What we want from Big Brother Secrets & Lies

26 comments - Posted on May 31 2013 at 10:53pm by Matt Scott

Big Brother 2013 advert - Emma Willis

With Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies just around the corner, we here at bbspy sum up what we’d do if we were in charge this year…

In the last twelve months, Big Brother UK has been plagued with controversy – from Conor’s behaviour and £50,000 win, to the continued nominations cheating allegations, to the infamous ‘Rylangate’ scandal in January.

Understandably, these incidents left its fans feeling rather apathetic towards their favourite show. But over the past two months, following a change in the top brass at Channel 5, the seemingly unthinkable has happened – Big Brother has become exciting again.

Not only has the new theme of secrets and lies made this year’s series the most talked about in ages – but they’ve also finally done what they should have done two years ago and made Emma Willis the main presenter.

However, while much of the pessimism is gradually turning to optimism, there’s still a lot that needs to be done to restore Big Brother to its former glory.

So, as experts in armchair production, here we present the lists of things we want from the new series – there’s also some suggestions from our Facebook and Twitter followers at the end.

Big Brother Australia nominations room

1. Australian nominations system

One of the biggest problems in recent years has been the constant nominations twists and meddling. We reckon that instead of these, bosses should instead tweak the format a bit and come up with something consistent that can be used every single week.

And the best way to do that without changing too much would be to simply copy Big Brother Australia.

As is the norm, each week, the housemates down under have to nominate two of their peers. However, instead of simply naming names, they must split five points between them – either 3-2 if they’re evenly matched, or 4-1 if they feel strongly about getting a particular person out. The three housemates with the most points then face the public vote.

It’s such a simple yet effective twist on the default nominations format that it’s a wonder we’ve never heard of it being done before.

Not only this, they do their nominations in a live show every week, making them appointment-to-view television. Each housemate has a limited amount of time to cast their votes, but they must still give full and frank reasons. Their Big Brother refuses poor excuses – housemates can’t get away with choosing somone just because they miss their family.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Aussie house even has a dedicated nominations room (pictured above), which makes the event even more tense and exciting.

If we’re going to copy one thing from BBAU this year, it has to be this.

Oh, and talking of nominations, there shouldn’t be any more involvement from friends and family whatsoever. Only the housemates themselves should have the right to nominate.

26 comments on this article

  1. Michael says:
    Fri 31 May Reply !

    I would LOVE if there was some of the USA format brought in like :
    A HoH who is immune and has to automatically put one person up for eviction, but people don’t know who the HoH put up – But like the traditional nominations system still carries on. So the 2 HM’s with the most nominations go up and also the person who the HoH nominated.

    I would love if there was some sort of POV power too.
    And evictions would still be the public.

    I think this would be perfect with a variety from both formats and it could work !!!

  2. adam says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    The show needs its format back. Away with the cheesy music montages and tacky graphics. No eviction music just get rid of everything its been made into since 2009. Bring the real bro back!

  3. Jason B says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    RYLAN = Stole Brian Dowlings Life. They are almost the same personalities, Camp funny and but younger more attractive/popular man is hired. Whos Ross noshed for the BBBOTS job. A hot sporty Man that works at 5 and has a secret Sex life

  4. JJ says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !


    Bringing in HoH only works if the HM’s know who the HoH is and part of the nominations process is the fallout HM’s have when they are nominated… It seems pointless for nominations to be completely secret…

    Your version of HoH is very similar to Brazil’s and it is far too complicated… The more practical HoH hybrid is the HoH nominates 3 people, the public saves one of the three nominees, and the remaining HM’s vote to evicted one of the remaining two… For double evictions 1 HM is evicted from the public vote (either the lowest ranking nominee in a vote to save or a direct vote to evict) and the remaining two face the house vote…

    If the public vote must eliminate then the format would be modified so that a house vote gives 1 of the 3 nominees immunity and the remaining 2 face the public vote…

    Adding a competition to the HoH hybrid would be a variation of BBAU’s Superpower where HM’s will compete to void an opponents vote…

  5. JJ says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !


    Don’t get your hopes up…

  6. JJ says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    @Jason B

    Pfft… It was the producers choice… Rylan merely accepted the position, it’s not as if Rylan was doing anything malicious behind the scenes to get Brian fired… As for the two having similar personalities that’s ridiculous… They are both very different people from different backgrounds…

  7. Kris says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    Funny you should mention this, because this exactly the kind of twist I’d love to see on BBUK. As an American fan, the HoH and eviction system is self-contained and allows viewers to see how the HGs interact at all times since this introduces the virtue of strategy into everyday living – and makes the show that much more fun to watch. Yeah, it kind of seems like a well-furnished Survivor, but it makes the show fun! I, however, am not a fan of Save and Replace in the UK – to me, the lack of a proverbial ‘undo’ button makes BBUK more interesting.

    Also of note – LOVELOVELOVE that Emma Willis is presenting now! I loved Brian, but he and Emma should have traded places long ago; he’d have been amaze on BOTS.


  8. Kris says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !


    What would have to happen is that the HGs would nominate first, then the HoH would have to nominate after the house vote so as to not overlap. Then, all 3 nominees would be revealed after the HoH nominates and the public vote begins. A great twist to this would be to have both HG-voted noms revealed first, and the HoH nom would be revealed to the public only – speculation regarding the HoH nom could run rampant and alter the dynamics of the house and if that person isn’t evicted, the crazy would be turned up even more.

