About Scott

Scott is a 20-year-old history student hoping to launch a career as a ‘celebrity historian’ after Big Brother.

He has an obsession with the British upper classes and the Regency Rakes from the 1800’s are his idols – he admires their cavalier attitude and how recklessly they spent money. A member of shooting and countryside societies at university he enjoys hunting game and would love to visit Africa and “bring trophies back”.

His most recent job was as an Avon Cosmetics Representative, he “quite fancied being an Avon lady” but he didn’t think it through as he “didn’t get any orders”.

Scott has never been in a long-term relationship; the longest lasted a month but he is on the look-out for love “it’s a never-ending crusade”. He says that his family are mostly unaware he is gay but suspects that they may have “gathered”.

42 comments on Scott

  1. ben m says:
    Sat 04 Aug Reply !

    scott to win

  2. wyatt says:
    Sat 04 Aug Reply !

    Becky who ???

  3. Knowitall says:
    Mon 06 Aug Reply !

    He has OCD

  4. Charlotte says:
    Tue 07 Aug Reply !

    Is it just me or has Scott changed since Caroline’s has gone.

  5. megan says:
    Tue 07 Aug Reply !

    I love Scott I think he is hilarious lol I think he will win defo he and Becky r and we’re gr8 people 2 house I preferred beks to Scott but he was my second fav now beks is owt I think Scott shud win

    Scott 2 win :heart:

  6. Fred Vaughn says:
    Wed 08 Aug Reply !

    Scott was very quite until Coner cut Scott’s hair. I thought he had a wig on, the way he was always touching it. The more they screwed
    with Scott’s hair the more bitchy and mouthy Scott was. That is how Scott became a real rapscallion.

  7. irene pearson says:
    Wed 08 Aug Reply !

    Scott is pretty nondescript really , a forgettable character as Saras mother said. Wish he had stayed with nominating Sara last night . Especially as she stabbed him in the back and nommed him, Just another one of her thousands of BEST FRIENDS/ What a div.

  8. D Joe Jogger says:
    Thu 09 Aug Reply !


  9. D Joe Jogger says:
    Thu 09 Aug Reply !

    he stayed at home even after his sisters death ….

    • Anja says:
      Wed 11 Oct !

      what do you mean his sister died?

  10. colum says:
    Thu 09 Aug Reply !

    Scott Mason has been warned by ‘Big Brother’ again for making aggressive comments about Deana Uppal.

  11. irene pearson says:
    Thu 09 Aug Reply !

    What a let down he is.BB of course keeping his abuse of Deana under wraps, after the gigantic mistake of showing that disgusting thug conors’ . The fall out continue and are on the trail

  12. Victoria says:
    Sat 11 Aug Reply !

    Scott, you are NOT a forgettable character.

    Scott was my favorite. And hilarious.

  13. ben m says:
    Mon 13 Aug Reply !

    Scott was my favorite aswell i was so shoked on friday when he left

  14. irene pearson says:
    Tue 14 Aug Reply !

    Scot stay away from venomous chav Trashleigh. On BOTS you were beginning to sound as catty and vacuous as her. You can do better than sink estate behaviour. The insiders were way beneath you.You are most definitely are not a chav like that pack of hyenas

  15. Abbyster. Bee says:
    Wed 22 Mar Reply !

    :straight: he’s my history teacher

  16. Kylie says:
    Thu 27 Apr Reply !

    Scott Mason is my history teacher!! He had grown a beard he looks dreadful!!

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