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11 comments - Posted on June 13 2013 at 08:04pm

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It’s finally time for Big Brother to unleash his web of secrets and lies – join bbspy here for our live updates from the launch of the fourteenth series!

Not only does tonight see the first batch of this year’s housemates enter the most famous bungalow in Britain, it’s also fan favourite presenter Emma Willis’s first night as the host of the main show. Good luck Emma!

We’ll be here throughout the night with all the latest news and gossip on all the twists and turns, so keep an eye out below for the latest updates, which will appear at the bottom of the list.

Time to say goodbye to your summer!

  • 9.00pm After weeks and weeks of waiting, it’s finally here – Big Brother Secrets & Lies has begun with Emma emerging from the eye, and suddenly everything feels right with the world!
  • 9.02pm Emma promises that the secret we’ve been speculating for for what seems like an enternity is something that’s never been done before. Oooh…
  • 9.05pm Finally, the Big Brother gods have listened to us and brought back the proper launch night house tour. Emma teases that there’s only two rooms on the downstairs level… does that mean there’s an upstairs?
  • 9.07pm Yes, it’s true – there is an upstairs, and it’s home to the Diary Room, which recieved a makeover earlier today.
  • 9.09pm It’s time to meet the first contestants of the summer – it’s twins JACK AND JOE, who will count as one housemate.
  • 9.12pm They’re followed by Housemate 2, SALLIE AXL, a DJ, firebreather and glamour model. “Tits, tatts and beanie hats, that’s me!” she says.
  • 9.17pm Emma says we’ll finally find out what the secret is ‘after the break’ – thank goodness, we’re not sure we can wait any longer!
  • 9.22pm We’re back – and JEMIMA SLADE, the owner of a ‘gold digger’s dating website’, is housemate three.
  • 9.23pm Jemima says she’s ‘definitely on the prowl’ in the Big Brother house, and that she’s looking to marry this year. God help anyone in the house who happens to be a millionaire…
  • 9.26pm MICHAEL, a 29-year-old postman from Ireland, is the next person to enter the Big Brother house. He says he can’t wait to get in the house. We can’t imagine why…
  • 9.29pm …well, it’s probably because he’s not actually a housemate – he’s the secret. Michael is a professional actor will live with the housemates, carrying out challenges picked by the viewers. He is ‘The People’s Puppet’!
  • 9.36pm Emma’s snuck in to the garden to give us a tour of the outdoors, and reveals a giant ‘showbiz curtain’ behind which is something to do with Michael. Later tonight he’ll apparently make a decision that the rest of the housemates are going to hate.
  • 9.38pm Housemate five is gym teacher CALLUM, who is no doubt gonna be eye candy for the ladies…
  • 9.42pm He’s followed by WOLFY, a 20-year-old student who’s also a lesbian fisherwoman. “I lead such a boring life don’t I? I must sound like a yokel!”
  • 9.44pm Wolfy – whose favourite drinks are apparently berry cider and ‘screaming orgasms’ – is entering the house barefoot. Good for her.
  • 9.53pm SAM, a stockroom assistant from Wales, is the seventh person in this year’s mix. He is 70-80% deaf in both ears.
  • 9.44pm Sam lives at home with his mum – he says it’ll be ‘tough living without her’ – and he plans to reveal his jokes of the day in the Diary Room. He’s through the door for only two seconds before one of the housemates shouts that he looks like Harry Styles.
  • 9.56pm Housemate eight is SOPHIE, a dental nurse from London. She’s a daddy’s girl from a travelling family, but insists she’s not a spoilt brat and that she hates people who are stuck up.
  • 9.57pm Sophie’s wearing a sleek dress which Emma says is ‘absolutely beautiful’. Her main fear about doing Big Brother is that her fake tan will be confiscated.
  • 10.06pm DEXTER KOH, a celebrity publicist from London is the ninth and final person entering the house tonight. He’s a sugar daddy with sixteen girls on the go, and he says he’s not doing Big Brother for fame or money because he’s got both. Riiiight.
  • 10.08pm The crowed are booing Dexter furiously while he tried to woo Emma. She’s not impressed at all, saying he needs to have more inside. Amazing.
  • 10.11pm It’s time for Big Brother to activate The People’s Player, Michael. Emma hands over to Big Brother, who calls one housemate to the Diary Room – and Mike’s off up the stairs in a flash. We expect the housemates will be suspicious that he knew exactly where the Diary Room is…
  • 10.13pm The group watches on the plasma screen as Big Brother explains that Michael has become the Head Housemate, earning power, luxuries and privileges that the others won’t have. However, this status comes at an expensive price. Big Brother says he’s set up an industrial shredder in the garden – and Michael must decide whether to shred his suitcase and save everyone else’s, or save his suitcase and shred the others!
  • 10.15pm After thirty seconds of questionable acting, Michael confirms that he’s decided to save his suitcases, and he sheepishly heads back downstairs where the tensions are beginning to flare!
  • 10.21pm Big Brother instructs the housemates to go out to the garden, stand behind the barrier, and put on goggles. There’s a security guard there to keep them in place – not to mention two workmen stood beside the shredder and suitcases!
  • 10.23pm After the operators remove Michael’s suitcase from the pile, they get to work shredding the others – and just minutes later they’re reduced to a pile of rubble. Housemates are then free to return to the living room with Michael’s suitcase. Callum seems to be sympathising with his tough position.
  • 10.27pm That’s the fun and games over for tonight – but Emma will be back tomorrow night for another live show, in which we’ll get to take control of The People’s Puppet. Six more housemates will enter the house too, including a mother and daughter. ‘Citing! Join us tomorrow for more live updates!

