News to sponsor Big Brother 2013

7 comments - Posted on June 7 2013 at 10:51pm

Supercasino Logo

Gambling website and TV show will be the headline sponsor of Big Brother 2013: Secrets & Lies, it has emerged.

The news was revealed in an updated version of the show’s main trailer – which aired for the first time tonight on Channel 5 – that features the Supercasino logo.

Big Brother 2013 main advert with Supercasino logo

They’re best known for their interactive broadcasts in the early hours on C5, which feature live games of roulette for viewers to take part in.

This week it was also confirmed that will continue to be Big Brother’s official product sponsors this summer, having first supplied house furnishings for January’s Celebrity series.

The new series begins on Thursday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

Watch the ‘6 days to go’ countdown advert below:

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7 comments on this article

  1. Stephen says:
    Sat 08 Jun Reply !

    ugh… That’s kind of depressing. BB is being funded by gambling money?
    Didn’t they used to have a facewash as a sponsor? Freederm? Quite a jump away into casinos.

  2. MichaelXX says:
    Sat 08 Jun Reply !

    @Stephen, who cares? Why is that a bad thing? How are you affected negatively by this (never mind depressed by this)? Are you against gambling and want it made illegal? Are you religious?

  3. Luke says:
    Sat 08 Jun Reply !

    Not happy about it. Don’t agree with gambling advertisements because it gets people in such serious debt. If I were Channel 5 I wouldn’t have them as a sponsor. But at the end of the day, it’s whoever offers the most money.

  4. Stephen says:
    Sat 08 Jun Reply !

    Michael, I don’t like gambling. Definitely not religious.
    No I don’t want it to be illegal, but I don’t want it to be advertised.
    I see it similarly to cigarettes. It’s a dirty habit that is causing harm and taking money away from people who probably can’t spare it, and it shouldn’t be promoted, but of course it shouldn’t be outlawed.
    I don’t think alcohol should be promoted or advertised either.

  5. Brekkie says:
    Sat 08 Jun Reply !

    Really irresponsible IMO – only thing worse would be a Payday loan company. Although it is scheduled late and IMO is best pitched as an adult post watershed slot the fact is Big Brother does appeal strongly to a younger audience – especially the dumbed down C5 version, and as such a company like shouldn’t even be considered.

  6. Bentendo says:
    Mon 10 Jun Reply !

    Given how the show tends to be on just before the late night slot, it kind of makes sense… not the biggest sponsor they’ve had, but perhaps the most logical.

  7. sue says:
    Fri 26 Jul Reply !

    Please please please …WHO is the gorgeous guy in the Supercasino ads during BB?

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