What we want from Big Brother Secrets & Lies

26 comments - Posted on May 31 2013 at 10:53pm

Big Brother 2013 advert - Emma Willis

With Big Brother 2013 Secrets & Lies just around the corner, we here at bbspy sum up what we’d do if we were in charge this year…

In the last twelve months, Big Brother UK has been plagued with controversy – from Conor’s behaviour and £50,000 win, to the continued nominations cheating allegations, to the infamous ‘Rylangate’ scandal in January.

Understandably, these incidents left its fans feeling rather apathetic towards their favourite show. But over the past two months, following a change in the top brass at Channel 5, the seemingly unthinkable has happened – Big Brother has become exciting again.

Not only has the new theme of secrets and lies made this year’s series the most talked about in ages – but they’ve also finally done what they should have done two years ago and made Emma Willis the main presenter.

However, while much of the pessimism is gradually turning to optimism, there’s still a lot that needs to be done to restore Big Brother to its former glory.

So, as experts in armchair production, here we present the lists of things we want from the new series – there’s also some suggestions from our Facebook and Twitter followers at the end.

Big Brother Australia nominations room

1. Australian nominations system

One of the biggest problems in recent years has been the constant nominations twists and meddling. We reckon that instead of these, bosses should instead tweak the format a bit and come up with something consistent that can be used every single week.

And the best way to do that without changing too much would be to simply copy Big Brother Australia.

As is the norm, each week, the housemates down under have to nominate two of their peers. However, instead of simply naming names, they must split five points between them – either 3-2 if they’re evenly matched, or 4-1 if they feel strongly about getting a particular person out. The three housemates with the most points then face the public vote.

It’s such a simple yet effective twist on the default nominations format that it’s a wonder we’ve never heard of it being done before.

Not only this, they do their nominations in a live show every week, making them appointment-to-view television. Each housemate has a limited amount of time to cast their votes, but they must still give full and frank reasons. Their Big Brother refuses poor excuses – housemates can’t get away with choosing somone just because they miss their family.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Aussie house even has a dedicated nominations room (pictured above), which makes the event even more tense and exciting.

If we’re going to copy one thing from BBAU this year, it has to be this.

Oh, and talking of nominations, there shouldn’t be any more involvement from friends and family whatsoever. Only the housemates themselves should have the right to nominate.

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  1. BB2013 says:
    Tue 04 Jun Reply !

    I Read this

    It’s Eyes Down For A Full House On Big Brother

    BIG Brother bosses have got fans in a spin by unveiling a second eye logo featuring lots of doors.

    It now means there are two peepers keeping a watch on the wannabes.

    And it’s led to a flurry of speculation about what this could mean.

    One fan tweeted: “This is a first for the show. We’ve never had two eyes before.”

    Two weeks ago Channel 5 revealed what they said was the official eye logo for the summer.

    But now bosses have launched the second one, for the series


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