Big Brother 2012 final: Deana Uppal comes third

29 comments - Posted on August 13 2012 at 09:53pm

Deana - Big Brother 2012 final

Miss India UK beauty queen Deana Uppal has finished third in Big Brother 2012, despite being the bookies’ favourite to win.

The shock result came after Luke S and Sara were evicted in fifth and fourth place respectively, leaving an Outsiders-exclusive final three. She congratulated Luke A and Adam before walking out to a mixed response from the audience.

“I never ever thought that I get this far, I’m so happy,” she told Brian Dowling in her exit interview. “Whoever wins, I’m completely happy with it. The 50 grand would be lovely, but oh well.

“I’m actually quite proud that I’ve survived to the final with all those nominations.”

Discussing the divide in the house, Deana said: “It was difficult. I don’t know if it was shown, but sometimes I’d walk up to the sofa, and everyone else would move away. The only friends I found were Adam, Luke A and Sara. I was very paranoid.

After being shown housemates’ negative reactions to their ‘Soldiers’ nickname, Deana commented: “They didn’t like us from the beginning anyway, so they just needed something to hold on to, something to criticise. Even if I didn’t say soldiers, they’d have disliked us.”

Brian soon quizzed Deana on her relationship with nemesis Conor, who notably made some unsavoury threats towards her earlier in the series.

“I still don’t know what his problem was. I asked him so many times, and he never told me,” she explained. “He never gave me any valid points about why he has a problem with me.

“Even before I had to nominate on the first day, he was a bit funny with me. From the first time he’d seen me he had something against me. He was quite a strong, powerful character in the house. To have him against me, and all his little friends, it wasn’t nice.”

She also addressed her change in attitude in the final week, saying: “I just felt more comfortable. I’d taken so much s**t from everyone, so I started sticking up for myself.”

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29 comments on this article

  1. Jillian says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    If Deana hadn’t lowered herself to the bullies’ level in the last week, they wouldn’t have had anything to ‘edit’ to show how nasty she turned… and no one with half a brain takes on board what’s said on BBOTS! Even stacking the crowd with boo-ers is all pantomime and doesn’t mean a thing.

    Heck, look at last year’s winner Aaron. He was maliciously maligned on BBOTS throughout the whole series, but his supporters stood fast and he won it anyway. It was so malicious, in fact, that he refused to have anything more to do with the show (which is sad because I really liked him).

  2. Annabelle says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Believe it or not Lillian, but I totally agree with with you,
    Deana DID let herself down somewhat in the last week or so, but I find it hard to condemn her for getting a bit off her own back after all that the others put her through,

    But if it was ANY OTHER HM would it have been anilyzed, discected, and scutinised on BOTS to the extent of overkill ??

    And the whole Aaron thing last year was disgusting , another case of a face that didnt fit in the channel 5 production room.
    BOTS is just one big waste of money and resources, ,,

    Money I would rather see getting put towards LF than this utter drivel

  3. Hia says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    Deana should sue big brother for not kicking conor out of te house for that racist and sexual comments
    Hope deana take actions against conor and make him payfor his comments against her hope that 50 k goes to deana and adam they deserved it

  4. Jsylass says:
    Wed 15 Aug Reply !

    I really didn’t mind if Adam, Deena, or Luke a won. Although Deena was the one who kept the fun and entertainment during the last week.
    Would luv the housemates be interviiewed say next week, once they have had time to watch the bb back.
    Deena I hope makes an official complaint to Ofcom regarding Conor. He should not have been allowed to stay in the house. Let alone be rewarded with 50k. He shouldn’t get the money, it should be given to the children’s, Stop bullying’ charity. @ellie leonard

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