About Lydia

Lydia, a 25-year-old professional dancer, is engaged to Andy Scott-Lee. She met the reality star whilst dancing in a music video for his sister, Lisa Scott-Lee, of Steps fame.

As a child she attended three-hour dance classes, six days a week and professionally she has danced with Kylie Minogue and Kanye West, amongst others. She says that the best job she’s ever done was for the film ‘Mamma Mia’ where she was on screen for every ensemble number and even had a scene with Meryl Streep.

Lydia finds it hard to walk away from confrontation, “I can’t help but put my two pennies worth in – I pride myself on the ability to outwit my contender”. She’s very much in the show to win it, “I don’t go into something for the experience” and that she will win it by “letting people hang themselves. I’ll walk in and suss everyone out”

Lydia can’t drink alcohol because she’s allergic to it (she can’t even have it in food).

45 comments on Lydia

  1. anji3010 says:
    Fri 15 Jun Reply !

    Silent S#*T stirrer…………

  2. Stu says:
    Fri 15 Jun Reply !

    :heart: Love Lydia :heart: , fav HM this year the first week was entertaining and compulsive viewing as the ratings prove. Last couple of days though BB has been a bit dull coz she’s calmed down a bit, we need her to kick-off over something again soon for the drama.

    And BB fans if you love the show keep the best HMs in instead of getting rid of them the first chance you get like what happens every year, really does my head in!

  3. Remi says:
    Sat 16 Jun Reply !

    I don’t like Lydia, I have just realised that she stirs a lot of stuff up, and she shouldn’t do that, she’s just so unfriendly aswell.

  4. Roo says:
    Sun 17 Jun Reply !

    I can’t believe people are so bitchy! Does this girl think we are too stupid to notice, or something?! She is really horrible! :down:

  5. Roo says:
    Sun 17 Jun Reply !

    Also…she’s engaged to someone who’s famous for being the brother of someone famous? Have I got that right?!

  6. boo says:
    Mon 18 Jun Reply !

    i like her :grin:

  7. Si says:
    Mon 18 Jun Reply !

    Really Love Lydia! She is one of the only people who aren’t bitching behind other peoples backs and I just think she is great the way she gives her opinions about the other HMs under her breath. KEEP HER IN!!!!! :grin:

  8. Mason says:
    Tue 19 Jun Reply !

    Shes a fucking sneakey bitch !!! every time I see her I feel like punching the tv because of the way she keeps talking about people in their back . :down: :down:

  9. alison says:
    Thu 21 Jun Reply !

    she is only living in his shadow! because there is no lime light on him!! : :grin:

  10. yourmaninjapan says:
    Fri 22 Jun Reply !

    Absolutely the most egotistical and rubbish person i have ever seen on BB. A nasty peice of work, who gives airs and graces with no backing what so ever. husband who? who cares, put it this way i admire people with high self asteem, but this one takes the cake, i feel sorry for her boyfriend and family. She is so spoiled it must be a nightmare to live. Im no back chatter, but i think i can say what i want because she’s been exposed as one in this show. She has recked any chance of fame, because i was big wig in the entertainments industry i would run a mile if i saw her. No offence to pro dancers either but she is bad poster girl, haha its good tv yes but i hate every moment of it!

  11. jess-j says:
    Fri 22 Jun Reply !

    I’d never thought i’d say this, but lydia needs to go she’s a bitch and she’s just so two faced it’s unreal!
    She’s up her own arse, she thinks her husbands as famous as the likes of Tom Cruise or something, she needs to sort it out, FAST.

  12. josie says:
    Sat 23 Jun Reply !

    without lydia it wud be so boring i dont want her to win it either .

    not fussed who wins yet as long as it aint her nor deana lol

  13. andy says:
    Mon 25 Jun Reply !

    hahahaahah shes funny she needs to say because there would be nothing to watch…. shes the most interesting person in there hence why she gets most of the air time. Get the boring ones out e.g connor, luke a, luke s, scott, deana, adam

  14. simplyforthis says:
    Tue 26 Jun Reply !

    I cannot abide this woman!!
    She’s a snide, manipulative, egotistical snake. The fact that she can stir such feeling in me, means she has to stay. I want to see how far she’ll get before she walks.

  15. zenileon says:
    Thu 12 Jul Reply !

    She’s not Gemini, she’s Cancer! Get your facts right!!!!

  16. Roseanne Riley says:
    Sat 28 Jul Reply !

    Can she come back in I am her fan of Lydia

  17. wyatt says:
    Tue 31 Jul Reply !

    Andy who ??? poor lad he had gone he was out of his sisters lime light back to being the no mark he was ,,and then this bird with a fit ass comes and keeps throwing his name in,,made me cringe when she said ,,oh Andy he is so normal for a famous guy,, and to Benedict you will be saved now Andy knows you are my friend,,the poor lad he must have been saying please shut up and leave me alone,,lol a famous fiance ,,,hes only with her coz she can earn a few quid and keep the wolf from the door

  18. tara says:
    Sat 04 Aug Reply !

    New lydia is a gemini one word too~faced bitch..

  19. Rael says:
    Mon 06 Aug Reply !

    Thought she was going out with someone famous (but doesn’t like to talk about it)…

  20. kati says:
    Tue 30 Jul Reply !

    ohh…. i know she is Iranian (from fother side ) :)
    am i right ?

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