POLL: Should housemates be able to talk nominations?

9 comments - Posted on June 8 2012 at 02:03pm

Big Brother 2012 Diary Room

It appears the Big Brother 2012 housemates will be allowed to discuss nominations – but is this a good or a bad move? Vote in our poll below…

Last night, Arron became the first housemate to discover that Big Brother has decided to alter the rule book to allow nominations talk this year – and he wasted no time in forming the first alliance, sharing his secret only with Luke S.

The idea of such a change has always divided the Big Brother viewers. Some believe that it’s wrong to tinker with such a long-established fundamental rule – in our comments, @BB_Superfan argued that it would be “dull to watch” and “an obstacle to the development of genuine relationships in the House”.

But there are also those who think switching to the Big Brother USA-style format would spice up the show. bbspy user Matt said: “Big Brother isnt actually about making genuine friends”.

But which side are you on – should the original nomination rules remain sacrosanct, or are you up for seeing the housemates engage in more gameplay?

Vote in our poll here, and let us know your opinions in the comments…

Should the Big Brother housemates be allowed to discuss nominations?
917 Votes

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9 comments on this article

  1. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 09 Jun Reply !

    I dont think they should be able to talk about nominations and should keep to the BB rules like on CH4 :happy:

  2. Maxwell says:
    Sat 09 Jun Reply !

    What? No! Bad move Channel 5, you’ve totally ruined everything!

  3. Josh says:
    Sun 10 Jun Reply !

    It detracts from what was originally meant to be a social experiment. The show should never be about winning; it’s a 64-day observation of how people chosen to be placed in a unique situation would behave in response to the environment around them. Although, I must say that Channel 5 is being extremely cheeky, because they don’t have live feed, they can do that to the rules, and since we won’t know if the housemates are being genuine or not because there’s no live feed, the housemates can totally play up to us. Again, a huge reason why 24/7 live feed MUST be brought back.

  4. Christina Chance says:
    Sun 10 Jun Reply !

    This could be a good thing, but Big Brother won’t follow it though with what goes along with that change. Nominations face to face. I guess if someone knows they might be up for eviction could effect the way they act and behave.

  5. Christina Chance says:
    Sun 10 Jun Reply !

    I agree with you there Josh. The experiment is long forgotten. Like I say in my comment below. Would love to see the fall out of that. The house is too soft. I am sure I sure a row of hair tong/straighteners. What happen to the days of ONE, for all of them for a few hours.

    The updates that are posted and released to press and internet bloggers, really isn’t good enough.

    I haven’t really been watching it. Mainly cause when I do tune in, seems they are running a day or two behind.

  6. john 400 says:
    Sun 10 Jun Reply !

    I do not think they sould talk about nominations. I also think that you should put on live feed 24/7 like the old days so we can see for our selfs weather the housemates are realy genuine and not what you want us to see on the nighty shows. This means we can judge for our selfs.

  7. phil says:
    Mon 11 Jun Reply !

    Big Brother really did die on c4, what is this load of trash ch5 are showing, its utter rubbish, fake, produced, brainwashed, rigged, boring, edited the list is endless, its a total disgrace how c5 have ripped to pieces a really great format. The show has no soul or purpose anymore c5 just want to make a quick ££ nowt else folks, yes 24/7 live feed would save it but c5 will never bring it back, really sad.

  8. Jack says:
    Mon 11 Jun Reply !

    Of course. The old Big Brother is dead, if they continue with a more gameplay-oriented format (a la BBUS, a format which after 13 seasons is as entertaining as ever) then I’m all for it.

  9. Jack says:
    Mon 11 Jun Reply !

    Again, a moot point. It was never an experiment, that was just what it was sold/marketed as and some people actually bought it. Even if it was originally an “experiment”, then why has it been repeated 13 times? @Josh

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