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Welcome to the bbspy Big Brother Awards 2017, our fifth annual poll of the best and worst bits of Big Brother in the UK and beyond. This year, it's a little different: the vote was split in to 'Longlist' and 'Shortlist' rounds, meaning for the first time, there will be two rounds of voting in the Housemate categories.

This is the Shortlist Vote, which will determine the final winners of the awards. There are 10 UK categories, and 9 international categories, including two brand new ones.

For the majority of categories, there are six nominees: the five that polled highest in the Longlist vote, plus one Wildcard nominee chosen by us. Exceptions are the categories with fewer options (e.g. Best Series) and the Production categories (which have three Wildcard nominees each).

As always, you must vote in the UK categories, but if you haven't dabbled in other countries' Big Brothers and don't want to check them out, don't worry - you can skip the international categories later.

Voting closes on Monday 19th February 2018 at 11.59pm UK time. Hit the button below to get started!

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