What do you think of tonight’s show – love or hate the twists? Got a first impression of the wannabes? Let us know all your opinions in the comments below…

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11 comments on this article

  1. Rachel says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    Buzzing!!! Wish they changed the outside area! Looked even smaller on previous VT advertising tonight’s episode, even if they moved that big stand at back that no one sees, halved it and put it either side of the runway would be a massive difference!!!

  2. Rachel says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    Loves Twists!!!

  3. Frankie says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    would of been brilliant if they changed the outside, but this is brilliant! the house tour which everyone asked for!

  4. grant says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    it is ok seen beeter

  5. SS says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    Live poll by The Sun during the main show – What do you think of Emma Willis as host?

    81% – Brilliant
    13% – OK
    6% – I want Brian Back

  6. Brekkie says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    Good debut from Emma Willis in her rightful role, but otherwise disappointing. Really weak HMs who we’ve pretty much seen all before, plus the worst twist since someone shaving off their eyebrows was deemed a good way to start the show. It couldn’t have been more obvious the actor was hamming it up, and I’m sure all the HMs worked out it wasn’t their belongings being destroyed.

    Secrets & Lies needs some clever intelligent twists to work as a concept – this wasn’t one of them.

  7. Brekkie says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    P.S. And if we want to know what people are saying on Twitter we’ll go on bloody Twitter. Emma Willis is far better than having to plead for people to talk about the show and read out their dull uninteresting comments.

  8. ryan20 says:
    Fri 14 Jun Reply !

    Think you should just shut up and not watch bb cause all you do is moan! Much better and stronger launch tonight and they did a good job! No point in commenting if all your going to do all summer is moan!

  9. Shane says:
    Fri 14 Jun Reply !

    The show is 13 years old…of course we’ve seen them all before!

    It’s the best selection of house mates channel 5 have had.

  10. Pooball says:
    Fri 14 Jun Reply !


    correct on your metaphor:

    The show is a 13 year old

  11. lucy keane says:
    Sat 15 Jun Reply !

    :down: Im also not happy that its live big brother and i can only watch it for two hours with lots of major bits cut and edited so big brother can show what it likes and keep all those bits hidden that it likes to infact big brother can choose so many bits on house mates making the public like or hate who big brother want to meaning the final housemate will be who big brother choose to show the best bits of veiwing from the housemates ,it wont really be the public choosing what is happening but being led to make choices on such little veiwing is going to be the last time it get much veiwing at all it wont work the public will realise how editing is doing the job of being led in a certain direction big brother is the only one making choices and that is unfair to its just not the same bring back the old style its much better just make more things to do and make a little havok and rowls thats what we want to see good old shouting and screaming twists come on big brother sort it out will you

Reply to Brekkie

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