Big Brother 2013 house to have eco-friendly theme?

4 comments - Posted on May 23 2013 at 11:50am

Big Brother 2012 House - Garden

The Big Brother 2013 housemates will face living in an eco-friendly ‘home from hell’, with the new series dubbed ‘Secrets and Lies’, it’s claimed.

According to The Daily Express, the new-look house has been filled with recycled furniture – with its inhabitants being forced to grow their own food for the first time in a decade.

Meanwhile, as part of this year’s secretive theme, bosses are apparently planning to put the group through their paces, with tough tasks and twists and evil mind games that will ‘leave them wondering who to trust’.

This news comes after Channel 5 begun airing mysterious teaser adverts for the new series, asking fans to guess ‘#whatsthesecret’.

The newspaper’s insider said: “It’s all about self-sufficiency and recycling this year. As the housemates enter they will be greeted by a huge wall containing recycled life-size front doors. But what do they signify – and what lies behind them?

“The sweeping staircase will take them down into an eco-style living space. Although impressive in appearance, this house is not a hotel and provides a tougher environment than ever before.

“It won’t be a walk in the park. Expect a summer of hell in the home from hell.”

If true, this would herald a change in attitude from producers, who have been criticised by viewers for being too lenient with treats and rewards in recent years.

Early series involved housemates tending to a vegetable patch and taking care of the iconic chickens. These were ditched in 2004, although there were veg planters in the BB9 house.

Big Brother Australia previously built an environmentally-friendly house in 2007, with features including a washing machine powered by bicycles and a water dispenser that sourced its water from condensation in the air. Watch a tour below:

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4 comments on this article

  1. Tom says:
    Thu 23 May Reply !

    This is the way forward! I’m really getting excited for this series :D

  2. Rachel says:
    Thu 23 May Reply !

    Eco friendly basically means cheap then however not to be negative maybe a good change as getting bored if seeing ultra modern house with neon lights everywhere and camp glam!!! However I don’t want to see any MDF or any resemblance to budget big brother 10 was it when the house weren’t finished and there was just a lounge with crates and bus stop outside?

  3. BB2013 says:
    Thu 23 May Reply !

    Good move from Channel 5! :grin: BB getting tough and also evil :grin: :up:

  4. Jazi says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    Eco friendly? Recycling? Yeah.. that’s evil isn’t it.. how ever will they survive saving the planet.

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