Ocado signs Big Brother 2013 shopping deal

10 comments - Posted on June 11 2013 at 05:19pm

Ocado vans

Online grocery retailer Ocado has signed a six-figure deal to become the official shopping partner of Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies.

According to CampaignLive, the arrangement will see Big Brother ditch the traditional blackboard and chalk shopping list for the first time, with housemates now set to order their shopping on an Apple iPad tablet computer.

It will also see Ocado’s role in the series promoted on Channel 5’s online and social media platforms, as well as the broadcaster’s sister newspaper The Daily Star.

Ocado’s co-founder Jason Gissing said: “We launched Ocado in 2000, the same year that ‘Big Brother’ first hit our screens and we’ve delivered over 35 million orders since, as more and more people join the internet revolution and make the life changing move to online grocery shopping at

“Housemates being able to order their weekly shop with just a few taps on an iPad will highlight the benefits of Ocado’s superior service to more people than ever before.”

Agostino di Falco, partnerships director at C5 and The Daily Star’s parent company Northern & Shell added: “Shopping is an integral part of the ‘Big Brother’ experience.

“We’re delighted that the first instalment of our partnership with Ocado sees them delivering groceries to the house.”

Ocado – who are best known for their partnership with supermarket Waitrose – negotiated the deal without the help of third party agencies. They replace Morrisons, who were the show’s official supplier of groceries during last summer’s series.

iPads have a ‘guided access’ mode that restricts the device to one particular app, which Big Brother can use to prevent housemates from contacting the outside world.

Yesterday, C5 officially unveiled this year’s house, featuring a vegetable patch where the group must grow their own food.

Browse pictures of the new Big Brother house below:

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10 comments on this article

  1. Jane says:
    Tue 11 Jun Reply !

    Before you all complain about outside contact, iPads have a ‘guided access’ mode that restrict them to running a single app, and internet access is not available.

  2. Brekkie says:
    Tue 11 Jun Reply !

    About time they ditched the blackboard and chalk – although a budget shop from Waitrose is going to be very tricky indeed.

  3. Scott says:
    Tue 11 Jun Reply !

    Aww, the blackboard was a classic! This means people can’t play pranks with the shopping lists anymore! :down:

  4. beemoh says:
    Tue 11 Jun Reply !

    @Brekkie: The Ocado/Waitrose thing is just a partnership, Ocado isn’t Waitrose’s delivery arm.

    Ocado have recently partnered with Morrison’s, so it may still be their food in the house.


  5. JJ says:
    Tue 11 Jun Reply !


    I’m sure they will have special prices designated for the house with the producers deciding approximately how much food the HM’s should receive for the designated dollar amount…

  6. Josh says:
    Tue 11 Jun Reply !

    I like this idea, but I’ll like it even more if the app does not total their purchases. I like watching housemates squirm when they realize they overspent on shopping.


    It might just still be possible for such pranks to happen again. The housemate may need to go into the DR to confirm to BB what they ordered on the iPad.

  7. Sam says:
    Wed 12 Jun Reply !

    Shopping budget pranks are a bit boring now anyway tbh. Maybe a new kind of trolling may surface.

  8. Sam says:
    Wed 12 Jun Reply !

    Also I’m a bit confused because how come ‘housemates must grow their own food’ when there’s a grocery provider? :S

  9. Brekkie says:
    Wed 12 Jun Reply !

    And there is nothing less entertaining than arguments about food.

    There is a veggie patch in the garden just as there was in the early days – it’s usually mainly herbs and the odd thing though, certainly not enough to grow stuff to feed 16 people for three months.

  10. Bentendo says:
    Wed 12 Jun Reply !

    They’re becoming the supplier of Morrisons online shopping in 2014, so it’s still actually linked to Morrisons for shopping, just in a more modern setup.

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