  9. BB2013 says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    No eviction’s for 2 weeks! Gives a bit more time to get to know a little about the housemates before they evicted! :grin:

  10. JJ says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !


    Far too complicated… If they are going to use the HoH format the HoH should be the only person to nominate… The rest of the house will take on another role…

  11. BBfan says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    The whole set should be changed to be just like how it was during the Channel 4 era. I alo think Marcus Bentley should narrate as he used to during C4 more sinister, now he’s just too over-exaggerated. I also think their should be many older housemates, who aren’t just looking for fame.. Also some real weirdos. Get rid of all the tacky graphics and music. Basically bring back the original BIG BROTHER!!

  12. Michael says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    @JJ @Kris
    I don’t think that the USA format would be in the show anyways

    But I thought that the HoH would nominate 1st, then the 2 people with the highest nominations (excluding the automatic nominee)
    would be up on the block.

    But I agree with what JJ said in the 1st place. It would be too complicated.

    I want to see the outdoor studio changed !
    Its stayed pretty much the same !

  13. Brekkie says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    I wouldn’t say the Brazilian format is too complicated but agree that now the HoH nominating 3, public save 1, HMs evict would work better. Makes deals etc. more interesting too as HMs wouldn’t know who is against who until the final moments – who the public saved really would affect who goes.

    That said though public votes is no longer the cash cow it once was and was a loss maker in the final days on C4, so undoubtedly loses money for C5 too. I don’t think it’s as crucial an aspect for viewers now as it once was too so scrapping it for evictions, but retaining the final vote for the winner (rather than a jury) wouldn’t be a bad move at all.

    And for those who argue that the public vote is a key aspect of the show – so is the live feed, so is no contact with the outside world, so are HMs being locked up 24/7 – but producers didn’t think twice about ignoring those rules.

  14. Brekkie says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    P.S. As for punishments simply bring back the strike system. It’s so simple and effective – break a major rule you get a strike – three strikes and your out. Break a minor rule once you get a warning – and then a strike if you break it again.

    And then if the whole house breaks the rules they just send in Shabaz!

  15. Luis Fernando Shot Martinez says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !


  16. Stu says:
    Sat 01 Jun Reply !

    Your wrong about Emma Willis being the presenter two years ago, she’s gonna be a disaster!

  17. Sam2 says:
    Sun 02 Jun Reply !


    Na, Emma’s gonna nail it. Most of us wondered what on earth Endemol were thinking when they didn’t give the gig to Emma in the first place, as she’s perfect for the role.

    It’s kinda of funny seeing an old tweet of hers excited because Davina said her name on the main show:

    “I cannot tell you how chuffed I am that davina just said my name on the main show. Now I really feel part of the family! Woohooooo”


  18. Brekkie says:
    Sun 02 Jun Reply !

    There is probably far more pressure on Emma than there was on Brian because everyone knew Brian was going to be crap, while Emma is expected to be a good fit. They’ll be those who moan the second she indicates she likes a certain housemate just like they did with Davina, but on the whole I’ve little doubt she’ll be brilliant – but the show does need to give her the freedom Davina had in the early years.

    In hindsight one of the biggest mistakes producers ever made was having Davina present within the crowd – meaning first and foremost she was presenting to them, rather than directly to viewers at home.

    It would be great to see Emma do a little bit more with the friends and family and do some links from the camera runs and even inside locked areas of the house.

  19. Corey Seville says:
    Sun 02 Jun Reply !

    I think it would be cool if the HM’s never know who is facing the public vote. They do nominations like normally but Big Brother never reveals who is up that week, that way the housemates nominated wont know if they up so suddenly wont have a personality transplant :grin:

  20. Andrews says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    I wish they would show us the house

  21. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    I read this:

    Tim Hincks, president of Endemol Group and for many years Big Brother’s defender-in-chief, says there is plenty of life left in the reality show which returns to Channel 5 later this month.

    “It’s been around 13 years, which is longer than the Beatles. Can it be around longer than the Rolling Stones [who celebrated their 50th anniversary this year]? We should be aiming for that,” declares Hincks, showing no shortage of ambition (or imagination). “If it launched today it would still be a success because it is a very modern format in the way it interacts with social media and technology. It has always been ahead of the curve.” It still is, he adds. “You can watch Brazilian Big Brother in 3D.”


  22. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    I wonder if one door goes to 1 BB house and another door goes to the other BB house, but the 3rd door is where the housemate is no longer a housemate anymore and leaves? The housemate has 3 doors to pick, but doesn’t know what’s behind the doors! :grin:

  23. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    Or I wonder if one door goes to 1 BB house and another door goes to the BB bedsit, but the 3rd door is where the housemate is no longer a housemate anymore and leaves? The housemate has 3 doors to pick, but doesn’t know what’s behind the doors! :grin:

  24. BB2013 says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    Or if there is only 1 house then I wonder if there is 2 doors, 1 that goes to the BB house and another door that makes the very new housemate a no longer housemate anymore? The housemate has 2 doors to pick but can only pick 1, the housemate does not know whats behind the doors. :grin:

  25. Sam Proctor says:
    Mon 03 Jun Reply !

    It’d be nice to drop some of the glossy graphics and go back to the old raw, gritty format in which the show felt a little scary but exciting, the main thing that needs to go for me is the overuse of music in eviction shows and they need to lose the housemates faces in the title sequences!

  26. BB2013 says:
    Tue 04 Jun Reply !

    I Read this

    It’s Eyes Down For A Full House On Big Brother

    BIG Brother bosses have got fans in a spin by unveiling a second eye logo featuring lots of doors.

    It now means there are two peepers keeping a watch on the wannabes.

    And it’s led to a flurry of speculation about what this could mean.

    One fan tweeted: “This is a first for the show. We’ve never had two eyes before.”

    Two weeks ago Channel 5 revealed what they said was the official eye logo for the summer.

    But now bosses have launched the second one, for the series


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