Big Brother 2013 live streaming axe brought forward

45 comments - Posted on June 28 2013 at 08:37pm

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Channel 5 is to drop the nightly Big Brother 2013 live feed earlier than expected, it has emerged, with the last edition now due to air this Sunday.

Earlier this year the broadcaster announced it would air two hours of streaming every night between 7pm and 9pm on digital channel 5*, following continued campaigns from viewers for the 24hr feed to be reinstated.

After the daily streaming drew lower viewing figures than the slots had previously achieved, it was confirmed on Wednesday that it would be dropped from the schedules from Saturday 6th July.

However, in a further blow to Big Brother fans, it now seems the cancellation date has been brought forward, with 5* EPG listings now showing repeats of shows such as My Name Is Earl from next Monday, the 1st of July.

This means the final daily instalment of ‘Live From The House’ will now air on Sunday at 8.00pm.

C5 will continue to broadcast a half hour of post-eviction streaming on Fridays at 11.30pm, following spin-off show Bit On The Side.

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45 comments on this article

  1. tuggler says:
    Sat 29 Jun Reply !

    live feeds.
    but why cant they stream live via the internet and take away people from their viewing figures..
    plus gain a wee bit of revenue from advertising on it…

    big scotty boy

  2. irene pearson says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    That makes too much sense for dire Channel 5.They NEVER wanted to provide live feed and have deliberately messed it up with the time slot . How many people on here watch anything else on Channel 5 ? The live feed so far has mainly consisted of making food, having to watch some of them eating like pigs and washing up. All deliberate to be able to pull it. @tuggler

  3. Scott says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    The only reason it does better than usual after BBBOTS is because it’s directly after an eviction on a Friday, so of course the die hard fans are going to tune in to see what the aftermath is. Any other night after BBBOTS and it would fail miserably.

  4. irene pearson says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    I doubt that very much@Scott

  5. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    How would you know that if C5 haven’t even tried putting Live Feed on after BBBOTS everynight, or even before 7PM and after BBBOTS? Because you DON’T know that for sure! FACT!!!

    You can’t say what would happen if it’s NOT happened. So you wouldn’t know weather Live Feed would fail after BBBOTS everynight when they HAVEN’T even tried that idea! :doh: FACT!

    That is only what YOU think yet OTHERS think differently to you! Loads of people have complained about wanting Live Feed and they want to watch the Live Feed at a PROPER time! FACT!

    BB fans didn’t and still don’t complain about wanting Live Feed for no reason! FACT!

    To be honest I can’t blame people for not wanting to watch it at a stupid time of 7PM, when the housemates do nothing but cook food and eat food at that time. Why would people want to watch housemates eating all the time at 7PM, when theres a lot of drama in tv soaps. People want to watch Live Feed at the time when the housemates are being entertaining or doing tasks! FACT!

    If they put Live Feed on at a PROPER time when they are entertaining or doing tasks, I bet A LOT of people would watch as they have been complaining for the Live Feed to be back again. They wouldn’t complain about wanting Live Feed for nothing!

    I bet BB fans would watch after BBBOTS because there isn’t any competition at that time and the housemates are not eating at that time either! Even at 3 or 4PM it would do well! :up:

    Also NOT everyone new about the Live Feed (But I’ve already said this) as NOT everyone has twitter, facebook or even the internet to find out.
    So how are the other BB fans who don’t have the internet and (some) don’t watch BBBOTS meant to know there is Live Feed when they don’t promote the Live Feed (Apart from at the end of BBBOTS, but not everyone watches BBBOTS)??? :doh:

    But you carry on thinking negative about the Live Feed and how only you must be right and all the other BB fans must be wrong!!

    Infact if you don’t want to watch or have the Live Feed back don’t watch it. Let all the big BB fans enjoy watching the Live Feed, if they wanted to do the right thing and put Live Feed on at a PROPER time! :grin:

    We are not going to agree with each other so lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that Scott, as we are not going to agree! FACT!

  6. irene pearson says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    Ok we get it you don’t like live feed . A lot of other people do, now can you accept our opinion.@Scott

  7. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    @irene pearson

    I agree that Live Feed is put on at a stupid time when all the housemates do is eat at that time. BB fans want to watch housemates being entertaing or doing tasks not eating food or cooking food which is always at 7PM without fail. Like why not eat at 5PM? Why always at 7PM when Live Feed has just started???

