Big Brother under fire over potential rule-break

64 comments - Posted on July 18 2012 at 07:09pm

Big Brother 2012 - Conor, Caroline face-to-face nominations

Big Brother 2012 has come under fire from viewers after Caroline was caught showing Conor her cards during Monday’s face-to-face nominations.

On Sunday, Big Brother set housemates a Wild West-themed shopping task, which culminated in a twist on Monday evening involving housemates making their seventh round of nominations in front of the group.

Each housemate was given a deck of cards featuring the other housemates’ faces, and had to draw the cards of their chosen nominees, display them and explain their reasons.

The segment aired in last night’s highlights show, and eagle-eyed viewers spotted a second-long clip in which Caroline fanned out her cards and displayed them to Conor.

Big Brother 2012 - Conor, Caroline face-to-face nominations

Although it is not exactly clear what happened, many angry fans have speculated that they could have been discussing who they were voting for, which would break the rules banning housemates from discussing and influencing nominations.

Conor and Caroline had already affected the nominations – albeit unknowingly – after helping Scott, Sara and Luke S to win immunity.

As the task’s Sheriff and Deputy, they were able to split the other housemates in to three teams – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – and determine which teams won three mini challenges, which rewarded them with extra time in the final immunity challenge.

Shortly after the nominations took place, Deana, Sara and Luke A were punished for conversations Big Brother deemed to be rule-breaking.

bbspy has approached the show for an explanation.

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64 comments on this article

  1. philomena daly says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    @patricia Totally agree. Look what happened to nasty nick for cheating he was kicked off she should be up for cheating either that or the hole house put up for her actions :envy:

  2. Donna says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    I am not being funny, but we are looking at this picture from 1 angle yes it looks like she is showing him, BUT Big Brother would have seen it from several angles, which is why they have not done anything. How can people say that BB doesn’t punish these 2?? They have done before. I have a question for the people that said Deana to win… Why?? What has she done to win? What annoys me is people want her to win because she has been ‘bullied’ she hasn’t they just don’t like her. It happens, yes Connor was bang out of order with what he said but that does not mean Deana should win…

  3. Donna says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    Also they are all influencing each other, everytime they say they don’t like someone, The smokers I feel are actually the worst for doing this, They go on about how they don’t like a certain person then most of the time they all vote that person. Lauren goes on about Caroline and Ashleigh and who did the smokers vote???

  4. Shelby says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    I can see where you’re coming from. But, people do not want the ‘bullies’ to win, we all want to see a genuine person win. The outsiders deserve that money more than anyone, most the insiders have been intimidating, bitching, being horrible, you saw what BB did to Caroline? They gave her a warning and Scott & Ashleigh. Also, it was only Adam & Deana who voted for Ashleigh, it was any influence on them two, they did have reasonable explanations. Same with Caroline; Luke A, Lauren & Adam voted for her with valid reasons. It’s the fact that Caroline went around the night before as well as Becky, intimidating Lauren and Luke A. Last of all, Big Brother is useless, they don’t punish the two separately, it’s the whole house.

  5. Shelby says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    Sorry, I meant ‘it was only Adam & Deana who voted for Ashleigh, it wasn’t any influence’

  6. Caroline says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    Conor and Caroline didn’t vote for the same 2 people so what difference does it make? Yes they did both vote for Lauren but so did almost all of them. Most people are just trying to find a way to get Luke A and Lauren off the hook, well sorry but 1 of them is gone this week and who goes you decide :grin:

  7. Lisa says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    I stopped watching this year. I was frustrated enough when they allowed repeated rule breaks from the same people over and over with lame, weak punishments while allowing the tainted nominations to stand and Connor getting away with his vile words towards Deena but this is too much. Why allow both L&L to be up when it was clearly caught and called out that C&C cheated once again? Why call out Deena but not C&C? I give up this year. I am over it all and will hope the BB does better next year or I may jsut be over it for good.

  8. Smile! says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    Deana, Sara Luke A and Lauren where pulled for talking about nominations (even though they where harmless conversations not directly intended to influence voting) and they where punished. So why is a CLEAR attempt to influence voting gone unpunished? The video is there for all to see. Double standards Bigbrother!

  9. jennyjuniper says:
    Thu 19 Jul Reply !

    If you are as disgusted and angry at BB’s constant refusal to acknowledge that Conor and Co persistently rule break and influence nominations, then I would like to ask you to join me in NOT voting to save, NOT watching the eviction and contacting SCHWARTZKOPF and anyone in the media to register your dissatisfaction. Any channel or programme which takes money from viewers should be answerable to that public. Remind channel 5 and BB that it is our hard earned money which helps pay for their jobs.

  10. karen says:
    Fri 20 Jul Reply !

    connor and caroline never got into bother over talks in the bathroom/showerroom the same day deana got into bother ,infact!,carolines hair was still wet from being in shower bitching whilst she sat on sofa listening to deana getting into bother!

  11. Anna says:
    Fri 20 Jul Reply !

    So there wasnt a good Camera angle for conclusive evidence to prove Carolines wrong-doing ! ! ! –wasnt that convenient ? ?
    But does it really Matter ? ?
    Carolines actions have made the whole nomination process QUESTIONABLE to say the least and should NEVER be allowed to go ahead
    We know BB bend over backwards to keep certain HM’s in, This year thats more apparent than ever.
    BB,,,,, with this LUDICROUS decision youve just lost thousands of viewers and MONEY PAYING voters, you can ill afford to lose

  12. loll51 says:
    Fri 20 Jul Reply !

    OMG anyone can clearly see Conor looking at her cards. She’s sitting so close to him she’s virtually sitting on his knee. She’s showing him her cards how can BB say the camera was at an angle that they couldn’t see. It’s there…we can see it BB why can’t you.? :shock:

  13. dawny says:
    Fri 20 Jul Reply !

    well ive been banned from the big brother site 4 tellin the truth how sad is that but we wont b beat at all

  14. Annabelle says:
    Sat 21 Jul Reply !

    It wasnt a “Potential rule break” it was a BLATANT rule break, BB didnt have the angle ( so they say) to see who’s card Caroline was showing also means they didnt have the angle to see that it wasnt Laurens pic she was showing, leaving a big question mark over the who’ll debacle,
    There may not have been enough evidence to punish Caroline and Conor ( yeah we believe you ! ! !) but there was plenty of evidence to make the nominations null and void, putting the whole house up and letting the public REALLY DECIDE for once who goes

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