About Daley

Professional middleweight boxer Daley has been boxing for 10 years. He hasn’t lost a fight in his career.

Daley and his younger brother were put into foster care when he was two. The most important person in Daley’s life is his brother because they have “been through everything together and have come out stronger”.

Daley is successful with the ladies and has never had to make the first move. He has been with his current girlfriend for nearly eight months and says he wasn’t planning on getting into a relationship but he feels like he was waiting for her all his life.

In the past, Daley says he was a bit of a rebel and was unfaithful. He thinks he has now matured and become a man and would never cheat on his girlfriend. He thinks he can bring entertainment to the house without “getting it on with people”.

Daley says he is “clean freak” and doesn’t like smelly things. Unhygenic people in the house would annoy him and he wouldn’t tolerate people with bad manners.

40 comments on Daley (Closed)

  1. jessi says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    daley and hazel are cute together they will make good looking babies. all you haters need to shut up.

  2. Yogi says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    Yes, I agree jessi! :grin:

  3. Yogi says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    Although I think he’s gonna catch-on to Hazel cos she’s a gossip, he’s not. Gossiping brings trouble, it’s those whom love to under radar. Won’t last long and then she’ll try to go back to Dan and get rejected from him. She’ll be out next week.

  4. BB says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    Lol :tongue:

  5. Jackk says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    I think daley is an complete dick , unfaithful twatttt

  6. jeff says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    His poor girlfriend!!!!

  7. booboo says:
    Thu 04 Jul !

    told u what he was like! his true colors are showing… didn’t take long!!!

  8. nicole says:
    Fri 05 Jul !

    I disagree I think its good to watch.. your in a house with these people 24/7.. obviously there is a good chance of finding yourself attracted to certain people mostly out of bordom.. I dont think he is a pig I think he is a normal young fellow. . I would say all the males in there fancy someone but they arnt as easy on the eye as daly.. they are in there to create good tv.. a bit of a fling would be entertaining..

  9. queenb says:
    Fri 05 Jul !

    Fighting over Daley ewww i find him repulsive and Hazel looks like an evil biatch

  10. Yogi says:
    Fri 05 Jul !

    They are bored in that house…let them play! :happy:

  11. equality service says:
    Fri 05 Jul !

    If he has a girlfriend then firting etc on national television is not intelligent. Hazel should stop this messing around with men’s feelings – this a manipulative side of her to add to the lying and back stabbing – i think people are beginning to see who she is.

  12. Yogi says:
    Fri 05 Jul !

    It’s just the Irish charm, boy love it! :happy:

  13. Constantinople says:
    Fri 05 Jul !

    Oh what a dilatory,dozy,waste of space,sly Hazel is playing him for a fool.

  14. Yogi says:
    Sat 06 Jul !

    She’s just teasing him…lay off here! :happy:

  15. sallie says:
    Sat 06 Jul !

    His poor girlfriend, innocent or not you do not do that knowing ur girlfriend will be watching the show- hope he is up for nomination this week, get the waste of space out!