Endemol boss aiming for 50 years of Big Brother

20 comments - Posted on June 3 2013 at 12:21pm

Tim Hincks (Endemol)

Endemol president Tim Hincks has reaffirmed the production company’s commitment to Big Brother, saying it is “utterly central to what we do”.

In an interview with MediaGuardian correspondent John Plunkett, the former Endemol UK CEO said he’d like the show’s lifespan to be longer than that of the Rolling Stones, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

“If it launched today it would still be a success because it is a very modern format in the way it interacts with social media and technology,” he said. “It has always been ahead of the curve. You can watch Brazilian Big Brother in 3D.

“It’s been around 13 years, which is longer than the Beatles. Can it be around longer than the Rolling Stones? We should be aiming for that.

“Big Brother remains utterly central to what we do and will always be close to my heart.”

Hincks also praised Endemol’s relationship with Channel 5 and its owner, Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell, and defended Big Brother’s ratings performance in the UK.

“It punches above its weight and Richard Desmond has done exactly what he said he would do, which was get behind it and make it feel like an event. It’s a great partnership,” he added.

Hincks became president of the global Endemol Group last year, but he remains involved in the UK division as its chairman.

Last year’s civilian edition of BBUK averaged 1.8million viewers officially, up on 2011’s 1.6million despite tough competition from the London Olympics.

The fourteenth series begins on Thursday 13th June at 9.00pm with the first of two live launch shows.

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20 comments on this article

  1. Gavin says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    I doubt it’ll last another 5 years, let alone 50 years. The experience of watching 15 housemates over 10 weeks can not be kept fresh for 50 years, people have got bored of it over the last 5 years, and will continue to get bored of it over the next 5 years. I think Endemol need to come up with new hits because BB wont last for too much longer.

  2. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    I don’t get bored of BB and love watching BB every year! :grin: :up:

    I would love to watch BB for 50 years and more and hope it lasts for 50 years :grin: :grin: :grin: :up:

    Summer would not be the same without BB every year! Long live BB :grin: :grin: :grin: :up:

  3. Sam2 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    50 years??? Sounds good to me. :grin:

  4. @emmetmclaughlin says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !


    I believe he meant globally. Big Brother is a huge show in many countries.

  5. ben m says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    shut the hell up your annoying me :envy: @Gavin

  6. jean says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    i loved watching big brother since it started.i never put in for it till last year. and again now for 2013. i hope to get that chance. it’s been my dream.? i know i would be liked . still i have been tracked for other tv programmes. which i will be the one to look out for. check out my video jeanhillbigbrotherintroduction. best wishes jean. :happy:

  7. BB_Superfan says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    I hope the BB production team revert to the C4 editing style this year. I think that has more longevity than the Channel 5 style of the previous two years. Why not aim for 50 years. People never tire of watching people… as long as the show doesn’t get too gimmicky.

  8. Brekkie says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    Is he right about Big Brother Brazil being in 3D? First time I’ve seen that mentioned.

  9. Stu says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    Well Coranation Street a scripted soap has been around for over 50 years, so why not Big Brother a real life soap!

  10. Sam2 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !


    I’ve just looked it up and it appears they did indeed have a 24 hour BB channel in 3D. Here’s the translation:

    3D doesn’t really interest me, however BB Brazil in 3D… :tongue:

  11. Gavin says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    BB Brazil is worth watching in 3D because of the enhanced viewing of the hot women with nice bodies. But 3D of the UK version would just be a massive disappointment.

  12. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    @Matt bbspy: If BB renews the BB contract again, when do you think they will renew the contract? :grin:

    Really hope they renew the contract for BB! :grin: :up:

  13. Brekkie says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    And to think BBUSA is only just about ready to switch to widescreen – and I’m still not sure I believe those rumours.

    Didn’t realise too they begain with 6 regional glass houses, then a bigger glass house so in total they had eight houses including the main one. The Glass House twist is so simple though but not sure the British public could be trusted for it to really work. It probably end up with a brick through it!

  14. Sam says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    Such a good point! So many shows have been around for this long, Doctor Who being another. You can say “oh Big Brother is rubbish, oh it won’t last for 50 years” but I’m sure many Doctor Who haters said that back in the day. They just need to keep Big Brother regenerating (for want of a better word) and then I’m sure it will last.

  15. Sam says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    Maybe 50 years is a bit overambitious in the UK tbf but I can see it really coming round again, what with the ratings (albeit slowly) going up again

  16. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    @bbspy Matt scott:: I meant If Channel 5 renews the BB contract again, when do you think they will renew the contract? :grin:

    Really hope they renew the contract for BB :grin:

  17. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    @bbspy Matt Scott: Opps I meant if Channel 5 renews BB contract, when do you think they will renew the contract? What month do you think it will be? :grin:

    Hope Channel 5 will renew the BB contract :grin:

  18. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    When I posted a comment it wouldn’t show up! I rewritten it again and the old comment posted and not the new! :conf:

  19. Brekkie says:
    Tue 04 Jun Reply !

    No chance of it lasting 50 years uninterupted (it might just about make 15!), but it will definately return at some form at a couple of decades down the line.

  20. Tyler Ramey says:
    Wed 05 Jun Reply !

    What BBUK has going for it is the opportunity to completely re-invent itself every season with a new and dynamic cast. That being said, it is up to the BB bosses to keep the twists fresh, the house(s) updated, and to not let things get stale. Let’s face it, it seems as if from BBUK8 onward they have relied on the same tasks/twists/launch events every season, which gets old quick. Also, I would be anxious to see how the housemates would interact if given full privileges to discuss nominations openly. I think this would cause more turmoil, and drama. Also, I am dyyyyyying to see a housemate swap between the two formats (US/UK), and also a “reverse” week where the UK housemates play by US rules, and vice versa.

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