Big Brother looks set to keep outdoor production base

13 comments - Posted on March 18 2012 at 09:03pm

Big Brother 2011 house aerial

Big Brother looks likely to keep its outdoor setup at Elstree Studios for future series after bosses applied for planning permission to keep it in place.

Last summer, production company Endemol failed to secure the George Lucas Stage at the Borehamwood compound, which it had used to house all of its facilities – including studio sets – for most of the Channel 4 series.

Instead, they opted to create a new ‘production village’ for the Channel 5 revival, by installing 30 portacabins around the house, as well as a permanent outdoor set for the live shows.

However, it now appears that the show won’t move back, as executives have submitted an application to local authority Hertsmere Borough Council seeking to keep the portacabins in place for another three years.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that BBC One’s new talent show The Voice UK – created by John De Mol, the man behind the Big Brother format – has booked a stage in the Lucas building for its live shows, which will begin in May, around the same time the next series of BB launches.

Despite the lengthy planning application, Channel 5 has yet to officially announce a renewal of its Big Brother contract, which will expire this summer.

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13 comments on this article

  1. Courtney says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record and keep going on about renewal, renewal, renewal; but could this be a good indication on how long the show could be renewed for? Surely you wouldn’t renew a show for one or two years, but apply to have a production base to that show for three?

  2. Matt says:
    Thu 24 May Reply

    Not really – Endemol renewed the lease on the Big Brother house itself for three years in July 2010, a month and a half before the Channel 4 series finished and nine months before the Channel 5 revival was announced (during which time there was at least one breakdown in talks)

  3. Courtney says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I thought about that, but technically- by keeping the lease to the house until 2013, the production company could turn it into a tourist destination, or for nostalgic reasons; so there was purpose for keeping the house (or the shell of it at least) after the ending of the show.
    But there would be no purpose for a production camp, as if 5 were to end the series, it’s not like fans of the show would visit the area for a bunch of portavans. I guess by renewing their lease on the outside of the house could have other benefits- but to renew it for 3 years seems odd. If 5 only wanted to renew the show for one or two more years, with the option of renewing the contract again at the end of that second contract, why wouldn’t they just renew their lease for the land for 2 years?

  4. Alex says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Thing is, the house is gutted after the series finishes. The majority of the contents are auctioned off and everything removbed. The cameras come out literally minutes after the last live show as they are owned by Roll To Record and are used on other productions. They do tours for competition winners but the house is bare bones between series. Seems odd to spend that amount of money on the house, building the ‘Production Village’ and the length of applications. But, it is a good sign that at least a few years of Big Brother are planned.

  5. Andy says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    i know this is off topic but… i wish they would change the outside of the house, i mean the big eye that opens looks great! But the stairs/door looks cheap. i think they should put the eye back on the door and get rid of the turning walkway. Also is the house going to look different? or is it going to be the same again? One thing i look forward to the most is the reveal of the new house.

  6. liam haining says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    You know wit if i was to run the show i would make the house diffrent each seson and have more twist also i would not stop untill its just as big as the american big brother i am great at comeing up with ideas and i think i should give them to the big brother team…

  7. Iyren says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    i dont get is that the big brother house looks like 2 stories high but the stairs lead right into the lower floor what is on top of the bungalow then O.O

  8. Dodge says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Housemates walk up the steps outside the House to the door, the walk down the stairs inside the house back to ground level.

    Except Verne & Steve.

  9. Dinks says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    hi bb lovers does anyone know when b starts .is it early may oh my god i hope so cant wait :grin: :wink:

  10. Dinks says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !


  11. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I heard BB starts sometime in May and CBB right after BB :grin:

  12. Dodge says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    They only have permission for 22 days each year with a live crowd. The extra CBB has taken some of those days so normal BB has to be shorter. C5 are following the ratings.

  13. liam haining says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    :up: bb c5 is doing there best to get it better than ever so we should let them make the rules but i would be great to have a couples bigbrother and another bigbrother so we do not have to say bye for long i hate it when they go off air for a long time because theres is nothing better to watch i mean comeon celbrity get me out of here is rubbish comeon big brother u can do better than any other reality game show :straight: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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