coach Trip. :sad:

    They also got rid of The Paul O’Grady Show, Wife Swap, Celebrity Wife Swap, Friends, Celebrity Five Go To, How Clean Is Your House and even the brillant tv soap Brookside!

    Luckly I heard The Paul O’Grady Show is returning to ITV later this year? I think it will be like before when it first started when it was a fun show. :grin:

    Channel 5 is so lucky to have BB and CBB :grin: :up:

  4. ben m says:
    Wed 24 Jul Reply !

    how can it be fixed lol hahah

  5. Sam2 says:
    Thu 25 Jul Reply !

    Are Big Brother testing live streaming via YouTube???

  6. Sam2 says:
    Thu 25 Jul Reply !

    Are Big Brother testing live streaming via YouTube???

  7. Matt says:
    Thu 25 Jul Reply
  8. Sam2 says:
    Thu 25 Jul Reply !

    Ah yeah, could be.

  9. Josh says:
    Fri 26 Jul Reply !


    I honestly don’t think Davina is regretting giving up the show at all. Remember that they announced that it was getting canned in BB10, so she was given a year to mentally prepare herself for the inevitable reality that was the “end” of Big Brother. It should be C4 that should be shaking their heads in regret for axing a show that is still very much viable and very much successful and replacing it with programmes that have failed to generate interest in their post-Big Brother schedule.

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