Luke Anderson wins Big Brother 2012 final

36 comments - Posted on August 13 2012 at 10:20pm

Luke A - Big Brother 2012 final

Transgender development chef Luke Anderson has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2012 on Channel 5, scooping a £50,000 prize fund.

After ten weeks and fifteen exits, the 31-year-old triumphed over Adam Kelly to take first place in this year’s series. He left the house to a cheering crowd and the typical fireworks display, before speaking to host Brian Dowling.

“It’s great to feel acceptance. It’s not sunk in yet,” he commented. “Yes, a big part of it was about acceptance. All my life I’ve pretty much been an outsider, and to win this… It’s not about the money for me, but obviously it’s really nice.”

Asked why he thought he’d won, Luke said: “I have no bloody idea. I was the quietest in the house I felt, they were more entertaining, so I really couldn’t answer that.”

The hot topic was the divide in the house, between the ‘insiders’ and the ‘outsiders’. “It was pretty traumatic when it was at it worst,” explained Luke. “You did feel alone in the house.

“[The outsiders] sort of found each other, as cheesy as it sounds. It was nice to have people to talk to. Without them, I would have been on my own in the smoking pit all the time.”

Addressing his friendship with Adam, he added: “He’s just such a genuine, down-to-earth, good-hearted, solid guy. He made me feel safe in that house sometimes.”

Elsewhere, Luke claimed his his rivalry with Luke S was based on ‘physical’ reasons, and said he felt ‘really bad’ about his remark on Becky’s BMI: “It’s not nice hearing anything negative about yourself, especially when it’s getting broadcast from one of your family members.”

He concluded: “I’ve learnt that I can be very stubborn, very determined, I can be quite sarcastic sometimes, and they say a bit snidey but who knows.”

Following the interview, Luke went back in to the crowd as more pyrotechnics went off. He also posed for the cameras with wife Becki, his win coinciding with their first wedding anniversary.

Later on, Luke appeared on spin-off show Bit On The Side, when first evictee Victoria cheekily asked: “Do you think the other half of your prize money went to the right person, considering they were derogatory towards women?”

He vaguely responded: “Yeah, because I believe Conor… I’m happy Conor got it.”

Browse pictures of Luke’s exit from the house below:

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36 comments on this article

  1. CH5BBUK says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    Well Done to Luke A :happy:

  2. Jillian says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    I am shocked that so many are appalled at Luke A’s comment about Conor getting the money. You have to remember, none of the finalists have been shown clips of his nasty raging rant towards Deana. As far as Luke A is concerned, Conor stealing the money out from under Luke S’ nose and witnessing the fallout was well worth it… as well as not having to deal with someone who (they thought) was an insider favored by the public making it to the final.

  3. Saz says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    I thought that Jillian, Luke A was unaware of the extent to which Connor had behaved so badly. He knew Connor and Deana didn’t like each other but I was not aware of a mahor rift between the two of them themselves. Its a bit like Adam not nominating Luke S – they both had their own views and opinions of people based on the information they have. And I agree, based on Luke A’s feelings towards Luke S – he would naturally consider Connor the better of the two to win!

  4. Swills says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    Luke a only said he was glad Conor won the money because he was chuffed that Luke S missed out. Like A all the way. :grin:

  5. Annabelle says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Luke A was a nice enough guy, but did he do enough to win ??
    reminds of of a certain Rachel Rice, sugary sweet nice but as dull as grey emulsion paint..

    It seems as far as many where concerned there was only one winner this year, but according to BB’s numbers she only got enough votes to secure third place.

    final figures
    Luke A =50k
    Conor, =50k
    BB =££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
    Deana =0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    doesnt seem right does it ??!!

  6. john says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    i think the bookies were right deana was the favourite all through the show, there was possibly two reasons it finished as it did, one during the last week or so a few people unjustly tagged her a bully i expect the conar becky caroline supporters, two a lot of jealously because deana was still there and i also think they cast votes not because they liked the soldiers but to stop her winning,if teasing luke s was being a bully i would say we are all bullies in the end a good result, i really think deana wasnt hell bent on winning unlike the insiders i think she just wanted one of her soldiers to win and was quite happy with that i also think they will remain friends.pleased for luke a, two lukes but such different people

  7. Eloise says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Agree with you entirely. Manipulated or what? Doesn’t leave you feeling too good does it? (If I see Connor’s grinning mug on my tv once more I shall be writing to Ofcom again!!!)

  8. lee says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    who put the toast in the toaster thats wot she did she started thinking she was rock hard and a went of her after that and wots all this soldier shite all about haha wot a little divvy :tongue:

  9. tara says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    So happy luke a won:) rather than dennea…. Ha ha ha ha could not stand her.

  10. tara says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    well looking forward two ccb tonight guuted that dogs not coming in :down: 7mins two go…….. :happy: got two go cbb starting bye…

  11. jennyjuniper says:
    Thu 16 Aug Reply !

    I agree with Jillian that the only reason Luke A said he was okay with conor having half the cash is because he didn’t yet know the extent of conor and his family’s vileness. If anyone asked hinm now I think the reply would be quite different.

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