Big Brother 2012 final: Adam Kelly comes second

3 comments - Posted on August 13 2012 at 10:17pm

Adam - Big Brother 2012 final

Reformed LA gangster Adam Kelly has finished second in Big Brother 2012, as the runner-up to winner Luke Anderson.

The pair clung on to each other as host Brian Dowling announced the final result. “Told you!” Adam exclaimed to his triumphant friend, giving him another hug before leaving the house to a positive crowd reception.

Reacting to the outcome, he told Brian: “I have no problem. This ain’t supposed to happen to somebody like me. I don’t know, I don’t know. I just ain’t.

“I’ve been broke before, it don’t even matter. I’ve been homeless, I’ve slept on the street. I’ve got a good life, I had the opportunity to be here.”

Talk quickly turned to the insider/outsider divide. “I told them in the Diary Room before, I’ll be a one-man soldier, by myself, because some of these people I don’t wanna associate with. There were some indecent human beings in that house,” Adam observed.

As Brian pressed for more information, he continued: “You want me to call out names? Arron, selfish ass… you know what I’m saying. I won’t swear, I’ll hold it back.

“I haven’t got much respect for Conor, he put it out there, ‘I don’t care for nobody’.”

However, Adam admitted that he’d also have pushed the button for the £50,000 in the White Room, saying: “It’s life changing money, you can’t hate on him for that.”

He was teased a potential relationship with evictee Lauren: “Oh my god she’s so goregous. Great smile, personality, everything… booty! Oh goodness. I’d love to take her on a date, give the second runner-up a chance!”

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3 comments on this article

  1. Chord says:
    Mon 13 Aug Reply !

    and Luke A wins yippee, yippee, yippee…. OMG :doh: :sad: :straight:

  2. Saz says:
    Mon 13 Aug Reply !

    Well done Adam, so pleased you made the final 2 x

  3. Barbara says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    I would of loved if Adam Kelly would of won Big Brother 2012 !!!!!! :up: :heart: :happy:
    but unfortunately it never works out that way :down: :doh: :sad:

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