Housemates find out about People’s Puppet Michael

4 comments - Posted on June 21 2013 at 11:30pm

Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies - Michael leaves the house

Michael Dylan has been evicted from the Big Brother 2013: Secrets & Lies house after the housemates found out he is an actor in the conclusion of The People’s Puppet twist.

Following Sallie Axl’s departure in tonight’s live show, presenter Emma Willis crossed live to the house for a second time to announce a surprise double eviction.

However, the group was left confused when she revealed that Michael would be next to leave.

While the 29-year-old did his best to feign surprise, copper Dan – who had suspected him of being a mole throughout the week – leapt to his feet, shouting: “I knew it! I f***ing knew it!”

Emma then announced it wasn’t a “normal eviction” and directed the housemates to the plasma screen – with Big Brother promptly playing a VT revealing that Michael is in fact a professional actor and had been completing missions set by the viewing public.

They watched on agog as footage was played of Michael being given instructions from fans, appearing on spin-off show Bit On The Side, and sabotaging the shopping task.

Once the clip had ended, the majority got up and applauded Michael. Dan gloated about sussing him, while the twins acknowleged the twist was ‘nothing personal’. Callum, meanwhile, summed it up by repeating BOTS host Rylan Clark’s catchphrase ‘drop me out’.

But, having already suffered the loss of her friend Sallie, Wolfy remained seated with her head in her hands as Gina comforted her. She previously broke down in tears when Michael labelled her the ‘least attractive’ and ‘least hyginic’ housemate in a task – while unaware that the titles had actually been voted for by viewers.

As Michael was instructed to leave the house, he told everyone: “Enjoy your stay in the Big Brother house. You’ll have fun, you’ll have a laugh.”

He exited to rapturous cheers from the crowd outside, before being reunited with Sallie for a live interview with Emma.

The end of the twist came only nine days after the series begun, even though Channel 5 had promoted it for four weeks beforehand.

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4 comments on this article

  1. KG says:
    Sat 22 Jun Reply !

    I think it’d be ludicrous to think this was the only secret this series. There has to be more down the pike, especially considering that Emma hinted at it at the end of eviction night.

  2. Saz says:
    Sat 22 Jun Reply !

    I agree, I am wondering if some of the screts and lies are actually aimed at us – what might we not know? I think I’d prefer that actually!

  3. Let’sHope says:
    Mon 24 Jun Reply !

    Part of me hopes that since Michael wasn’t technically a housemate and now that he’s gone – we could (in the next week?) get another housemate in?

  4. irene pearson says:
    Mon 24 Jun Reply !

    They need to introduce something new in the secrets an lies theme as it has been built up now and is in danger of falling flat.

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