Big Brother 2012 public vote percentages announced

20 comments - Posted on August 15 2012 at 12:39am

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Channel 5 has announced the percentage splits of almost all of the public eviction votes from Big Brother 2012 on spin-off show Bit On The Side.

Other than a select few details, the broadcaster had not officially released voting data for any of its series of Big Brother to date, breaking with the Channel 4 tradition of announcing evictees’ percentages as they left.

A show spokesperson told bbspy last August that bosses decided they did not “want the figures to reflect on the other housemates who were facing eviction”.

However, in a change of heart, they have now decided to follow ITV’s lead by releasing a complete set of figures for this year’s run following its conclusion.

Significant results include the first eviction, when just 0.94% of the vote seperated Lydia from eventual evictee Victoria. The opposite occured during the sixth eviction, with a difference of over 60% backing Conor to stay over Shievonne.

Presenter Emma Willis also revealed that Luke S was consistently bottom of the vote for the eighth eviction. However, a decision to feature voting freezes in the live show prompted a last minute surge of votes for him once Ashleigh was saved, resulting in Caroline leaving the house.

The full list of results given is as follows:

Eviction 1 – Conor vs. Lydia vs. Victoria

Conor – 65.04%
Lydia – 17.95%
Victoria – 17.01%

Eviction 2 – Arron vs. Chris

Arron – 61.63%
Chris – 38.37%

Eviction 3 – Benedict vs. Lauren

Lauren – 62.36%
Benedict – 37.64%

Eviction 4 – Deana vs. Lydia

Deana – 65.61%
Lydia – 34.39%

Eviction 5 – Arron vs. Becky vs. Conor vs. Deana

Deana – 45.46%
Becky – 21.30%
Conor – 20.44%
Arron – 12.80%

Eviction 6 – Conor vs. Shievonne

Conor – 80.33%
Shievonne – 19.67%

Eviction 7 – Lauren vs. Luke A

Luke A – 53.80%
Lauren – 46.20%

Eviction 8 – Adam vs. Ashleigh vs. Caroline vs. Conor vs. Deana vs. Luke A vs. Luke S vs. Sara

Freeze 1:
Luke A – 23.23%
Deana – 19.69%
Adam – 16.66%
Sara – 14.87%
Conor – 12.10%
Ashleigh – 5.80%
Caroline – 4.56%
Luke S – 3.08%

Freeze 2:
Conor – 14.05%
Ashleigh – 6.07%
Caroline – 5.15%
Luke S – 3.73%

Final Freeze:
Luke S – 7.85%
Caroline – 6.65%

Eviction 9 – Ashleigh vs. Becky vs. Deana vs. Luke A

Luke A – 54.56%
Deana – 33.72%
Ashleigh – 6.41%
Becky – 5.31%

Eviction 10 – Adam vs. Ashleigh vs. Deana vs. Scott

Deana – 40.11%
Adam – 35.14%
Ashleigh – 12.46%
Scott – 12.30%

The Final – Adam vs. Deana vs. Luke A vs. Luke S vs. Sara

Freeze 1:
Luke A – 30.79%
Adam – 25.92%
Deana – 21.78%
Sara – 15.44%
Luke S – 6.07%

Freeze 2:
Luke A – 31.14%
Adam – 26.29%
Deana – 21.24%
Sara – 16.62%

Freeze 3:
Luke A – 32.73%
Adam – 28.16%
Deana – 21.47%

Final Freeze:
Luke A – 35.27%
Adam –  30.89%

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20 comments on this article

  1. Josh says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    The vote to win percentages don’t add up to 100%. When did the votes close permanently?

  2. Annabelle says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Looking at the public reaction, BB site polls, pop polls, and bookies odds some of these numbers just DONT RING TRUE,

    If production CANT be honest in the making of this show
    then how can we expect them to be honest in any other aspect.

    Like ALL THINGS BB,, I’m taking these figures with a very large pinch of salt

  3. The Other Scott says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Excellent! Hopefully they will release the percentages for their past series as well.

    Just because someone is popular on fansites, it doesn’t mean people are actually voting. You can say what you want about the edit, favouritism, etc. but these percentages are definitely accurate as they’d have someone independent keeping an eye on them as well.

    That’s the percentages they got out of all 5 of them, so Sara and Luke S shared the remaining 17.64% between them.

    By my rough calculations, final 2 wise, Luke A got 53.75%, while Adam got 46.25%.
    Out of the final 3, Deana had 26.06%, Adam 34.19% and Luke A 39.74% approximately; however it’s a bit iffy since the voting re-opened after Deana was evicted, so it’s not completely clear.
    I may be wrong about this though.

  4. The Other Scott says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Also interesting to note that Deana may not have been the bookie’s favourite to win if they released these percentages earlier – Luke A got considerably more than her in the 9th eviction.

  5. Annabelle says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    @The Other Scott
    I know that the BBsites,Bookies, polls etc etc are only a reflection and it’s the votes that count, but still..

    for SO many to get it SO wrong leaves a big question mark over the whole thing, Added to that , all the jiggerypokery that production got up to makes me question the Integrity and honesty of this show

  6. Arvint says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    I’m surprised how Shievonne got only 19% and Conor got 80% and how Luke a was beating in the 9th eviction was all the polls say different!!

    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    this years big brother was utter rubbish bar a few decent hms any one who really enjoyed it just shows what low life’s they are and were probably out rioting last year because any one who enjoys watching people treat each other like crap and bitch at each other must have really sad disgusting lives and horrible partners.

