Jillian wins first Big Brother Canada after vote blunder

8 comments - Posted on May 3 2013 at 04:49am

Big Brother Canada - Jillian McLaughlin

Jillian McLaughlin has narrowly won the first season of Big Brother Canada after a controversial final which saw jury member Topaz Brady botch her vote.

The night begun with the conclusion of the three-part final Head of Household competition, which saw Emmett Blois and Gary Levy go head to head after they took the two previous parts.

They were asked a series of true or false questions regarding how the evicted houseguests planned to play the game before entering the house. After tieing on most of the rounds, Gary finally triumphed when Emmett gave an incorrect answer.

Gary then had to choose the final evictee – and, reasoning that he had a better chance at beating notorious ‘liar’ Jillian, he opted to send Emmett packing.

After getting the chance to quiz the final two, the jury members – AJ, Alec, Topaz, Peter, Andrew, Talla and Emmett – cast their votes for who they wanted to win the show.

Presenter Arisa Cox later revealed the results, with Emmett and Talla backing Jillian, and AJ and Alec favouring Gary.

But the most unexpected twist of the season came when she announced that Topaz, a close friend and supporter of Gary, had in fact voted for Jillian to win.

The 27-year-old – who is thought to have been under the impression that she was voting to evict – immediately stormed on stage to protest, but Arisa insisted that there was nothing she could do and that the rules had been explained clearly.

Producers swiftly cut to a commercial break – and on return, with Topaz back in her seat in the jury stand, they replayed footage of her entering her ballot. Arisa proceeded to reveal the rest of the results, with Peter supporting Gary, and Andrew going for Jillian.

Therefore, by four to three, Jillian was crowned the winner, scooping the prize of $100,000 cash, a Chevrolet Trax, and a $25,000 gift card for Canadian home store The Brick.

Meanwhile, Gary – who would have won had it not been for Topaz’s blunder – receives a runner-up prize of $20,000.

It is the first time that finale voting has been disputed in the history of the Big Brother USA format.

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8 comments on this article

  1. JJ says:
    Fri 03 May Reply !

    What an upset… Topaz is such an idiot! But congrats to Marcellas… He is no longer wears the crown of dumbest player in BB history…

  2. Sam2 says:
    Fri 03 May Reply !

    Whoop whoop. Glad Jillian won as I’ve been rooting for her since the beginning.

    As for Gary, what the hell were the producers thinking putting an evicted housemate back in the house and making them still eligible to win after being evicted fair and square. An eighth place housemate almost won due to their fixing and even then one of the other housemates was still robbed of $20000 by the producers.

  3. DigitalStar says:
    Fri 03 May Reply !

    I cant believe the end. An epic season until the last 5 mins. I guess the real bumbass the whole season wasnt Talla, it was was the idiot Topaz the whole time.

    BUT a part of me still feels this was planned.

    I loooved Gary taking out Em. like that. We all know, including Jil that Gary is the TRUE winner.

  4. DigitalStar says:
    Fri 03 May Reply !


  5. Az says:
    Sat 04 May Reply !

    Was sat watching it open mouthed to be honest, it’s been an ok season and at least this controversy has somewhat elevated it’s memorability. Looking forward to season 2 (and even more so BB USA before it :D ) which will inevitably happen as it’s done well for a programme on a specialist channel.

  6. Sam2 says:
    Mon 06 May Reply !

    Now that we’re in a gap between BBCAN and BBUK, I thought I’d take a look to see what was going on in the Big Brother world 10 years ago. Apparently, Big Brother crop circles.

  7. Garth says:
    Tue 07 May Reply !

    If Topaz was stupid enough to make a mistake like that, she has no one to blame but herself. Although it does make Jiillian’s win less solid, it’s still official, and she has Topaz to that for that.

  8. Brekkie says:
    Tue 07 May Reply !

    I think it was Alec who said they’d always be a * after her name pointing out the voting blunder, but had Gary won they’d have been a * after his name pointing out he was out of the house for three weeks.

    It was kind of the perfect result though – we got to see the Shield taken down a peg or ten, one of the best players won while a popular entertaining HM whose main fault was being voted back in had his victory too.

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