    Channel 4 had Live Feed 24/7 and apart from when housemates was cooking food, eating food and sleeping at night, it was entertaining to watch Live Feed whenever you wanted! :grin:

    It’s a pity they can’t give Live Feed a PROPER chance like Channel 4 did! :down: :sad:

  8. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    @irene pearson

    But still 7PM is a stupid time when TV soaps are on!

    If it was up to me and I was told only 2 hours of Live Feed for this year. Then I would put Live Feed for 1 hour at 4PM and then the other 1 hour of Live Feed after BBBOTS! Or 2 hours of Live Feed after BBBOTS! :grin:

    People are not fools we all know it would fail at 7PM when tv soaps are on at that time!

  9. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    @irene pearson

    Hes trying to get a reaction from BB fans, don’t let him upset you.

  10. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    @irene pearson

    I now realise hes trying to get a reaction from BB fans! I should of ignored him!

    I’m going to ignore him by not reading his comments!

    Don’t let him upset you!

  11. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    @irene pearson

    Lets hope C5 will do the right thing and want to keep BB fans happy by putting the Live Feed on at a PROPER time! Then they would have tried!

    Putting Live Feed on at 7PM is not trying as it would fail and people know that!

  12. Mary Tait says:
    Sun 30 Jun Reply !

    You’d be better scrapping the god awful bbots and giving us live feed. FACT. :envy:

  13. Scott says:
    Mon 01 Jul Reply !

    I’m not trying to get a reaction from nobody, haha, you’re the one who is getting seemingly frustrated with what I’m saying, which as you state is only an ‘opinion’, which I’ve never doubted otherwise. I’m only stating that live feed was doomed from the beginning anyway and the ratings are never going to be good enough for C5 to warrant them as a more full time thing. People are getting delusional thinking live feed is something every single person who watches Big Brother wants. Most viewers of the show now are teens/young adults, and that’s why social media is used so much for the show, and so it should be. These demographics don’t want to sit watching live streaming all day/night, so why waste the money? I’ve watched BB since the start and yes live feed was initially something exciting and interesting, but even I have come to admit that it’s a failing formula that one minute the ‘die hard’ fans are screaming about and when they’re given it, they don’t bother with it. If you love it so much, then the fact it clashes with soaps shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. Big Brother Fan From Day 1 says:
    Mon 01 Jul Reply !

    :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down:
    Channel 5 and producers of BIG BROTHER get a grip, and produce the show as it should be produced.
    Don’t keep using excuses like “ITS TO EXPENSIVE” :down:
    So we are now going to see even less, well that’s a really go :down: od plan to entice viewers back :down:
    You people really do not have a clue do you.

  15. Big Brother Fan From Day 1 says:
    Mon 01 Jul Reply !

    And Emma Willis if you reading these comments do not get used to your new position as there will be no show next year SHAME.

  16. Dmbb says:
    Mon 01 Jul Reply !

    Gutted !
    Just gone to watch it, as I have been every night, gone.
    Can’t believe it. What have you done.

    Put it online. Charge a subscription. I’ve subscribed to every live feed there’s been and thousands will.

    Ill end up losing interest altogether now. The one hour of highlights isn’t enough.


  17. patricia mould says:
    Mon 01 Jul Reply !

    :sad: Also fuming – have converted many to BB over the last 2 weeks with Live Feed slot – tonight “Cowboy Builders”
    Ch 5 seem to want to drop whole thing to me and we still try to stay loyal – hard with the two awful presenters on BBBOTS
    I am an ardent 69 year old follower from the first series
    Now know am not really wanted – Well done!!
    Live streaming should be 24/7 for the real watchers – after all only for 12 weeks unlike the other rubbish shown
    Will cool down now and take up knitting!!!

  18. suzie x says:
    Wed 03 Jul Reply !

    Just turned over for Big Brother Live Feed on 5* and am confronted with ‘The Hotel Inspector’!! WTF!! :doh:

  19. Kate says:
    Wed 10 Jul Reply !

    Live feed used to get me through my Insomnia and through two pregnancies! I want to watch them now its all getting heated in the house and can’t find it! Live feed was good and what BB was all about! But it annoyed the hell out of me putting tweeting birds over them talking!

    They should at the very least in this modern era do what they did in the beginning and allow fans to watch live feeds from their computers and iPads and choose what camera to watch!

    They want the money from votes but they don’t care what the fans want!

  20. Sam2 says:
    Thu 11 Jul Reply !

    Apparently, there was a live feed on the C5 website last night. I’ve only just found out about it through word of mouth, so I missed it completely!!! Again!

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