Big Brother 2011 - Jemma Palmer
“There's a rivalry between me and Faye”


  • Full Name: Jemma Palmer
  • Date of Birth: 04 October 1983
  • Hometown: Birmingham
  • Job: Wrestler
  • Starsign: Libra

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About Jem

Jem Palmer is the older sister of housemate Faye. Aged 28 from Birmingham, she is a professional wrestler, ex-Gladiator ‘Inferno’, bodybuilder and stunt woman who chased her dream to America before returning to live in the UK.

After a strict upbringing, the self confessed geek studied media at college and has done various jobs including working on a sewage plant. Spiritual Jem claims to have lived in a haunted house and finds the thought of an afterlife reassuring, saying that she has seen ghosts before.

Jem is very proud of her DD breasts. She is addicted to exercise and says her “tight body” is down to a strict diet and fitness regime which sees her eating egg whites and organic food and working out with Mixed Martial Arts.

She says that people often fancy her because of her muscles. She is excited about her Big Brother experience but worries that her views might put housemates off her as she is often seen as harsh. She is looking forward to what she thinks will be a “journey of self discovery.”

8 comments on Jem

  1. laura says: Day 48 @ 12:36am | Reply

    i want u to go jem i dont like it the way u are with ur sisther let her have a live off her self it up to her not u i hope she stop with with him

  2. randy says: Day 48 @ 3:02pm | Reply

    Shes vile

  3. Rosie19 says: Day 49 @ 12:20am | Reply

    Glad Gem has gone, so glad I dont have a sister that. Never gave Faye words of encouragement, only ‘put downs’ about her friends (Aaron), her weight, what she ate, smoking, drinking, wrestling and intelligence. Right from when she went in she upset Faye when she choose Jay for a Gym reward over her sister and to top it all she knew her sister would most likely be up for eviction if she left. What a nasty person

  4. marj says: Day 49 @ 8:01am | Reply

    Glad she has gone,Faye doesn’t need a sister like her.

  5. TessaC says: Day 50 @ 12:08am | Reply

    Gem – loved you – sorry you left, but totally understand your sacrafice for your little sister. Didn’t agree with you laying down the law on Faye smoking etc., but sooo glad you saw through Aaron and fought to protect your sibling. You are a great big sis, and think people (esp Vanessa Felts – what does she know? was way too hard on you. I’d be happy to have a big sis like you. Pls be proud…you deserve it!

  6. mand from cannock says: Day 52 @ 11:31am | Reply

    jem, i thought u were great, shame aaron was still in the house, coz u cudnt be yourself either.never mind, theres always one!think ur great, and wish you all the best 4 the future.x

  7. CH5BBUK says: Day 61 @ 11:05pm | Reply

    Couldnt stand her :down:

  8. Preet says: March 25, 2012 @ 5:48am | Reply

    Well it looks like Dani won HOH. So all you people that said the show is fixed I guess now you’ll say it’s not. Well at least we won’t have to watch that lttile brat walk around with a bad attitude like she was doing at the end of the show. But just remember only one person goes and almost the entire house wants her gone so there’s always next week. Oh wait unless CBS fixes it again for the lttile spoiled brat.

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House Status

  • Entered on: Day 29
  • Walked on: Day 48
  • Faced eviction: 2 times
  • Total nominations: 6
  • Most noms in 1 week: 4