    And the week the voting froze was obviously a set up to keep connerscumbag in.

    I know the reason why BB gave conman that money is because his family spent thousands of pounds voting to keep him in and thats why they closed facebook voting down because you can spend thousands voting and they felt sorry for his family.
    (Proof) just look at the voting stats when conman was up 65% and 82% no one liked him that much in fact he was hated FACT?.

  8. BITCH BROTHER.. says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    A Exclusive from big brother producers.
    There changing the name of the show for 2013.


    Bound to be full of bitchy hms next year as well…

    They were going to change celeb name aswell but that ones a wait and see.

  9. Numbers v Percentages says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Remember percentages don’t tell the story of number of votes; so “Shievonne 19% and Conor 80%” could be lower numbers of votes compared to other evictions…

  10. Chris says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Freezing the votes gives an entirely differrent outcome, because those that wanted Luke S or Ashley to win would then vote for anyone other thean Deana, if the votes were to evict as it used to be, we would have seen the exit of Coner at a much earlier but BB would not have made as much money from voting.

  11. Lewis Kennedy says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Im still mad about the results of eviction #7! If everyone here stopped complaining for once and voted that week, Lauren might have stayed! Sorry but Y’all are just immature.

  12. The Other Scott says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Yeah, a lot of people did get it wrong, so it was a shock, but I think of it more as Luke A and Adam supporters saw this as well and went into overdrive, while Deana supporters perhaps got a bit complacent. That said, we don’t actually know the number of votes, so there may not actually be that many separating the three of them.

  13. Francis says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    @Annabelle people who vote on polls don’t actually pick the phone up and vote so thats invalid, i bet 70% of the people on this website didn’t pick the phone up once to vote.

  14. il complain if i want to says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    i voted plenty and il complain as much as i want to.
    so what yr saying its not about the house mates having a great time really its all about ch5 and bb making as much money as they can.
    If i had to put up with the likes of becky/caroline/arron/chris/conner & ashleigh all horrible people, i would lose my temper bigtime
    but becky caroline & conner were the worst of those 5 disgusting human beings the way they spoke to other house mates i would have gave them a severe verbal bashing for the way they spoke to others in the house AND im being polite in the way i say that.
    becky and caroline just there voices would have irritated the crap out of me let alone there disgusting personality’s and there way of making conversation.

  15. Christina says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    I used the phone, text and Facebook to vote for Lauren and 2 FB for Adam. Then of course shortly after that we couldn’t use Facebook any more. You had to buy a minimum of 5 FB credits and much as (don’t know or remember) but is it really fair that a housemate is kept in cause someone spent tons of money to do it? What about gambling syndicates or some clever people.

    Facebook considers C5 a client, they have develop this payment system for their premium rate game. They also retain about 30% of the profits, plus tax and services….

  16. Jsylass says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    I have just filled in the complaint form from the ofcom website to complain about Conor. Mainly because he should hv been removed from the house, there and then. But to be rewarded with 50k of the winners prize money makes it even worse.

    Am so pleased the soldiers won. Really wouldn’t have minded any of them winning. Sad that Lauren wasn’t 4th, that would hv upset the burnsides more. @Annabelle

  17. Timmu says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    I wish everyone would stop complaining about everything they’ve done with this show. I understand some of the things you complain about, but when people keep saying how shit everything is.. I don’t get it? Why do you even watch the show then? Stop watching it and save your nerves.

    I also didn’t like many things this series, but I think it was an interesting and unpredictable, overall a great season!

    I am worried about Conor and Shievonne’s eviction though. There is no way it could’ve been realistically that high. I’ve hear about things that Facebook voting was hacked though, that people used Youtube video instructions to get infinite Facebook credit and then used it to vote for Conor. I am also annoyed that Conor got the 50k, but oh well, that’s how it went. I am not going to scream and shout via internet comments just because things didn’t go the way I would’ve liked them to go. Wake up! It’s not always the good ones who win amazing prizes.

  18. Eloise says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Francis I went on all the sites to put my vote in for Deana and on the final night I managed to vote at least 6 times. Unfortunately I couldn’t get through after that. I do feel suspicious though about the way BB have manipulated the public to make us feel some people were more popular than others. I don’t know that I shall bother watching BB next year – but if I do I will only vote if it’s to evict and not to save.

  19. Joe Singleton says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    @BIGBROTHER UTTER RUBBISH Can we ban this guy from commenting? I’m actually really offended by what he said. :straight:

  20. Christina Chance says:
    Fri 17 Aug Reply !

    Got my cheque for .66 pence. Its on behalf of Telecom Express Limited. Cost them .44 pence to send it. Would have left it for them to donate to chairty. (if I believed that is where it would go). But after this farce they need to go to some expense.

    Anyone that doesn’t believe the numbers can’t be fudge or a fix can’t happen. Look at everything that is going on. The banks and bankers what lies did they tell to pad their pockets. Then there are the politicians and their expense accounts. The body that maintains or monitors the votes, does not answer to the public. I contacted ERS and they forwarded my request of numbers to Channel 5. And they don’t release those numbers. Facebook voting was consider a premium game account. C5 paid Facebook with them taking a percentage. Whenever money is involved and profits…cheating, skimming and fudging the numbers always happens.

    Notice none of the voting money was going to a charity this year!!

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